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IGTI  2011  Film Cooling Effectiveness Distribution on First-Stage Vane Endwall With and Without Leading-Edge Fillets: Part I--Effect of Leading Edge Geometry  Yang Zhang, Xin Yuan  GT2011-45427   
TAMU Middle East Turbo Show  2011  Fifteen Years of Field Experience in LNG Expander Technology  Vinod P. Patel, Hans E. Kimmel  Lecture 
IGTI  2011  F-Class DLN Technology Advancements: DLN2.6+  Krishna Venkataraman, Skigh E. Lewis, Jayaprakash Natarajan, Stephen R. Thomas, Joseph V. Citeno  GT2011-45373   
IGTI  2011  Fatigue Reliability Predictions for Crack Bridging Materials  S. Gallops, Jamie J. Kruzic  GT2011-46222   
IGTI  2011  Fatigue Life Prediction Method Based on Small-Crack Theory in an Engine Material  James C. Newman Jr., Balkrishna S. Annigeri  GT2011-45644   
IGTI  2011  Failure Investigation of a 6th Stage Compressor Blade on a ETF40B Gas Turbine Engine  Gerrick Slogar, Gary Prus, Benjamin Canilang  GT2011-45851   
IGTI  2011  Failure Investigation of 1st Stage Buckets From Frame 3002, 10 MW Gas Turbine Unit  Girish M. Shejale, David Ross  GT2011-46863   
IGTI  2011  Extensions of Campbell's Major Resonance With an Experimental Demonstration for a Counter-Rotating Turbine  Robert P. Czachor  GT2011-45165   
IGTI  2011  Extending the Flexibility of Object Oriented Systems Modeling Architectures  Steven Sirica, Igor Fuksman  GT2011-46641   
IGTI  2011  Extended Mean Line Theory for Axial Fans: Analytic Calculation of the Flow Characteristics for Off-Design Points  Matthias Semel, Philipp Epple, Henrik Smith, Mihai Miclea-Bleiziffer, Antonio Delgado  GT2011-46268   
IGTI  2011  Experiments on Lean Blowout and NOx Emissions of a Premixed Trapped Vortex Combustor With High G-Loading  Jong Guen Lee, Jeffrey Armstrong, Domenic Santavicca  GT2011-46396   
IGTI  2011  Experiments on Aft-Disk Cavity Ingestion in a Model 1.5-Stage Axial-Flow Turbine  J. Balasubramanian, N. Junnarkar, D. W. Zhou, R. P. Roy, Y. W. Kim, H. K. Moon  GT2011-45895   
IGTI  2011  Experimental/Numerical Cross-Over Jet Impingement in an Airfoil Leading-Edge Cooling Channel  K. Elebiary, M. E. Taslim  GT2011-46004   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Validation of Empirical Methods for Dynamic Stress Prediction in Turbomachinery Blades  Timothy C. Allison, Andrew H. Lerche, J. Jeffrey Moore  GT2011-45901   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Study on a Notched Nozzle for Jet Noise Reduction  T. Ishii, H. Oinuma, K. Nagai, N. Tanaka, Y. Ooba, T. Oishi  GT2011-46244   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Study of Blade Vibration in Centrifugal Compressor Blades  Andrew H. Lerche, J. Jeffrey Moore, Timothy C. Allison  GT2011-45928   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Study and Optimization of a 2.44 Meter Vertical Axis Wind Turbine  Brad Nichols, Timothy Dimond, Paul Allaire, Josh Storer  GT2011-46605   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Studies of Crude Oil Combustion in a Top-Mounted Silo Combustor  Dariusz Nowak, Tomasz Dobski, Rafal Slefarski, Radoslaw Jankowski, Fulvio Magni  GT2011-45248   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Studies of Bifurcations Leading to Chaos in a Laboratory Scale Thermoacoustic System  Lipika Kabiraj, R. I. Sujith, Pankaj Wahi  GT2011-46149   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Simulation of Contaminant Deposition on a Film Cooled Turbine Vane Pressure Side With a Trench  Jason E. Albert, David G. Bogard  GT2011-46709   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Measurements of Ingestion Through Turbine Rim Seals: Part 2--Rotationally-Induced Ingress  Carl M. Sangan, Oliver J. Pountney, Kunyuan Zhou, Mike Wilson, J. Michael Owen, Gary D. Lock  GT2011-45313   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Measurements of Ingestion Through Turbine Rim Seals: Part 1--Externally-Induced Ingress  Carl M. Sangan, Oliver J. Pountney, Kunyuan Zhou, Mike Wilson, J. Michael Owen, Gary D. Lock  GT2011-45310   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigations on Cooling Air Ejection at a Straight Turbine Cascade Using PIV and QLS  Oliver Freund, Hans-Juergen Rehder, Philipp Schaefer, Ingo Roehle  GT2011-45296   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigations of Lean Stability Limits of a Prototype Syngas Burner for Low Calorific Value Gases  Ivan R. Sigfrid, Ronald Whiddon, Marcus Alden, Jens Klingmann  GT2011-45694   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigations of Flame Stabilization of a Gas Turbine Combustor  Rainer Luckerath, Oliver Lammel, Michael Stohr, Isaac Boxx, Ulrich Stopper, Wolfgang Meier, Bertram Janus, Bernhard Wegner  GT2011-45790   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigations of Corner Stall in a Linear Compressor Cascade  Wei Ma  GT2011-45236   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation on the Effects of a Large Recirculating Area on the Performance of an Effusion Cooled Combustor Liner  Lorenzo Tarchi, Francesco Maiuolo, Bruno Facchini, Daniele Coutandin  GT2011-46458   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation on Leakage Losses and Heat Transfer in a Non Conventional Labyrinth Seal  Luca Bozzi, Mirko Micio, Bruno Facchini, Enrico D'Angelo, Riccardo Da Soghe  GT2011-46362   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation on Leakage Loss and Heat Transfer in a Straight Through Labyrinth Seal  Mirko Micio, Bruno Facchini, Luca Innocenti, Francesco Simonetti  GT2011-46402   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation on Ignition Performance of LESS Combustor  Zhenbo Fu, Jibao Li, Yuzhen Lin, Chih-Jen Sung  GT2011-45786   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flashback Limits for Premixed Hydrogen-Air Flames Confined in Ducts  Christian Eichler, Georg Baumgartner, Thomas Sattelmayer  GT2011-45362   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Turbocharger Rotor Bearing System  Ankur Ashtekar, Farshid Sadeghi, Gary Powers, Kevin Mantel, Robert Griffith  GT2011-45999   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Turbine Stator Well Rim Seal, Re-Ingestion and Interstage Seal Flows Using Gas Concentration Techniques and Displacement Measurements  D. Eastwood, D. D. Coren, C. A. Long, N. R. Atkins, P. R. N. Childs, T. J. Scanlon, A. Guijarro -Valencia  GT2011-45874   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Thermoacoustic Instabilities for a Model Combustor With Varying Fuel Components  M. Zhu, X. Y. Zhang, H. Zhang  GT2011-45783   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Water Injection on Acoustic Properties of the Exhaust System of a Gas Turbine Combustion Test Rig  Martin Schmid, Natalie Trott, Robert Kathan, Dan Fanaca, Thomas Sattelmayer  GT2011-46366   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of the 4th Generation DLE Burner Concept: Emissions and Fuel Flexibility Performance at Atmospheric Conditions  Arturo Manrique Carrera, Mats Andersson, Henrik Nasvall  GT2011-46387   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Lubrication Oil Film Dynamics in a Typical Aero-Engine Bearing Chamber Environment  Amir A. Hashmi, Klaus Dullenkopf, Hans-Jor Bauer, Michael Klingsporn  GT2011-45545   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Louver Cooling Scheme on Gas Turbine Vane Suction Side  T. Elnady, O. Hassan, I. Hassan, L. Kadem, T. Lucas  GT2011-45585   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Geometrical Parameters on the Pressure Recovery of Low Pressure Steam Turbine Exhaust Hoods  Conrad Finzel, Markus Schatz, Michael V. Casey, Daniel Gloss  GT2011-45302   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Forced Response Impeller Blade Vibration in a Centrifugal Compressor With Variable Inlet Guide Vanes: Part 2--Forcing Function and FSI Computations  Armin Zemp, Matthias Schleer, Reza S. Abhari  GT2011-46290   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Forced Response Impeller Blade Vibration in a Centrifugal Compressor With Variable Inlet Guide Vanes: Part 1--Blade Damping  Armin Zemp, Beat Ribi, Reza S. Abhari  GT2011-46289   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation of Disc Cavity Leakage Flow and Hub Endwall Contouring in a Linear Rotor Cascade  Ryan D. Erickson, Terrence W. Simon, Hee-Koo Moon, Luzeng Zhang  GT2011-46700   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Investigation Into the Impact of Crossflow on the Coherent Unsteadiness Within Film Cooling Flows  Richard J. Fawcett, Andrew P. S. Wheeler, Li He, Rupert Taylor  GT2011-45376   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Determination of Flame Transfer Function Using Random Velocity Perturbations  Alexis Cuquel, Daniel Durox, Thierry Schuller  GT2011-45881   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Comparison of DBD Plasma Acuators for Low Reynolds Number Separation Control  Christopher Marks, Rolf Sondergaard, Mitch Wolff, Rich Anthony  GT2011-45397   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Characterization of the Influence of Auxiliary Devices on the Noise Generated by Industrial Centrifugal Fan and Correlation to the Geometrical and Fluid Dynamic Parameters  M. Pinelli, F. Pompoli, E. Podeschi, M. Cadorin, A. Zanardi  GT2011-46088   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Characterization of Synchronous Vibrations of Blades  Juan C. Jauregui, Mihir Sen, Carlos S. Lopez-Cajun  GT2011-46105   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Characterization of Low NOx Micromix Prototype Combustors for Industrial Gas Turbine Applications  H. H.-W. Funke, S. Boerner, W. Krebs, E. Wolf  GT2011-45305   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Characterization of Fuel-Air Mixing in a Multi-Hole Tube  Chi Zhang, Jing Zhu, Yixiang Yuan, Quanhong Xu, Yuzhen Lin, Chih-Jen Sung  GT2011-45793   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Study on Effects of Turbulence Promoters on Flat Plate Film Cooling  Eiji Sakai, Toshihiko Takahashi  GT2011-45196   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Study of NOx Formation From the Lean Premixed Combustion of CH4 Mixed With CO2 and N2  K. Boyd Fackler, Megan F. Karalus, Igor V. Novosselov, John C. Kramlich, Phillip C. Malte  GT2011-45090   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Research of Fan Bypass Duct Flows in Japanese Environmentally Compatible Engine for Small Aircraft Project  Yoshinori Ooba, Takashi Yamane, Osamu Nozaki, Takeshi Murooka, Takeshi Ishiyama  GT2011-45481   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Tip Clearance and Bleed Effects in a Centrifugal Compressor Stage With Pipe Diffuser  Robert Kunte, Benjamin Wilkosz, Philipp Schwarz, Caitlin Smythe, Peter Jeschke  GT2011-45128   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Unsteady Flow Field and Tone Generation in an Isolated Centrifugal Fan Impeller  Daniel Wolfram, Thomas Carolus  GT2011-45244   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mistuned Aerodynamic Influence Coefficients in an Oscillating LPT Cascade  Nenad Glodic, Damian Vogt, Torsten Fransson  GT2011-46283   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow Field and Downstream Surface Temperatures of Cylindrical and Diffuser Shaped Film Cooling Holes  Tilman auf dem Kampe, Torsten Samel, Stefan Volker, Christian Heneka, Helge Ladisch, Achmed Schulz, Hans-Jorg Bauer  GT2011-45106   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Different Rectangular Volute Geometries for Large Radial Compressors  Michael Bartelt, Thomas Kwitschinski, Thomas Ceyrowsky, Daniel Grates, Joerg R. Seume  GT2011-46296   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of an Aerodynamically Loaded Guide Vane in a Turbine Duct  Martin Johansson, Valery Chernoray, Linda Strom, Jonas Larsson, Hans Abrahamsson  GT2011-46221   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Combustor Model  Darioush G. Gohari Barhaghi, Jacek Janczewski, Thomas Larsson  GT2011-46331   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Crossover Jet Impingement in a Rib-Roughened Airfoil Trailing-Edge Cooling Channel  M. E. Taslim, M. K. H. Fong  GT2011-45995   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Lean Hydrogen Combustion in a Premix Burner Prototype  Iarno Brunetti, Giovanni Riccio, Nicola Rossi, Lucia Bonelli, Alessandro Cappelletti, Alessandro Marini, Francesco Martelli, Enrico Paganini  GT2011-45623   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Flow Field in the Impeller of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage at Design Point  Emanuele Guidotti, Libero Tapinassi, Lorenzo Toni, Lorenzo Bianchi, Paolo Gaetani, Giacomo Persico  GT2011-45036   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Analysis of High Temperature Gas Turbine Nozzle Vane Convective and Film Cooling Effectiveness  Victoria Krivonosova, Alexander Lebedev, Nicolay Simin, Michael Zolotogorov, Nicolay Kortikov  GT2011-45294   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Radial Turbine Blisks With Regard to Mistuning  Peter Honisch, Arnold Kuhhorn, Bernd Beirow  GT2011-45359   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Modelling Studies of the Oxidation of Surrogate Bio-Aviation Fuels  Ida Shafagh, Kevin J. Hughes, Elena Catalanotti, Zhen Liu, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Chris W. Wilson  GT2011-45982   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Computational Results of Distributed Combustion for Application in Current Gas Turbine Engine Combustor Architectures  Nick Overman, Jason Ryon  GT2011-45393   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Computational Approach for Jet Noise Mitigation by Mixing Control Devices  Nozomi Tanaka, Tsutomu Oishi, Yoshinori Ooba, Tatsuya Ishii, Shunji Enomoto, Kazuomi Yamamoto  GT2011-45200   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Analytical Study on the Operation Characteristics of the AHAT System  Hidefumi Araki, Tomomi Koganezawa, Chihiro Myouren, Shinichi Higuchi, Toru Takahashi, Takashi Eta  GT2011-45168   
IGTI  2011  Experimental and Analytical Leakage Characterization of Annular Gas Seals: Honeycomb, Labyrinth and Pocket Damper Seals  Nuo Sheng, Eric J. Ruggiero, Ravindra Devi, Jianping Guo, Massimiliano Cirri  GT2011-45217   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Analysis of Soot Formation and Oxidation in a Gas Turbine Model Combustor Using Laser Diagnostics  Klaus Peter Geigle, Jochen Zerbs, Markus Kohler, Michael Stohr, Wolfgang Meier  GT2011-45611   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Analysis of Simultaneous Non-Harmonically Related Unstable Modes in a Swirled Combustor  Ammar Lamraoui, Franck Richecoeur, Sebastien Ducruix, Thierry Schuller  GT2011-46701   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of a Hybrid Aerostatic Bearing  Laurent Rudloff, Mihai Arghir, Olivier Bonneau, Sebastien Guingo, Guillaume Chemla, Emelyne Renard  GT2011-46048   
IGTI  2011  Experimental Analysis of Confined Jet Flames by Laser Measurement Techniques  Oliver Lammel, Michael Stohr, Peter Kutne, Claudiu Dem, Wolfgang Meier, Manfred Aigner  GT2011-45111   
IGTI  2011  Experiment Study of Simulated Effect of Rotor Stator Interaction: Effect of Axial Spacing and Rotor Blade Film Cooling Air Injection Ratio  Murari Sridhar, B. V. S. S. S. Prasad, N. Sitaram  GT2011-45681   
IGTI  2011  Exhaust Gas Recirculation Performance in Dry Low Emissions Combustors  A. M. ElKady, A. T. Evulet, A. R. Brand, C. L. Vandervort  GT2011-46482   
IGTI  2011  Evolution of the DDG 51 Machinery Control System to Support SSGTG Local Controller Upgrades  Parag Shah, Scott Kade  GT2011-46849   
IGTI  2011  Evaporation of Volatile Liquid Pools Under Forced Convection: Experimental Approach for Multi-Component Liquids and Validation of a Vaporization Model  Dominique Alonso, Ghislain Genin, David Heller, Brice Chabrier, Michel Moliere  GT2011-45560   
IGTI  2011  Evaluation of Total Engine Performance Degradation Based on Modular Efficiencies  Carsten Ebmeyer, Tobias Wensky, Uwe Zachau, Jens Friedrichs  GT2011-45839   
IGTI  2011  Evaluation of the Performance of a Diesel Engine Driven Sirocco Fan for Mist Sprayer Applications  Roberto Bettocchi, Mirko Morini, Michele Pinelli  GT2011-45539   
IGTI  2011  Evaluation of Heat Transfer Effects on Turbocharger Performance  Borislav Sirakov, Michael Casey  GT2011-45887   
IGTI  2011  Evaluation of Commercial Alumina-Forming Austenitic Foil for Advanced Recuperators  Bruce A. Pint, Michael P. Brady, Yukinori Yamamoto, Kinga A. Unocic, Wendy J. Matthews  GT2011-46704   
IGTI  2011  Evaluation of CFD Predictions Using Thermal Field Measurements on a Simulated Film Cooled Turbine Blade Leading Edge  Sibi Mathew, Silvia Ravelli, David G. Bogard  GT2011-46619   
IGTI  2011  Evaluation of a Wire-Mesh Duct Burner Premixer Using LSI Techniques  Omar B. Ramadan, Patrick M. Hughes, J. E. Donald Gauthier  GT2011-45752   
IGTI  2011  Evaluating Complex Inlet Distortion With a Parallel Compressor Model: Part 2--Applications to Complex Patterns  Milt W. Davis, William T. Cousins  GT2011-45068   
IGTI  2011  Evaluating Complex Inlet Distortion With a Parallel Compressor Model: Part 1--Concepts, Theory, Extensions, and Limitations  William T. Cousins, Milt W. Davis Jr.  GT2011-45067   
IGTI  2011  Ethanol and Distillate Blends - A Thermodynamic Approach to Miscibility Issues: Part 2--The Influence of Water  Romain Privat, Jean-Noel Jaubert, Michel Moliere  GT2011-45896   
IGTI  2011  Estimating the Probabilistic Size and Shape Distributions of 3D Anomalies From Sectioning Measurements Using the Stereological Unfolding Approach  Wuwei Liang, Michael P. Enright  GT2011-46653   
IGTI  2011  Enhanced Static-Dynamic Pressure Transducer for the Detection of Acoustic Level Flow Instabilities in Gas Turbine Engines  Adam Hurst, Scott J. Goodman, Boaz Kochman, Alex A. Ned  GT2011-45750   
IGTI  2011  Engine Parameter Estimation in Test Cells Using Hybrid Physics/Empirical Models  Jonathan A. DeCastro, Dean K. Frederick, Liang Tang  GT2011-45633   
IGTI  2011  Engine Design Strategies to Maximize Ceramic Turbine Life and Reliability  Michael J. Vick, Andrew A. Wereszczak, Andrew L. Heyes, Keith R. Pullen, Osama M. Jadaan, Sung R. Choi  GT2011-46784   
IGTI  2011  Energy Usage in Natural Gas Pipeline Applications  Augusto Garcia-Hernandez, Klaus Brun  GT2011-46582   
IGTI  2011  Energy and Exergy Analysis of Thermoacoustics Assisted Gas Turbine Engines  Kaveh Ghorbanian, Mohsen Karimi  GT2011-45604   
IGTI  2011  Endwall Contouring Using Continuous Diffusion: A Breakthrough Technology and its Application to a Three-Stage High Pressure Turbine  M. T. Schobeiri, K. Lu  GT2011-45931   
IGTI  2011  Emissions Assessment of Alternative Aviation Fuel at Simulated Altitudes  Wajid A. Chishty, Craig R. Davison, Jeffrey Bird, Tak Chan, Kevin Cuddihy, Mark McCurdy, Peter Barton, Aneliia Krasteva, Pierre Poitras  GT2011-45133   
IGTI  2011  Elements of Dynamic Characterization of a Bladed Disk by Using the Tip-Timing Method Under Vacuum Conditions  Vsevolod Kharyton, Claude Gibert, Laurent Blanc, Fabrice Thouverez  GT2011-46435   
IGTI  2011  Electronic Torsional Vibration Elimination for Synchronous Motor Driven Turbomachinery  Christof Sihler, Simon Schramm, Andrea Lenzi, Valerio Depau, Valerio Rossi  GT2011-46005   
IGTI  2011  Elastomer Compatibility Test of Alternative Fuels Using Stress-Relaxation Test and FTIR Spectroscopy  Yue Liu, Christopher W. Wilson, Simon Blakey, Tim Dolmansley  GT2011-46100   
IGTI  2011  Efficient Gradient-Based Algorithms for the Construction of Pareto Fronts  Sriram Shankaran, Brian Barr  GT2011-45069   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Using Hydrogen-Rich Syngas in Industrial Gas Turbines While Maintaining Fuel Flexibility on Compressor Design  Pascal Nucara, Abdulnaser Sayma  GT2011-45589   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Thermal Transients on Cracked Shaft Vibrations  A. Vania, P. Pennacchi, S. Chatterton  GT2011-46181   
IGTI  2011  Effects of the Shaft Normal Modes on the Model-Based Identification of Unbalances in Rotating Machines  A. Vania, P. Pennacchi, S. Chatterton  GT2011-46184   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Target Size on Foreign Object Damage in Gas-Turbine Grade Silicon Nitrides by Steel Ball Projectiles  Sung R. Choi, Zsolt Racz  GT2011-46831   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Surface Geometry on Film Cooling Performance at Airfoil Trailing Edge  Akira Murata, Satomi Nishida, Hiroshi Saito, Kaoru Iwamoto, Youji Okita, Chiyuki Nakamata  GT2011-45355   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Rotation on Jet Impingement Channel Heat Transfer  Justin A. Lamont, Srinath V. Ekkad  GT2011-45744   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Rotating Stall on an Axial Fan Design  K. R. Wilt, D. Story, Henry A. Scarton, A. I. C. Hunter, S. A. Salamah, J. Ramtahal  GT2011-45214   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Ribs on Internal Blade-Tip Cooling  Tareq Salameh, Bengt Sunden  GT2011-45118   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Pulsating Flow Conditions on Mixed Flow Turbine Performance  Li Chen, Weilin Zhuge, Yangjun Zhang, Lei Xie, Shuyong Zhang  GT2011-45164   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Pin-Fin Height on Flow and Heat Transfer in a Rectangular Duct  X. Chi, T. I.-P. Shihb, K. M. Bryden, M. K. Chyu, R. Ames, R. A. Dennis, S. Siw  GT2011-46014   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Pin Detached Space on Heat Transfer in a Rib Roughened Channel  Sin Chien Siw, Minking K. Chyu, Mary Anne Alvin  GT2011-46078   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Orientation and Position of the Combustor-Turbine Interface Gap on the Cooling of a Vane Endwall  A. A. Thrift, K. A. Thole, Satoshi Hada  GT2011-45507   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Nonuniform Reactant Stoichiometry on Combustion Instability  Kyu Tae Kim, Karthik Kashinath, Simone Hochgreb  GT2011-45097   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Multiple-Injection-Burner Configurations on Combustion Characteristics for Dry Low-NOx Combustion of Hydrogen-Rich Fuels  Tomohiro Asai, Satoschi Dodo, Hiromi Koizumi, Hirokazu Takahashi, Shouhei Yoshida, Hiroshi Inoue  GT2011-45295   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Mesh Density on Static Load Performance of Metal Mesh Gas Foil Bearings  Yong-Bok Lee, Tae Young Kim, Chang Ho Kim, Tae Ho Kim  GT2011-46589   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Guide Vanes on the Tip Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Turbine Blade  Gongnan Xie, Bengt Sunden  GT2011-45431   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Endwall Motion on the Aero-Thermal Performance of a Winglet Tip in a HP Turbine  Chao Zhou, Howard Hodson, Ian Tibbott, Mark Stokes  GT2011-46373   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Co-Rotating Longitudinal Vortices on Turbulent Structures in the Leg of Horseshoe Vortex  Shinji Honami, Masaharu Andoh, Satoshi Tanabe, Masahiro Motosuke  GT2011-46246   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Core Flow Swirl on Flow Characteristics of a Scalloped Lobed Forced Mixer  Ali Mahallati, Zhijun Lei, Mark Cunningham, Patrick Germain  GT2011-46726   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Contact Interface Parameters on Vibration of Turbine Bladed Disks With Under Platform Dampers  C. W. Schwingshackl, E. Petrov, D. J. Ewins  GT2011-45699   
IGTI  2011  Effects of Axial Row-Spacing for Double-Jet Film-Cooling on the Cooling Efectiveness  Zhan Wang, Jian-jun Liu, Bai-tao An, Chao Zhang  GT2011-46055   
IGTI  2011  Effects due to the Temperature Measurement Section on the Performance Estimation of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage  Lorenzo Ferrari, Giovanni Ferrara, Alessandro Bianchini, Lorenzo Bianchi, Valeria Ballarini, Lorenzo Toni, Libero Tapinassi  GT2011-46509   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Wake Flow Non-Uniformity on Wind Turbine Performance and Aerodynamics  S. Barber, N. Chokani, R. S. Abhari  GT2011-46230   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Variable Guide Vanes and Natural Gas Hybridization for Accommodating Fluctuations in Solar Input to a Gas Turbine  Kyle Kitzmiller, Fletcher Miller  GT2011-45331   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Turbine Tip Leakage Flows on Exhaust Diffuser Performance  Mohan Babu, Ram Krishna Shukla, A. M. Pradeep, Bhaskar Roy, Dinesh Bhatia  GT2011-45457   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Turbine Airfoil Shape on Aerodynamic Losses for Turbine Airfoils Operating Under Transonic Conditions  Santosh Abraham, Kapil Panchal, Srinath V. Ekkad, Wing Ng, Anthony Malandra, Barry J. Brown  GT2011-45188   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Tip Clearance on the Prediction of Non-Synchronous Vibrations in Axial Compressors  Martin Drolet, Huu Duc Vo, Njuki W. Mureithi  GT2011-45392   
IGTI  2011  Effect of the Axial Spacing Between Vanes and Blades on the Performance of a Transonic Axial Turbine  Dongil Chang, Stavros Tavoularis  GT2011-45222   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Swirl Number and Fuel Type Upon the Combustion Limits in Swirl Combustors  Mohammed Abdulsada, Steve Morris, Nicholas Syred, Phil Bowen, Anthony Griffiths  GT2011-45544   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Surface Texturing on the Steady-State Properties and Dynamic Coefficients of a Plain Journal Bearing: Experimental Study  Azzedine Dadouche, Martin J. Conlon, Waldemar Dmochowski, Waldemar Koszela, Lidia Galda, Pawel Pawlus  GT2011-46804   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Scaling of Blade Row Sectors on the Prediction of Aerodynamic Forcing in a Highly-Loaded Transonic Turbine Stage  Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Florian Fruth, Damian M. Vogt, Torsten H. Fransson  GT2011-45813   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Rib Spacing on Heat Transfer in a Two Pass Rectangular Channel (AR=2:1) at High Rotation Numbers  Jiang Lei, Michael Huh, Je-Chin Han  GT2011-45926   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Recirculation Device With Counter Swirl Vane on Performance of High Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Compressor  Hideaki Tamaki  GT2011-45360   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Pressure and Oil Mist on Windage Power Loss of a Shrouded Spiral Bevel Gear  Kathy Simmons, Graham Johnson, Nikolas Wiedemann  GT2011-46426   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Non-Uniform Blade Root Friction and Sticking on Disk Stresses  Harold R. Simmons, Vishwas Iyengar  GT2011-46689   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Narrow Jet Spacing on Impinging Flow and Heat Transfer  L. Guo, Y. Q. Zu, Y. Y. Yan  GT2011-46011   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Mixing Quality on NOx Emissions in Reheat Combustion of GT24 and GT26 Engines  Michael Dusing, Andrea Ciani, Adnan Eroglu  GT2011-45676   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Inlet Skew on Heat/Mass Transfer From a Simulated Turbine Blade  Kalyanjit Ghosh, R. J. Goldstein  GT2011-46543   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Hot Gas Composition on Highly Thermally Loaded Film Cooling System  Peng Sun, Wenping Wang, Jing Ren, Hongde Jiang  GT2011-45593   
IGTI  2011  Effect of GTL-Like Jet Fuel Composition on GT Engine Altitude Ignition Performance: Part I--Combustor Operability  Darren Fyffe, John Moran, Kumaran Kannaiyan, Ali Al-Sharshani, Reza Sadr  GT2011-45487   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Geometric Changes in an Idealised Contacting Brush Seal Bristle Pack on Typical Key Performance Measures  Michael J. Pekris, David R. H. Gillespie, Gervas Franceschini  GT2011-46492   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Fuel Distribution on Spray Dynamics in a Two-Staged Multi-Injection Burner  T. Providakis, L. Zimmer, P. Scouflaire, S. Ducruix  GT2011-46519   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Entrance Geometry on Heat Transfer in a Narrow (AR=1:4) Rectangular Two Pass Channel With Smooth and Ribbed Walls  Krishnendu Saha, Sumanta Acharya  GT2011-46076   
IGTI  2011  Effect of Aggressive Inlet Swirl on Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics in an Unshrouded Transonic HP Turbine  Imran Qureshi, Arrigo Beretta, Kam Chana, Thomas Povey  GT2011-46038   
IGTI  2011  Eddy Current Damper for Turbine Blading: Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis and Measurement Results  Jacob Laborenz, Malte Krack, Lars Panning, Jorg Wallaschek, Markus Denk, Pierre-Alain Masserey  GT2011-45242   
IGTI  2011  E-Class DLN Technology Advancements, DLN1+  Larry L. Thomas, Carey E. Romoser, Derrick W. Simons, Joseph V. Citeno, Predrag Popovic, Daniel D. Vandale  GT2011-45944   
IGTI  2011  Early Warning of Gas Turbine Failure by Nonlinear Feature Extraction Using an Auto-Associative Neural Network Approach  Thomas Palme, Peter Breuhaus, Mohsen Assadi, Albert Klein, Minkyo Kim  GT2011-45991   
IGTI  2011  Dynamic-Stability Characteristics of Premixed Methane Oxy-Combustion  Andrew P. Shroll, Santosh J. Shanbhogue, Ahmed F. Ghoniem  GT2011-45753   
IGTI  2011  Dynamics of Flames Stabilized by Triangular Bluff Body in Partially Premixed Methane-Air Combustion  T. V. Santosh Kumar, P. R. Alemela, J. B. W. Kok  GT2011-46241   
IGTI  2011  Dynamic Simulation of Centrifugal Compressor Startup With Inlet Guide Vane  Naoto Ebisawa, Yasuo Fukushima, Hideaki Orikasa  GT2011-45810   
IGTI  2011  Dynamic Loading on the Turbofan Engines due to Bird-Strike  Sunil Sinha, Kevin Turner, Nitesh Jain  GT2011-45572   
IGTI  2011  Dynamic Characteristics of Dry Friction Damping at Bladed Disk Joints: Experiments  Jie Hong, Lulu Chen, Yanhong Ma, Dayi Zhang  GT2011-45965   
IGTI  2011  Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of a Rotor Bearing System Using Global Assumed Mode Method With Different Polynomial Functions  T. N. Shiau, J. R. Chang, C. H. Kang, C. Y. Liao  GT2011-46293   
IGTI  2011  Dynamic Analysis of a Wind Energy Storage System in Remote Offshore Areas  Pan Zhao, Yiping Dai, Jiangfeng Wang, Danmei Xie  GT2011-46058   
IGTI  2011  Dual-Solution and Choked Flow Treatment in a Streamline Curvature Throughflow Solver  Prashant Tiwari, Alex Stein, Yu-Liang Lin  GT2011-46545   
IGTI  2011  Dual Time Stepping Algorithms With the High Order Harmonic Balance Method for Contact Interfaces With Fretting-Wear  Loic Salles, Laurent Blanc, Fabrice Thouverez, Alexander M. Gouskov, Pierrick Jean  GT2011-46488   
IGTI  2011  Dry Friction Whip and Whirl Predictions for a Rotor-Stator Model With Rubbing Contact at Two Locations  Dara W. Childs, Dhruv Kumar  GT2011-45081   
IGTI  2011  Drop Size and Velocity Measurements in Bio-Oil Sprays Produced by the Flow-Blurring Injector  Benjamin M. Simmons, Ajay K. Agrawal  GT2011-46832   
IGTI  2011  Drag Management in High Bypass Turbofan Nozzles for Quiet Approach Applications  P. Shah, A. Robinson, A. Price, Z. Spakovszky  GT2011-45577   
IGTI  2011  DNS of Stagnation Point Heat Transfer Affected by Varying Wake-Induced Turbulence  Lars Venema, Dominic von Terzi, Hans-Jorg Bauer, Wolfgang Rodi  GT2011-45312   
IGTI  2011  DME as a Potential Alternative Fuel for Gas Turbines: A Numerical Approach to Combustion and Oxidation Kinetics  Pierre A. Glaude, Rene Fournet, Roda Bounaceur, Michel Moliere  GT2011-46238   
IGTI  2011  Distributed Parameter Acoustic Modeling of a Perforation With Bias Flow  Alireza Mazdeh, Reza Kashani  GT2011-46649   
IGTI  2011  Distributed Network System for Real-Time Model Based Control of Industrial Gas Turbines  V. Panov  GT2011-45298   
IGTI  2011  Disk Crack Detection and Prognosis Using Non Contact Time of Arrival Sensors  Kam Chana, Lauren Gray, Ben Hall, Dave Cardwell  GT2011-45158   
IGTI  2011  Discussion About the Practice of Using a Heated Surface in Film Cooling Studies  Lei Zhao, Ting Wang  GT2011-46614   
IGTI  2011  Direct Simulations of Wake-Perturbed Separated Boundary Layers  Ayse G. Gungor, Mark P. Simens, Javier Jimenez  GT2011-46322   
IGTI  2011  Direct Numerical Simulation Study of Premixed Flame Response to Fuel-Air Ratio Oscillations  Santosh Hemchandra  GT2011-45590   
IGTI  2011  Diagnostics of Highly Degraded Industrial Gas Turbines Using Bayesian Networks  Brian K. Kestner, Young K. Lee, Gautham Voleti, Dimitri N. Mavris, Viren Kumar, TsungPo Lin  GT2011-45249   
IGTI  2011  Development of the 5MW Power Generation Gas Turbine Engine  Sooyong Kim, Jewook Ryu, Volodymyr Spitsyn, Sungryong Lee  GT2011-45778   
IGTI  2011  Development of State of Art Dynamic Stress Prediction Methodology for Steam Turbines  Tie Chen, John Rogerson, Fang Yang, Gurnam Singh, Phil Hemsley  GT2011-45797   
IGTI  2011  Development of Key Technologies for the Next Generation High Temperature Gas Turbine  Eisaku Ito, Keizo Tsukagoshi, Junichiro Masada, Ikuo Okada  GT2011-45172   
IGTI  2011  Development of H2-Rich Syngas Fuelled GT for Future IGCC Power Plants: Establishment of a Baseline  Nikolett Sipocz, Peter Breuhaus, Mohammad Mansouri, Mohsen Assadi  GT2011-45701   
IGTI  2011  Development of GUI Type On-Line Condition Monitoring Program for a Turboprop Engine Using LabVIEW(R)  Changduk Kong, Keonwoo Kim, Jihyun Kim  GT2011-45337   
IGTI  2011  Development of Centrifugal Type Fuel Gas Compressor Package for FPSO  Sangmyeong Lee, Yeongsoo Hwang, Beaseog In  GT2011-45981   
IGTI  2011  Development of an Optimization Design Method for Turbomachinery by Incorporating the Cooperative Coevolution Genetic Algorithm and Adaptive Approximate Model  Peng Song, Jinju Sun, Ke Wang, Zhilong He  GT2011-45411   
IGTI  2011  Development of an Open Rotor Cycle Model in NPSS Using a Multi-Design Point Approach  Eric S. Hendricks  GT2011-46694   
IGTI  2011  Development of an Edge-Based Harmonic Balance Method for Turbomachinery Flows  Javier Crespo, Roque Corral  GT2011-45170   
IGTI  2011  Development of an Air-Cycle Environmental Control System for Automotive Applications  Christopher J. Forster, Patrick Lemieux  GT2011-46007   
IGTI  2011  Development of a Statistical Methodology for Gas Turbine Prognostics  N. Puggina, M. Venturini  GT2011-45708   
IGTI  2011  Development of a PLC Based Controller for Marine Gas Turbine Generator  Amrut Godbole, Ankush Gulati, Alok Bhagwat  GT2011-45093   
IGTI  2011  Development of a Model for the Simulation of Organic Rankine Cycles Based on Group Contribution Techniques  Enrico Saverio Barbieri, Mirko Morini, Michele Pinelli  GT2011-45616   
TAMU Turbo Show  2011  DEVELOPMENT OF A HIGH PRESSURE ROTORDYNAMIC TEST RIG FOR CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSORS INTERNAL SEALS CHARACTERIZATION   Giuseppe Vannini, Stefano Cioncolini, Vincenzo Calicchio, and Francesco Tedone    Lecture 
IGTI  2011  Development and Testing of Sustainable Refrigeration Plants  Luciano A. Catalano, Fabio De Bellis, Riccardo Amirante  GT2011-45609   
IGTI  2011  Development and Strategy for A-USC Steam Turbine Cycle  Nobuo Okita, Takashi Sasaki, Takeo Suga, Shogo Iwai  GT2011-45549   
IGTI  2011  Development and Field Validation of a Large-Frame Gas Turbine Power Train for Steel Mill Gases  Joel M. Hall, Robert T. Thatcher, Sergey V. Koshevets, Larry L. Thomas, Robert M. Jones  GT2011-45923   
IGTI  2011  Determination of the Wake Frequency Contents for a Twin Shaft Gas Turbine Variable Nozzle Guided Vane  Antonio Maria Grimaldi, Simone Colantoni, Antonio Melani, Pierre Manenc  GT2011-46335   
IGTI  2011  Determination of the Heat Release Distribution in Turbulent Flames by a Model Based Correction of OH* Chemiluminescence  Martin Lauer, Mathieu Zellhuber, Christopher J. Aul, Thomas Sattelmayer  GT2011-45105   
IGTI  2011  Determination of Residual Stresses on a Centrifugal Compressor Impeller  Hector Delgado, Jeff Moore, Augusto Garcia Hernandez  GT2011-46601   
IGTI  2011  Determination of Equivalence Ratio and Oscillatory Heat Release Distributions in Non-Premixed Bluff Body-Stabilized Flames Using Chemiluminescence Imaging  Caleb Cross, Eugene Lubarsky, Dmitriy Shcherbik, Keary Bonner, Alex Klusmeyer, Ben T. Zinn, Jeffery A. Lovett  GT2011-45579   
IGTI  2011  Determination of Crack Initiation on L-1 LP Steam Turbine Blades: Part 2--Computational Analyses  Josef Kellner, Zdenek Kubin, Jan Hlous, Lubos Prchlik  GT2011-46206   
IGTI  2011  Determination of Crack Initiation on L-1 LP Steam Turbine Blades: Part 1--Measurements on Rotor Train, Material Specimens and Blades  Zdenek Kubin, Pavel Panek, Vaclav Cerny, Tomas Misek, Jan Hlous, Lubos Prchlik  GT2011-46203   
IGTI  2011  Detailed State of the Art Review for the Different On-Line/In-Line Oil Analysis Techniques in Context of Wind Turbine Gearboxes  Francis Quail, Andrew Hamilton  GT2011-46860   
IGTI  2011  Detailed Local Heat Transfer Measurements in a Model of a Dendritic Gas Turbine Blade Cooling Design  James Batstone, David Gillespie, Eduardo Romero  GT2011-45812   
IGTI  2011  Detailed Heat Transfer Distributions in Engine Similar Cooling Channels for a Turbine Rotor Blade With Different Rib Orientations  Christopher LeBlanc, Srinath V. Ekkad, Tony Lambert, Veera Rajendran  GT2011-45254   
IGTI  2011  Detailed Heat Transfer Distributions and Pressure Drop Measurements for a Rotating Parallelogram Channel With Radially Outward Flow  S. W. Chang, T.-M. Liou, T.-H. Lee  GT2011-45456   
IGTI  2011  Detailed Cold-Flow Simulation to Estimate Mass Flow Distribution of Aircraft Combustor  Mitsumasa Makida, Naoki Nakamura, Osamu Nozaki  GT2011-46217   
IGTI  2011  Detailed Characterisation of a Swirled Air/Kerosene Spray in Reactive and Non-Reactive Conditions Downstream From an Actual Turbojet Injection System  Renaud Lecourt, Guillaume Linassier, Gerard Lavergne  GT2011-45173   
IGTI  2011  Detached Eddy Simulation of Transonic Rotor Stall Flutter Using a Fully Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction  Hongsik Im, Xiangying Chen, Gecheng Zha  GT2011-45437   
TAMU Middle East Turbo Show  2011  Design, Manufacture, and Test Campaign of the World's Largest LNG Refrigeration Compressor Strings  Roy Salisbury, Pete Rasmussen, Todd Griffith, Andrea Fibbi  Lecture 
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