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Conference Year Paper Title Paper Author Page Number Other
IGTI  2008  25,000-Hour Hybrid Oxide CMC Field Test Summary  Mark Van Roode, Jeff Price, Joel Otsuka; Andy Szweda; Karren More; Jiangang Sun  GT2008-51379   
IGTI  2008  3D CFD Ingestion Evaluation of a High Pressure Turbine Rim Seal Disk Cavity  A. V. MirzaMoghadam, G. Heitland, M. C. Morris, J. Smoke, M. Malak, J. Howe  GT2008-50531   
IGTI  2008  3D Crack Growth Analysis and its Correlation With Experiments for Critical Turbine Components Under an International Collaborative Program  J. Hou; J. Dubke; K. Barlow; S. Slater; W. Beres; L. Harris; S. Calcuttawala  GT2008-50548   
IGTI  2008  3D Numerical Investigation of Tandem Airfoils for a Core Compressor Rotor  Jonathan McGlumphy, Wing-Fai Ng; Steven R. Wellborn; Severin Kempf  GT2008-50427   
IGTI  2008  3D Thermoacoustic Properties of Single Can and Multi Can Combustor Configurations  Werner Krebs, Peter Kaufmann; Utz Wever; Richard Valdes  GT2008-50755   
IGTI  2008  3D Thermo-Mechanical Modelling Method to Predict Compressor Local Tip Running Clearances  Diego Benito, Jeff Dixon, Paul Metherell  GT2008-50780   
IGTI  2008  A Comparative Analysis of Pressure Side Extensions for Tip Leakage Control in Axial Turbines  Cengiz Camci, Akamol Shavalikul  GT2008-50782   
IGTI  2007  A Complexity-Based Approach to Robust Design and Structural Assessment of Aero Engine Components  D. Lomario, G. P. De Poli, L. Fattore, and J. Marczyk  GT2007-27205   
IGTI  2008  A Comprehensive Fuel Spray Model for High Pressure Fuel Injectors  Gerald J. Micklow, Tarek Abdel-Salam, Krishna Ankem  GT2008-50457   
IGTI  2007  A Comprehensive High Frequency Vibration Monitoring System for Incipient Fault Detection and Isolation in Gears, Bearings and Shafts/Couplings in Turbine Engines and Accessories  Matt Watson, Michael Begin, Sanket Amin, Jeremy Sheldon, Hyungdae Lee, and Carl Byington  GT2007-27660   
IGTI  2008  A Compressible Flow Network Analysis for Design Upgrade of Industrial Aeroderivative High Pressure Turbine Blades  H. Jin, A. Riddle, L. Cooke  GT2008-50431   
IGTI  2008  A Conceptual Design Study for a New High Temperature Fast Response Cooled Total Pressure Probe  Jean-Francois Brouckaert, Mehmet Mersinligil, Marco Pau  GT2008-51054   
IGTI  2008  A Contact Model for Nonlinear Forced Response Prediction of Turbine Blades: Calculation Techniques and Experimental Comparison  Christian M. Firrone, Marco Allara, Muzio M. Gola  GT2008-51231   
IGTI  2008  A Cost Effective Advanced Emissions Monitoring Solution for Gas Turbines: Statistical Hybrid Predictive System That Accurately Measures Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide Mass Emission Rates  Brian Swanson  GT2008-50401   
IGTI  2008  A Criterion for Evaluation Stability of Journal Bearings-Rotor System  Jin Fu Yang; Kun Yang; Sheng Bo Yang; Ce Chen; Ying Cui, Da Ren Yu; Yong Jun Wang  GT2008-50252   
IGTI  2007  A Data Fusion Approach for Aircraft Engine Fault Diagnostics  Xiao Hu, Neil Eklund, and Kai Goebel  GT2007-27941   
IGTI  2008  A Discrete Model to Consider the Influence of the Air Flow on Blade Vibrations of an Integral Blisk Compressor Rotor  Bernd Beirow, Arnold Kuhhorn, Sven Schrape  GT2008-50613   
IGTI  2008  A Film-Cooling Correlation for Shaped Holes on a Flat-Plate Surface  Will F. Colban; David Bogard; Karen A. Thole  GT2008-50121   
IGTI  2008  A Fluidic Actuator for Active Combustion Control  Daniel Guyot, Christian Oliver Paschereit; Surya Raghu  GT2008-50797   
IGTI  2008  A Forced Response Method for Annular Combustors Excited by Traveling Acoustic Pressure Waves  Sanghum Baik; Mehmet Dede  GT2008-50476   
IGTI  2007  A Framework of Prognosis and Health Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach  Jeff Bird, Xijia Wu, Prakash Patnaik, Azzedine Dadouche, Sylvain Letourneau, and Nezih Mrad  GT2007-27953   
IGTI  2007  A Gas Path Diagnostic and Prognostic Approach for Gas Turbine Applications  Y. G. Li and P. Nilkitsaranont  GT2007-27275   
IGTI  2008  A Gas Turbine Innovative System for Managing Fuel With Different and Variable-Over-Time Wobbe Indexes  Annalisa Forte, Antonio Asti, Michele D'Ercole, Giovanni Tonno, Mariateresa Paci, Massimo Betti, Simone Bei; Jesse F. Stewart  GT2008-51189   
IGTI  2008  A Generalised Likelihood Ratio Test for Adaptive Gas Turbine Health Monitoring  S. Borguet, O. Leonard  GT2008-50117   
IGTI  2008  A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Estimate Performance Status of Gas Turbines  Y. G. Li  GT2008-50175   
IGTI  2008  A High-Order LES Turbulent Model to Study Unsteady Flow Characteristics in a High Pressure Turbine Cascade  Tomohiko Jimbo, Debasish Biswas, Yasuyuki Yokono, Yoshiki Niizeki  GT2008-51458   
IGTI  2008  A Meanline Model for Impeller Flow Recirculation  Xuwen Qiu, David Japikse, Mark Anderson  GT2008-51349   
IGTI  2007  A Method for Enclosed Rotating System Multiple-Plane Equivalent Imbalance Estimation  Huageng Luo, Darren Hallman, and Shixiao Wang  GT2007-27335   
IGTI  2007  A Method to Compare Turbine Engine Airstart Times  Wade Casey, Donald Malloy, Steve Arnold, David Kidman, and Gregory Shaff  GT2007-27036   
IGTI  2007  A Microturbine Cogeneration Package for Japanese Market  Tadashi Kataoka, Teruyuki Nakajima, Shigeru Sakata, and Tadahiko Kishikawa  GT2007-27697   
IGTI  2008  A Model of Nonlinear Fatigue-Creep (Dwell) Interactions  Xijia Wu  GT2008-51527   
IGTI  2008  A Multi-Step Optimization Approach to Distributed Cogeneration Systems With Heat Storage  Stefano Campanari, Giampaolo Manzolini, Paolo Silva  GT2008-51227   
IGTI  2007  A New Approach for Health Monitoring and Detection of Shaft Crack Using an Active Magnetic Actuator During Steady-State Rotor Operation  M. Kasarda, T. Bash, D. Quinn, G. Mani, D. Inman, and R. G. Kirk  GT2007-27589   
IGTI  2007  A New Bump-Type Foil Bearing Structure Analytical Model  Sébastien Le Lez, Mihaï Arghir, and Jean Frene  GT2007-27078*   
IGTI  2008  A New Energy-Based Multiaxial Fatigue Life Prediction Procedure  Wasim Tarar, Onome Scott-Emuakpor, M.-H. Herman Shen; Tommy George, Charles Cross  GT2008-51170   
IGTI  2007  A New Energy-Based Uniaxial Fatigue Life Prediction Method for a Gas Turbine Engine Materials  Onome Scott-Emuakpor, M.-H. Herman Shen, Tommy George, Charles Cross, and Jeffrey Calcaterra  GT2007-27426   
IGTI  2007  A New Finite Element for Gas Turbine Engine Fatigue Life Prediction  Wasim Tarar, Onome Scott-Emuakpor, and M.-H. Herman Shen  GT2007-27427   
IGTI  2008  A New Fluid Film Bearing Test Rig for Oil and Water Bearings  Tim Dimond, Robert D. Rockwell Jr., Pradip N. Sheth, Paul E. Allaire  GT2008-50654   
IGTI  2008  A New Frequency-Speed Diagram Weighted With Strength of Modes in Rotating Machinery  Yun-Ho Seo, Chong-Won Lee  GT2008-50855   
IGTI  2008  A New Intermittent Aspirated Probe for the Measurement of Stagnation Quantities in High Temperature Gases  Michela Massini, Robert J. Miller, Howard P. Hodson  GT2008-50581   
IGTI  2008  A New Method For Measuring Thermal Contact Conductance: Experimental Technique and Results  Simon Woodland, Andrew D. Crocombe, John W. Chew; Stephen J. Mills  GT2008-50668   
IGTI  2008  A New Streamline Curvature Throughflow Method for Radial Turbomachinery  Michael Casey; Chris Robinson  GT2008-50187   
IGTI  2008  A New Test Rig for Film Cooling Experiments on Turbine Endwalls  Martin Kunze, Stefan Preibisch, Konrad Vogeler; Kenneth Landis; Andreas Heselhaus  GT2008-51096   
IGTI  2008  A Non-Dimensional Quasi-3D Blade Design Approach With Respect to Aerodynamic Criteria  Amit Kumar Dutta, Peter Michael Flassig, Dieter Bestle  GT2008-50687   
IGTI  2007  A Novel Free-Cooling Scheme for Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling  Montaser M. Zamzam and Abdalla M. Al-Amiri  GT2007-27621*   
IGTI  2007  A Novel Perturbation-Based Approach for the Accurate Prediction of the Forced Response of Mistuned Bladed Disks  Yun Han and Marc P. Mignolet  GT2007-27352   
IGTI  2008  A Novel Strategy for Passive Control of Combustion Instabilities Through Modification of Flame Dynamics  Nicolas Noiray, Daniel Durox, Thierry Schuller, Sebastien Candel  GT2008-51520   
IGTI  2008  A Numerical Study of Anti-Vortex Film Cooling Designs at High Blowing Ratio  James D. Heidmann  GT2008-50845   
IGTI  2008  A Numerical Study on Increasing Film Cooling Effectiveness Through the Use of Sister Holes  Marc J. Ely, B. A. Jubran  GT2008-50366   
IGTI  2008  A NURBS-Based Optimization Tool for Axial Compressor Cascades at Design and Off-Design Conditions  Carlo Cravero, Giuseppe Briasco, Dario Bruna  GT2008-50622   
IGTI  2007  A Parametric Study on the Effects of Inlet Swirl on Compression System Performance and Operability Using Numerical Simulations  Milt Davis and Alan Hale  GT2007-27033   
IGTI  2008  A Parametrical Study of a Seven Serpentine Channel PEM Fuel Cell  Elena Carcadea; D. B. Ingham, L. Ma, M. Pourkashanian; H. Ene; Ioan Stefanescu, Roxana Elena Ionete  GT2008-51352   
IGTI  2007  A Probabilistic System Analysis of Intelligent Propulsion System Technologies  Michael T. Tong  GT2007-27914   
IGTI  2007  A Real-World Application of Fuzzy Logic and Influence Coefficients for Gas Turbine Performance Diagnostics  Richard W. Eustace  GT2007-27442*   
IGTI  2008  A Reduced-Order Integrated Design Synthesis for the Three-Dimensional Tailored Vibration Response and Flutter Control of High-Bypass Shroudless Fans  O. G. McGee III, C. Fang  GT2008-51479   
IGTI  2008  A Rim Seal Orifice Model With 2 Cd s and Effects of Swirl in Seal  Bruce V. Johnson; Cheng-Zhang Wang; Ramendra Roy  GT2008-50650   
IGTI  2007  A Robustness Analysis Tool for Fleetwide Variability and Degradation Assessment in Propulsion Control Systems  Michael Roemer, Pattada Kallappa, Sanket Amin, Carl Byington, and Glen Karlsons  GT2007-27666   
IGTI  2008  A Scale Independent Model for Turbine Surface Cooling  Ronald S. LaFleur  GT2008-50428   
IGTI  2008  A Semi-Analytical Method for the Solution of Entrance Flow Effects in Inherently Restricted Aerostatic Bearings  Tobias Waumans, Farid Al-Bender, Dominiek Reynaerts  GT2008-50499   
IGTI  2007  A Sensitivity-Based Method for Direct Stochastic Analysis of Nonlinear Forced Response for Bladed Discs With Friction Interfaces  E. P. Petrov  GT2007-27981*   
IGTI  2007  A Sensor-Fault-Tolerant Diagnosis Tool Based on a Quadratic Programming Approach  S. Borguet and O. Léonard  GT2007-27324*   
IGTI  2008  A Simple Approach to Determine Uncertainty Bounds on Bearing Rotordynamic Coefficients Identification  Luis Medina, Rafael Ruiz, Sergio Diaz  GT2008-51200   
IGTI  2007  A Simple Sub-Idle Component Map Extrapolation Method  Shaun R. Gaudet and Donald Gauthier  GT2007-27193   
IGTI  2007  A Simplified Method to Evaluate the Impact of Component Design on Engine Performance  Francesco Montella and J. P. van Buijtenen  GT2007-28051   
IGTI  2007  A Stability Analysis of Constrained Rotating Disks With Different Boundary Conditions  Ramin M. H. Khorasany and Stanley G. Hutton  GT2007-27341   
IGTI  2008  A Study Into the Auto-Ignition Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Fuels With Application to Gas Turbines  G. J. Sims, S. L. Mistry, J. P. Wood, P. Bowen; A. Crayford  GT2008-50824   
IGTI  2008  A Study of Modest CFD Models for the Design of an Annular Diffuser With Struts for Swirling Flow  G. K. Feldcamp, A. M. Birk  GT2008-50605   
IGTI  2008  A Study of Parameter Selection Principle and Internal Flow Mechanism in a Multi-Stage Low-Reaction Axial Flow Compressor  Songtao Wang, Xiaoqing Qiang, Weichun Lin, Guotai Feng, Zhongqi Wang  GT2008-50554   
IGTI  2008  A Study of the Effect of Non-Linear Damping on Mistune Behaviour of a Turbine Rotor  Bob Elliott, Michael E. Wardle; Robert A. Bellamy  GT2008-51128   
IGTI  2008  A Study of Thermohydrodynamic Features of Multi Wound Foil Bearing Using Lobatto Point Quadrature  Kai Feng, Shigehiko Kaneko  GT2008-50110   
IGTI  2008  A Study of Unsteady Secondary Flow in a Water Flow Axial Turbine Model  Christian Kasper, Martin G. Rose, Stephan Staudacher; Jochen Gier  GT2008-50239   
IGTI  2008  A Study on Multi Fault Diagnostics of Smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propulsion System Using Data Sorting and Neural Networks  Changduk Kong, Seonghee Kho; Jayoung Ki; Changho Lee  GT2008-50769   
IGTI  2007  A Study on the Life Cycle Impact of Steam Injection  H. Jin, E. Marson, R. Pistor, and L. Dempsey  GT2007-27029   
IGTI  2007  A Subspace Method for Modal Identification of Bladed Assemblies Using Blade Tip-Timing Data  Bendali Salhi, Marc Berthillier, Joseph Lardies, Philippe Voinis, and Charles Bodel  GT2007-28151   
IGTI  2007  A Survey of Advanced Methods for Analysis and Modeling of Propulsion System Reliability  Richard C. Millar, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, and Shahram Sarkani  GT2007-27218   
IGTI  2008  A Systematic Comparison and Multi-Objective Optimisation of Humid Power Cycles: Part 1 -- Thermodynamics  Ronan M. Kavanagh, Geoffrey T. Parks  GT2008-51508   
IGTI  2008  A Systematic Comparison and Multi-Objective Optimisation of Humid Power Cycles: Part 2 -- Economics  Ronan M. Kavanagh, Geoffrey T. Parks  GT2008-51509   
IGTI  2008  A Time-Domain Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of Fan Blades  Seung Ho Cho; Taehyoun Kim; Seung Jin Song  GT2008-50479   
IGTI  2008  A Time-Domain Network Model for Nonlinear Thermoacoustic Oscillations  Simon R. Stow, Ann P. Dowling  GT2008-50770   
IGTI  2007  A Unit Cost Comparison Methodology for Turbofan Engines  Olivia Arago, Stefan Bretschneider, and Stephan Staudacher  GT2007-27485   
IGTI  2008  A Versatile Design of a Controlled Swirl Distrotion Generator for Testing Gas Turbine Engines  Yogi Sheoran, Bruce Bouldin  GT2008-50657   
IGTI  2008  A Viscoplastic Modeling Approach for MCrAIY Protective Coatings for Gas Turbine Applications  Roland Mucke  GT2008-50579   
IGTI  2008  Accelerated Industrial Blade Design Based on Multi-Objective Optimization Using Surrogate Model Methodology  A. Keskin, M. Swoboda; P. M. Flassig, A. K. Dutta, D. Bestle  GT2008-50506   
IGTI  2007  Accelerated Oxidation of Type 347 Stainless Steel Primary Surface Recuperators Operating Above 650°C  Wendy J. Matthews, Karren L. More, and Larry R. Walker  GT2007-27190   
IGTI  2007  Acoustic and Vibrational Analyses on a Multi-Stage Compressor for Unstable Behavior Precursor Identification  M. Morini, M. Pinelli, and M. Venturini  GT2007-27040   
IGTI  2007  Acoustic Pyrometry for Harsh, Chemically Reacting Environments  William Norris and Candice Bauer  GT2007-27264   
IGTI  2008  Acoustic Thermography Testing of Industrial Gas Turbine Blades in the Service Stage  Mattias Broddegard; Christian Homma  GT2008-51097   
IGTI  2008  Active and Passive Flow Control of an Incompressible Axisymmetric Jet  Nagendra Karthik Depuru Mohan; David Greenblatt; Christian Navid Nayeri, Christian Oliver Paschereit; Panchapakesan Nagangudy Ramamurthi  GT2008-50484   
IGTI  2008  Active Flow Control in a Single-Stage Axial Compressor Using Tip Injection and Endwall Boundary Layer Removal  B. Dobrzynski, H. Saathoff, G. Kosyna; C. Clemen, V. Gummer  GT2008-50214   
IGTI  2008  Adapting Gas Turbines to Zero Emission Oxy-Fuel Power Plants  Fermin Viteri, Roger E. Anderson, Scott MacAdam; Daniel O. Davies, James P. Downs; Andrew Paliszewski  GT2008-51377   
IGTI  2008  Adaptive Control of Combustion Instabilities in Annular Combustors  Simon J. Illingworth; Aimee S. Morgans  GT2008-50436   
IGTI  2007  Additional Investigations Into the Natural Frequencies and Critical Speeds of a Rotating, Flexible Shaft-Disk System  Lyn M. Greenhill and Valerie J. Lease  GT2007-28065   
IGTI  2008  Adiabatic and Overall Effectiveness Measurements of an Effusion Cooling Array for Turbine Endwall Application  L. Toni, A. Ceccherini, B. Facchini, L. Tarchi  GT2008-50826   
IGTI  2008  Adiabatic Effectiveness on the Suction Side of a Turbine Vane and the Effects of Curvature at the Point of Film Injection  Frederick T. Davidson, Joshua E. Bruce-Black, Dave G. Bogard; David R. Johns  GT2008-51350   
IGTI  2008  Adjoint Aerodynamic Design Optimization for Blades in Multi-Stage Turbomachines: Part I -- Methodology and Verification  D. X. Wang; L. He  GT2008-50208   
IGTI  2008  Adjoint Aerodynamic Design Optimization for Blades in Multi-Stage Turbomachines: Part II -- Validation and Application  D. X. Wang; L. He; Y. S. Li, R. G. Wells, T. Chen  GT2008-50209   
IGTI  2007  Advanced Capabilities for Gas Turbine Engine Performance Simulations  A. Alexiou, E. H. Baalbergen, K. Mathioudakis, O. Kogenhop, and P. Arendsen  GT2007-27086   
IGTI  2007  Advanced Controls for Fuel Consumption and Time-on-Wing Optimization in Commercial Aircraft Engines  Daniel Viassolo, Aditya Kumar, and Brent Brunell  GT2007-27214   
IGTI  2008  Advanced Dry Low N0x Combustor for Mitsubishi G Glass Gas Turbines  Jose Rodriguez; Satoshi Tanimura, Masakazu Nose, Satoshi Takiguchi, Koichi Ishizaka  GT2008-50819   
IGTI  2008  Advanced Modeling of Fluid Thermodynamic Properties for Gas Turbine Performance Simulation  Vishal Sethi, Fulvio Diara, Sina Atabak, Arjun Bala, Anthony Jackson, Pericles Pilidis  GT2008-51126   
IGTI  2008  Advanced Multi-Functional Coatings for Land-Based Industrial Gas Turbines  Ramesh Subramanian, Andrew Burns, Werner Stamm  GT2008-51532   
IGTI  2007  Advanced Performance Modelling of a Single and Double Pressure Once Through Steam Generator  Marco Mucino, Joel Ojile, Y. G. Li, and Mike Newby  GT2007-27505   
IGTI  2008  Advanced Reconditioning Technologies for Turbine Blading at ALSTOM  Ian Summerside, Rainer Kurtz, Richard van-der-Meij  GT2008-50583   
IGTI  2008  Advanced TBC Systems by Vapor Deposition Using LPPS Thin Film  K. von Niessen, A. Refke, G. Eschendorff, M. Gindrat  GT2008-51090   
IGTI  2008  Advanced Weld Repair of Gas Turbine Hot Section Components  Nikolai Arjakine, Birgit Gruger, Rolf Wilkenhoener, Jerry Bruck, Dirk M. Seeger  GT2008-51534   
IGTI  2008  Aero Thermal Investigation of a Rib-Roughened Trailing Edge Channel With Crossing-Jets: Part II -- Heat Transfer Analysis  Filippo Coletti, Alessandro Armellini, Tony Arts; Christophe Scholtes  GT2008-50695   
IGTI  2008  Aeroderivative Gas Turbines for LNG Liquefaction Plants: Part 1 -- The Importance of Thermal Efficiency  Cyrus Meher-Homji, Dave Messersmith, Tim Hattenbach; Jim Rockwell, Hans Weyermann, Karl Masani  GT2008-50839   
IGTI  2008  Aeroderivative Gas Turbines for LNG Liquefaction Plants: Part 2 -- World's First Application and Operating Experience  Cyrus Meher-Homji, Dave Messersmith, Tim Hattenbach; Jim Rockwell, Hans Weyermann, Karl Masani  GT2008-50840   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamic Asymmetry Analysis of Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery  Kivanc Ekici, Robert E. Kielb, Kenneth C. Hall  GT2008-51176   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamic Behaviour of a Novel Three-Dimensional Shaped Transonic Compressor Rotor Blade  Roberto Biollo, Ernesto Benini  GT2008-51397   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamic Mistuning of Structurally Coupled Blades  Heinrich Stuer, Stefan Schmitt; Graham Ashcroft  GT2008-50204   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamic Noise Assessment Using CFD/CAA Technique  Slawomir Dykas; Wlodzimierz Wroblewski, Tadeusz Chmielniak  GT2008-50140   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamic Optimization Design of Vaned Diffusers for the 100 kW Micro Gas Turbine's Centrifugal Compressor  Guang Xi, Zhiheng Wang, Chunmei Zhang, Minjian Yuan  GT2008-50440   
IGTI  2007  Aerodynamic Performance of Small Turbocharger Compressors  S.h Shaaban and J. Seume  GT2007-27558   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamic Performance of Suction-Side Gill Region Film Cooling  Justin Chappell; Phil Ligrani; Sri Sreekanth, Terry Lucas, Edward Vlasic  GT2008-50799   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamically Coupled Flutter of Multiple Blade Rows  Masanobu Namba, Ayumi Kubo  GT2008-50315   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamics of a Letterbox Trailing Edge: Effects of Blowing Rate, Reynolds Number, and External Turbulence on Aerodynamic Losses and Pressure Distribution  N. J. Fiala; J. D. Johnson; F. E. Ames  GT2008-50475   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamics of Compressor Casing Treatment: Part I -- Experiment and Time-Accurate Numerical Simulation  Fan Lin, Fangfei Ning, Huoxing Liu  GT2008-51541   
IGTI  2008  Aerodynamics of Compressor Casing Treatment: Part II -- A Quasi-Steady Model for Casing Treatment Flows  Fangfei Ning; Liping Xu  GT2008-51542   
IGTI  2008  Aeroelastic Properties of Closely Spaced Modes for a Highly Loaded Transonic Fan  Hans Martensson; Stefan Sturla Gunnsteinsson, Damian M. Vogt  GT2008-51046   
IGTI  2008  Aerothermal Impact of Stator-Rim Purge Flow and Rotor-Platform Film Cooling on a Transonic Turbine Stage  G. Paniagua, M. Pau, D. Delhaye, A. de la Loma; P. Ginibre  GT2008-51295   
IGTI  2008  Aero-Thermal Investigation of a Rib-Roughened Trailing Edge Channel With Crossing-Jets: Part I -- Flow Field Analysis  Alessandro Armellini, Filippo Coletti, Tony Arts; Christophe Scholtes  GT2008-50694   
IGTI  2008  Aero-Thermal Investigation of Tip Leakage Flow in a Film-Cooled Industrial Turbine Rotor  S. K. Krishnababu, H. P. Hodson; G. D. Booth; W. N. Dawes; G. D. Lock  GT2008-50222   
IGTI  2007  Aero-Thermal Optimisation of a SPIRAL Primary Surface Recuperator: Modelling and Testing  Hubert Antoine and Luc Prieels  GT2007-27575   
IGTI  2008  Aerothermal Performance of Streamwise and Compound Angled Pulsating Film Cooling Jets  Vipluv Aga, Michel Mansour, Reza S. Abhari  GT2008-50678   
IGTI  2008  Aero-Thermal Study of the Unsteady Flow Field in a Transonic Gas Turbine With Inlet Temperature Distortions  Simone Salvadori, Francesco Martelli, Paolo Adami; Lionel Castillon; Kam S. Chana  GT2008-50628   
IGTI  2008  Air Cushion Vehicle Turbofan Propulsion Feasibility Analysis  David Zipkin, Lance Shappell  GT2008-50645   
IGTI  2007  Aircraft Engine Fault Detection Using Dynamic/Adaptive Threshold Approach  Rama K. Yedavalli and Wenfei Li  GT2007-28180   
IGTI  2008  Aircraft Engine On-Line Diagnostics Through Dual-Channel Sensor Measurements: Development of a Baseline System  Takahisa Kobayashi; Donald L. Simon  GT2008-50345   
IGTI  2008  Aircraft Engine On-Line Diagnostics Through Dual-Channel Sensor Measurements: Development of an Enhanced System  Takahisa Kobayashi; Donald L. Simon  GT2008-50346   
IGTI  2007  Airfoil Heat Transfer Characteristics in Syngas and Hydrogen Turbines  Danny W. Mazzotta, Minking K. Chyu, and Mary Anne Alvin  GT2007-28296   
IGTI  2007  Alumina-Forming Austenitic Alloys for Advanced Recuperators  Bruce A. Pint, John P. Shingledecker, Michael P. Brady, and Philip J. Maziasz  GT2007-27916   
IGTI  2008  An Acoustic Modal Analysis of a DLE Combustion System  Lingli Yu, Mick Cashmore  GT2008-51075   
IGTI  2008  An Advanced Optimization Procedure for the Thermodynamic Selection of Centrifugal Compressors Stages  Simone Pazzi, Marco Giachi, Massimo Pusceddu, Nidal Ghizawi; Ashraf Al Musleh  GT2008-50702   
IGTI  2008  An Aerodynamic Optimization Procedure for the Preliminary Design of Centrifugal Compressor Stages  Omar Elshamy; Nidal Ghizawi, Celine Yon, Simone Pazzi, Denis Guenard  GT2008-51154   
IGTI  2008  An Analysis of the Motion of a Centrifugal Impeller in Overspeed Test  Richard J. Gozdawa; Alfred W. Crook  GT2008-50699   
IGTI  2008  An Analytic Model of Oil-Film Force on Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing of Finite Length  Jin Fu Yang; Sheng Bo Yang; Chen Ce; Da Ren Yu, Ying Cui; Kun Yang, Zhong Guang Fu  GT2008-50251   
IGTI  2008  An Analytical Approach for Gas Turbine Parameter Corrections  Vasileios E. Kyritsis, Pericles Pilidis  GT2008-50716   
IGTI  2008  An Analytical Approach to Support High Cycle Fatigue Validation for Turbocharger Turbine Stages  Tom Heuer, Marc Gugau; Paul Anschel; Achim Klein  GT2008-50764   
IGTI  2008  An Approach to Maintenance Cost Estimation for Aircraft Engines  Myoungcheol Kang; Stephen Ogaji, Pericles Pilidis; Changduk Kong  GT2008-50564   
IGTI  2007  An Energy-Based Method for Multi-Axial Fatigue Life Calculation  Onome Scott-Emuakpor, H.-M. Herman Shen, Tommy George, and Charles Cross  GT2007-27425   
IGTI  2008  An Entropy Based Evaluation of Efficiency of a Transonic Compressor Rotor With Water Injection  Istvan Szabo, Mark G. Turner  GT2008-50248   
IGTI  2008  An Experimental Investigation of Airfoil Performance in Wet Gas Flow  Trond G. Gruner, Lars E. Bakken; Lars Brenne, Tor Bjorge  GT2008-50483   
IGTI  2008  An Experimental Investigation of Passive Control Device: Blade Wake Interaction on a Ultra High Lift Turbine Profile  Daniele Simoni, Marina Ubaldi, Pietro Zunino; Francesco Bertini, Ennio Spano  GT2008-51194   
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IGTI  2008  Characterization of Foil Bearing Structure for Increasing Shaft Temperatures: Part II -- Dynamic Force Performance  Tae Ho Kim; Anthony W. Breedlove; Luis San Andres  GT2008-50570   
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IGTI  2008  Conceptual Design of a Multistage High-Speed Motor Driven Air Compressor  Juha Saari; Jari L. H. Backman; Jouko Peussa  GT2008-51353   
IGTI  2008  Condition Based Maintenance of Gas Turbines Using Simulation Data and Artificial Neural Network: A Demonstration of Feasibility  Magnus Fast, Mohsen Assadi; Sudipta De  GT2008-50768   
IGTI  2008  Condition Monitoring of Rotor Using Active Magnetic Actuator  Jerzy T. Sawicki; Michael I. Friswell; Alex H. Pesch, Adam Wroblewski  GT2008-51169   
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IGTI  2008  Continued Enhancement of SGT-600 Gas Turbine Design and Maintenance  Vladimir Navrotsky, Mats Blomstedt, Niklas Lundin, Claes Uebel  GT2008-51143   
IGTI  2007  Control of a Three-Pole Hybrid Active Magnetic Bearing With Three Hall Diodes  Sang-Hyun Park and Chong-Won Lee  GT2007-28178   
IGTI  2008  Control of Short Length Scale Rotating Stall Inception on a High-Speed Axial Compressor With Plasma Actuation  Huu Duc Vo; Scott C. Morris, Joshua D. Cameron  GT2008-50967   
IGTI  2008  Control Performance Study on the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems  Huisheng Zhang, Lijin Wang, Shilie Weng, Ming SU  GT2008-50747   
IGTI  2007  Controlling Journal Bearing Instability Using Active Magnetic Bearings  A. El-Shafei and A. S. Dimitri  GT2007-28059   
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IGTI  2008  Cycle Selection and Compressor Design of 600kW Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Engine  Marco A. R. Nascimento, Osvaldo Jose Venturini, Electo S. Lora, Guido A. Sierra, Lucilene O. Rodrigues, Hilario M. Carvalho; Newton R. Moura  GT2008-51523   
IGTI  2008  Cyclic Carbonation and Calcination Studies of Limestone and Dolomite for CO2 Separation From Combustion Flue Gases  Senthoorselvan Sivalingam, Stephan Gleis; Patrik Yrjas; Spliethoff Hartmut; Mikko Hupa  GT2008-50987   
IGTI  2007  Cyclic Lifetime Validation of Annular Combustor Liner Segments for Heavy Duty Gas Turbines  Martin Hughes, Oliver Riccius, Roy Moobola, Ingo Kuehn, and Lothar Schneider  GT2007-27663   
IGTI  2008  Damage Evolution and Failure Mechanisms for APS-TBCS  Filippo Cappuccini, Iacopo Giovannetti; Suchismita Sanyal; Massimo Giannozzi; Santosh Kumar, T. Shalini, T. Vishwanath  GT2008-50367   
IGTI  2007  Damping Performance of Axial Turbine Stages With Loosely Assembled Friction Bolts: The Non-Linear Dynamic Assessment — Part II  J. Szwedowicz, Th. Secall-Wimmel, and P. Dünck-Kerst  GT2007-27506   
IGTI  2008  Damping Ratio Estimation Techniques for Rotordynamic Stability Measurements  C. Hunter Cloud; Eric H. Maslen, Lloyd E. Barrett  GT2008-50691   
IGTI  2008  Data Management and Adaptive Machining Technology for Efficient Repair and Manufacture of Turbine Components  Claus Bremer  GT2008-50060   
IGTI  2007  Data Visualization, Data Reduction, and Classifier Fusion for Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Gas Turbine Engines  William Donat, Kihoon Choi, Woosun An, Krishna Pattipati, and Satnam Singh  GT2007-28343   
IGTI  2007  Decision Support for Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics of Aircraft Engine Using Influence Diagrams  Mark Osborn and Lijie Yu  GT2007-28331   
IGTI  2008  Degradation Effects on Industrial Gas Turbines  Rainer Kurz; Klaus Brun; Meron Wollie  GT2008-50020   
IGTI  2007  Demonstration of a Transient Total Pressure Distortion Generator for Simulating Aircraft Inlet Distortion in Turbine Engine Ground Tests  Dave Beale, Scott Wieland, Jim Reed, and Larry Wilhite  GT2007-27222   
IGTI  2008  Density Wave Oscillation in a Vertical Type Natural Circulation Heat Recovery Steam Generator: A Numerical Study  Heimo Walter, Wladimir Linzer  GT2008-50035   
IGTI  2008  Deployment of Low and Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Generation in Emerging Niche Markets  Carl-W. Hustad  GT2008-50106   
IGTI  2008  Deposition Near Film Cooling Holes on a High Pressure Turbine Vane  Thomas H. Fletcher, Weiguo Ai, Nathan Murray, Spencer Harding; Scott Lewis, Jeffrey P. Bons  GT2008-50901   
IGTI  2008  Derivation of Correlations for Small Turbojet Engines  J. E. Donald Gauthier; Robert Stowe  GT2008-51001   
IGTI  2007  Design and Analysis of a Planar 2-D Nozzle for a Small-Jet-Engine  Laura Morón, Mehci Ghoreyshi, Afshin Banazdeh, and Pericles Pilidis  GT2007-28115   
IGTI  2008  Design and Experimental Verification of Mistuning of a Supersonic Turbine Blisk  Pieter Groth, Clas Andersson, Hans Martensson  GT2008-50677   
IGTI  2008  Design and Flow Analysis of Radial and Mixed Flow Turbine Volutes  Mohammed Hamel, Miloud Abidat, Mohamed K. Hamidou, Hichem T. Cherif, Sid Ali Litim  GT2008-50503   
IGTI  2008  Design and Off-Design Numerical Investigation of a Transonic Double-Splitter Centrifugal Compressor  Michele Marconcini, Filippo Rubechini, Andrea Arnone; Seiichi Ibaraki  GT2008-50759   
IGTI  2008  Design and Optimization of the Internal Cooling Channels of a HP Turbine Blade: Part I -- Methodology  Sergio Amaral; Tom Verstraete, Rene Van den Braembussche, Tony Arts  GT2008-51077   
IGTI  2008  Design and Optimization of the Internal Cooling Channels of a HP Turbine Blade: Part II -- Optimization  Sergio Amaral; Tom Verstraete; Rene Van den Braembussche; Tony Arts  GT2008-51080   
IGTI  2008  Design and Performance Evaluation of a Trigeneration System Incorporating Hydraulic Storage and an Inverted Brayton Cycle  Matthew Blieske, J. E. D. Gauthier, X. Huang  GT2008-50568   
IGTI  2007  Design and Test Program in the Development of a 100 HP Oil-Free, High-Speed Blower  James F. Walton II, Hooshang Heshmat, and Michael J. Tomaszewski  GT2007-27828   
IGTI  2008  Design and Testing of a Vibrating Test Object for Investigating Fluid-Structure Interaction  Nikos Andrinopoulos, Damian Vogt; Jiasen Hu; Torsten H. Fransson  GT2008-50740   
IGTI  2008  Design and Testing of Multistage Centrifugal Compressors With Small Diffusion Ratios  C. Aalburg, A. Simpson, M. B. Schmitz; V. Michelassi, S. Evangelisti, E. Belardini, V. Ballarini  GT2008-51263   
IGTI  2008  Design Details of a 600 MW Graz Cycle Thermal Power Plant for CO2 Capture  H. Jericha, W. Sanz, E. Goettlich, F. Neumayer  GT2008-50515   
IGTI  2007  Design for Six Sigma: The First 10 Years  Gene Wiggs and Martha Gardner  GT2007-27933   
IGTI  2008  Design Method of a Subsonic Aspirated Cascade  Antoine Godard, Antoine Fourmaux, Stephane Burguburu; Francis Leboeuf  GT2008-50835   
IGTI  2008  Design of a Centrifugal Compressor With Low Specific Speed Automotive Fuel Cell  Xinqian Zheng, Yangjun Zhang; Zhiling Qiu; Hong He  GT2008-50468   
IGTI  2008  Design of a Highly-Loaded Four-Stage Low-Speed Research Compressor  C. Clemen, H. Schrapp, V. Gummer; R. Muller, K. Vogeler, M. Kunzelmann  GT2008-50254   
IGTI  2008  Design of a Low Solidity Flow-Controlled Stator With Coanda Surface in a High Speed Compressor  Y. Guendogdu, A. Vorreiter, J. R. Seume  GT2008-51180   
IGTI  2008  Design of a New Experimental Rig for Thermal Cyclic Testing of Combustor Liner Tiles  C. Mende; O. Liedtke; A. Schulz, H.-J. Bauer  GT2008-50300   
IGTI  2007  Design of a Solid Propellant Air Turbo Rocket for a Tactical Air-Launched Missile  Fredrik Haglind, Henrik Edefur, and Stefan Olsson  GT2007-27826   
IGTI  2008  Design of an Aggressive Flow-Controlled Turbine Duct  Fredrik Wallin, Lars-Erik Eriksson  GT2008-51202   
IGTI  2007  Design of an Air-Launched Tactical Missile for Three Different Propulsion Systems: ATR, Rocket and Turbojet  Henrik Edefur, Fredrik Haglind, and Stefan Olsson  GT2007-27844   
IGTI  2008  Design Optimization and Validation of a Power Turbine Blade for an Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Upgrade  Paolo Del Turco, Michele D'Ercole, Nicola Pieroni, Massimiliano Mariotti, Francesco Gamberi, William Zemitis  GT2008-51064   
IGTI  2008  Design Optimization of a HP Compressor Rotor Blade and its Hub Endwall  Vicky Iliopoulou, Ingrid Lepot, Philippe Geuzaine  GT2008-50293   
IGTI  2008  Design Procedure of a Novel Micro-Turbine Low NOx Conical Wire-Mesh Duct Burner  Omar B. Ramadan, J. E. Donald Gauthier; Patrick M. Hughes, Robert Brandon  GT2008-50948   
IGTI  2008  Design Tuning of High Aspect Ratio Shrouded Turbine Blades  Andrey V. Pipopulo, Alexander N. Arkhipov, Igor V. Putchkov  GT2008-50670   
IGTI  2008  Design, Development and Test of a 30kW Oil Free, Turbo Alternator  James F. Walton, Hooshang Heshmat, Michael J. Tomaszewski  GT2008-51514   
IGTI  2008  Design, Development and Testing of an In-Engine Radial Traverse System for the Trent Engine  S. J. Anderson; A. J. W. Wilson; K. S. Chaha  GT2008-51332   
IGTI  2008  Design, Fabrication, and Performance of Foil Gas Thrust Bearings for Microturbomachinery Applications  Brian Dykas; Robert Bruckner, Christopher DellaCorte, Brian Edmonds; Joseph Prahl  GT2008-50377   
IGTI  2008  Design, Validation and Application of a Radial Cascade for Centrifugal Compressors  Alexander Simpson, Christian Aalburg, Michael Schmitz, Robbert Pannekeet; Florian Larisch; Vittorio Michelassi  GT2008-51262   
IGTI  2008  Designing LP Turbines for Optimized Airfoil Lift  Jochen Gier, Matthias Franke, Norbert Hubner, Thomas Schroder  GT2008-51101   
IGTI  2008  Detailed Flow Investigation Using PIV in a Rotating Square-Sectioned Two-Pass Cooling System With Ribbed Walls  M. Elfert, M. Voges, J. Klinner  GT2008-51183   
IGTI  2008  Detailed Internal Measurements of a Siemens Combustor Operating at Gas Turbine Relevant Conditions  J. P. Wood, M. Wedlock, M. N. Miller, G. J. Sims; K. Liu; K. Syed; A. P. Crayford, P. Bowen, Y. Sevcenco  GT2008-50790   
IGTI  2007  Detection of Gas Turbines Malfunctions From Emission Concentration Distributions  C. Romessis and K. Mathioudakis  GT2007-27107   
IGTI  2008  Determination and Comparison of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Perfectly Premixed Flame in Both Single and Annular Combustion Chambers  Dan Fanaca, Panduranga Reddy Alemela, Florian Ettner, Christoph Hirsch, Thomas Sattelmayer; Bruno Schuermans  GT2008-50781   
IGTI  2008  Determination of Cooling Parameters for a High Speed, True Scale, Metallic Turbine Vane Ring  M. D. Polanka, R. J. Anthony; Dave G. Bogard; Mark F. Reeder  GT2008-50281   
IGTI  2008  Development and F-Class Industrial Gas Turbine Engine Testing of Smart Components With Direct-Write Embedded Sensors and High Temperature Wireless Telemetry  David Mitchell, Anand Kulkarni, Edward Roesch, Ramesh Subramanian, Andrew Burns; Jeffrey Brogan, Robert Greenlaw; Alex Lostetter, Marcelo Schupbach, John Fraley; Rod Waits  GT2008-51533   
IGTI  2008  Development and Testing of a 10 kW Diffusive Micromix Combustor for Hydrogen-Fuelled [micro]-Scale Gas Turbines  A. E. Robinson, H. H.-W. Funke, Uwe Ronna  GT2008-50418   
IGTI  2007  Development and Testing of a Novel Centrifugal Gas Turbine Design: Combustor Development and Load Testing  Klaus Brun and Ryan S. Gernentz  GT2007-28095   
IGTI  2008  Development and Testing of High Temperature Silicon Nitride Microturbine Rotors  Vimal Pujari, Ara Vartabedian, Gregg Wayman  GT2008-50108   
IGTI  2007  Development and Testing of the Backup Bearing System for an AMB Energy Storage Flywheel  Lawrence Hawkins, Patrick McMullen, and Vinh Vuong  GT2007-28290   
IGTI  2008  Development and Testing of the Upgraded High Pressure Turbine Section for an Industrial Gas Turbine  U. Orth, E. Aschenbruck, D. Frank, T. Korte, R. Muller  GT2008-50304   
IGTI  2008  Development and Validation of a 1-D Tool for Thermoacoustic Instabilities Analysis in Gas Turbine Combustors  L. Mangani, B. Facchini; F. Simonetti; A. Andreini  GT2008-51248   
IGTI  2008  Development and Verification of a Non-Linear Algebraic Model for the Turbulent Heat Fluxes in Rotating Passages  B. A. Younis; B. Weigand, F. Mohr, M. Schmidt  GT2008-50386   
IGTI  2007  Development of a 150kw Microturbine System Which Applies the Humid Air Turbine Cycle  Susumu Nakano, Tadaharu Kishibe, Manabu Yagi, Kuniyoshi Tsubouchi, Tomoaki Inoue, Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, Yasushi Hayasaka, Manabu Sasaki, Masaya Ichinose, Hiroyuki Shiraiwa, and Hidefumi Araki  GT2007-28192   
IGTI  2008  Development of a Companion Set of Charts -- Soft Sensor and Directional Moving Range -- for Fault Monitoring, Detection and Diagnosis With Application to Gas Turbine Engines  Dorin Scheianu; Philip A. Farrington  GT2008-50962   
IGTI  2008  Development of a Guideline for the Design of Surge Control Systems  Marybeth G. Nored, Klaus Brun; Rainer Kurz  GT2008-50380   
IGTI  2008  Development of a Tip Leakage Control Device for an Axial Flow Fan  Cengiz Camci, Ali Akturk  GT2008-50785   
IGTI  2007  Development of an 8MW-Class High-Efficiency Gas Turbine, M7A-03  Hiroshi Taki, Kazuhiko Tanimura, Naoki Murakami, Akihiro Matsuoka, Katsuhiko Ishida, Hiroshi Kato, Takeshi Sakai, and Taniguchi Tomoki  GT2007-28361   
IGTI  2008  Development of an Improved Desiccant-Based Evaporative Cooling System for Gas Turbines  Amir Abbas Zadpoor, Ali Asadi Nikooyan  GT2008-50258   
IGTI  2007  Development of Electric Power Generation Unit Driven by Waste Heat: Study on Working Fluids and Expansion Turbines  Naoyuki Inoue, Atsushi Kaneko, Tomoyuki Uchimura, Kiichi Irie, and Hiroyoshi Watanabe  GT2007-27749   
IGTI  2008  Development of Gas Turbine Hot Gas Path Parts Maintenance Planning Support System  Tomoharu Fujii, Terutaka Fujioka  GT2008-50249   
IGTI  2008  Development of Lean-Burn Low-NOx Combustion Technology at Rolls-Royce Deutschland  W. Lazik, Th. Doerr, R. von der Bank, S. Bake, L. Rackwitz  GT2008-51115   
IGTI  2008  Development of Numerical Tools for Stator-Rotor Cavities Calculation in Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines  L. Innocenti, C. Bianchini, R. Da Soghe, B. Facchini, M. Micio; L. Bozzi, S. Traverso  GT2008-51268   
IGTI  2007  Development of Probabilistic Structural Analysis Integrated With Manufacturing Processes  Vinod K. Nagpal and Shantaram S. Pai  GT2007-27510   
IGTI  2008  Development, Characterization and Testing of MCrAlY HVOF Coating Used as Bond Coat for YPSZ Top Coat  Carlo Giolli, Alessandro Lanzi, Gabriele Rizzi, Andrea Scrivani, Dario Russo, Marco Spagnoli  GT2008-50688   
IGTI  2007  Developments and Experiences With Pulsation Measurements for Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines  Hanspeter Zinn and Michael Habermann  GT2007-27475   
IGTI  2008  Diagnosing Coupled Lateral-Torsional Vibrations in Turbomachinery  Vinayaka N. Rajagopalan; John M. Vance  GT2008-50125   
IGTI  2008  Distortion Compensation by Shape Modification of Complex Turbine Geometries in the Presence of High Temperature Gradients  John McElhaney  GT2008-50757   
IGTI  2008  Double-Jet Film-Cooling for Highly Efficient Film-Cooling With Low Blowing Ratios  Karsten Kusterer; Dieter Bohn; Takao Sugimoto; Ryozo Tanaka; Anas Elyas  GT2008-50073   
IGTI  2007  Dynamic Analysis of a Geared Rotor-Bearing System With Viscoelastic Supports Under the Bow Effect  T. N. Shiau, E. K. Lee, T. H. Young, and W. C. Hsu  GT2007-27754   
IGTI  2008  Dynamic Analysis of Compressor Trips in the Snohvit LNG Refrigerant Circuits  Ingrid Schjolberg; Gunleiv Skofteland; Morten Hyllseth; Havard Nordhus  GT2008-51235   
IGTI  2008  Dynamic Analysis of Fretting-Wear in Friction Contact Interfaces  Loic Salles, Laurent Blanc, Fabrice Thouverez; Alexander M. Gouskov  GT2008-51112   
IGTI  2008  Dynamic and Flashback Characteristics of the Syngas Premixed Swirling Combustors  Quanbin Song, Aibing Fang, Gang Xu, Yanji Xu, Weiguang Huang  GT2008-50752   
IGTI  2008  Dynamic Characteristics of Composite Helicopter Blade Solved by Using the Differential Quadrature Method  J. H. Kuang; M. H. Hsu; T. P. Hung  GT2008-50193   
IGTI  2008  Dynamic Fusion and Parameter Optimization of Multiple Classifier Systems  Anuradha Kodali, William Donat, Satnam Singh, Kihoon Choi, Krishna Pattipati  GT2008-51274   
IGTI  2007  Dynamic Instability Analysis of Internally Damped Rotors  Georges Jacquet-Richardet, Rim Sino, Eric Chatelet, and Olivier Montagnier  GT2007-27073   
IGTI  2008  Dynamic Response of the Vertical Rotor System to Base Excitation  Jianli Zuo, Jianjun Wu, Ping Li, Shenjian Su  GT2008-50402   
IGTI  2008  Dynamics and Stability Limits of Syngas Combustion in a Swirl-Stabilized Combustor  Raymond L. Speth, Duane E. Hudgins, H. Murat Altay, Ahmed F. Ghoniem  GT2008-51023   
IGTI  2007  Dynamics of an Improved Inter Shaft Squeeze Film Damper: Theory and Experiment  K. Gupta and S. Chatterjee  GT2007-27534   
IGTI  2007  Dynamics Of Multi-Stage Bladed Disks Systems  Denis Laxalde, Jean-Pierre Lombard, and Fabrice Thouverez  GT2007-27083*   
IGTI  2007  Early Detection of Lubrication Anomalies in Oil-Lubricated Bearings  Naresh S. Iyer, Hai Qiu, Weizhong Yan, and Kenneth A. Loparo  GT2007-27950   
IGTI  2008  Economic Benefits of Hybrid Drive Propulsion for DDG-51 Class Ships  Fred T. Willett, Greg Reed, Gene Castles  GT2008-50053   
IGTI  2008  Economical Benefits of Highly Efficient Three-Stage Intake Air Filtration for Gas Turbines  Thomas Schroth, Michele Cagna  GT2008-50280   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Computational Grid on Performance of Two-Equation Models of Turbulence for Film Cooling Applications  Savas Yavuzkurt, Melaku Habte  GT2008-50153   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Coolant Ejection in Rectangular and Trapezoidal Trailing Edge Cooling Passages  Lesley M. Wright, Amir S. Gohardani  GT2008-50414   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Coolant Entry Orientation on Flow and Heat Transfer in the Trailing Region Channels of a Gas Turbine Vane  N. Kulasekharan, B. V. S. S. S. Prasad  GT2008-50951   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Different Economic Support Policies on the Optimal Definition and Operation of a CHP and RES Distributed Generation Systems  Mauro Reini; Melchiorre Casisi; Lorenzo Castelli; Piero Pinamonti  GT2008-50353   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Flame Structure on the Flame Transfer Function in a Premixed Gas Turbine Combustor  Daesik Kim, Jong Guen Lee, Bryan D. Quay, Domenic Santavicca; Kwanwoo Kim, Shiva Srinivasan  GT2008-51014   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Fuel Dilution on the Stability Characteristics of Syngas Diffusion Flames  Kejin Mo; Xin Hui; Yongsheng Zhang, Zhedian Zhang, Yue Wang, Yunhan Xiao  GT2008-50327   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Geometry Variations on the Cooling Performance of Fan-Shaped Cooling Holes  Christian Saumweber; Achmed Schulz  GT2008-51038   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Hydrogen Combustion on the Combustion Dynamics of a Natural Gas Combustor  Kapil Singh, Bala Varatharajan, Ertan Yilmaz, Fei Han; Kwanwoo Kim  GT2008-51343   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Loading Level and Distribution on LPT Losses  C. Prakash, D. G. Cherry, H. W. Shin, J. Machnaim, L. Dailey, R. Beacock, D. Halstead, A. R. Wadia; S. Guillot, W. F. Ng  GT2008-50052   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Radial Location of Nozzles on Performance of Pre-Swirl Systems  Paul Lewis, Mike Wilson, Gary Lock, J. Michael Owen  GT2008-50295   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Rib Spacing on Heat Transfer in a Two-Pass Rectangular Channel (AR=1:4) With a Sharp Entrance at High Rotation Numbers  Michael Huh, Yao-Hsien Liu, Je Chin Han; Sanjay Chopra  GT2008-50311   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Roughness and Unsteadiness on the Performance of a New LPT Blade at Low Reynolds Numbers  Francesco Montomoli; Howard P. Hodson; Frank Haselbach  GT2008-50488   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Side Feed Pressurization on the Dynamic Performance of Gas Foil Bearings: A Model Anchored to Test Data  Tae Ho Kim, Luis San Andres  GT2008-50571   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Stator Clocking on the 3D Aeroelastic Characteristics of Compressor Rotor Blades  Romuald Rzadkowski; Vitally Gnesin, Luba Kolodyazhnaya  GT2008-50767   
IGTI  2007  Effect of Temperature and Crystal Orientation on the Plasticity (SLIP) Evolution in Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloy Notched Specimens  Shadab Siddiqui, Nagaraj K. Arakere, and Fereshteh Ebrahimi  GT2007-27095   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Temporal Accuracy on the Numerical Prediction of an Isolated Transonic Rotor at Near Stall Conditions  Daniel Lee, Paul D. Orkwis; Fu-Lin Tsung, William Magnuszewski, Christopher Noll  GT2008-51486   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Time and Temperature on TBC Failure Mode Under Oxidizing Environment  N. S. Cheruvu, K. S. Chan; D. W. Gandy  GT2008-51528   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Unsteadiness on the Performance of a Transonic Centrifugal Compressor Stage  Isabelle Trebinjac, Pascale Kulisa, Nicolas Bulot; Nicolas Rochuon  GT2008-50260   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Variations in Shroud Geometry on Single Phase Flow Over a Shrouded Single Spiral Gear  Steve Rapley, Carol Eastwick, Kathy Simmons  GT2008-50633   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Wake on Endwall Film Cooling Effectiveness for a Row of Cylindrical Holes Near the Stagnation Region of an Airfoil  S. Rodriguez, V. Krishnan, Stephanie Kersten, J. S. Kapat  GT2008-51460   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Wakes and Secondary Flow on Re-Attachment of Turbine Exit Annular Diffuser Flow  David Kluss; Alexander Wiedermann; Horst Stoff  GT2008-50211   
IGTI  2008  Effect of Water Vapor on the Kinetics of Combustion of Hydrogen and Natural Gas: Experimental and Detailed Modeling Study  Tanh Le Cong, Philippe Dagaut  GT2008-50272   
IGTI  2008  Effective Thermoelastic Properties of Flat and Curved Transpiration Cooled Multilayer Plates via Homogenization  Gottfried Laschet, Stephan Rex  GT2008-50590   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Blade Stack on Pipeline Compressor Impeller Performance  Michael J. Cave  GT2008-50071   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Bowed Stators on a Transonic Fan With Distorted Inlet  Peng Sun; Ji'ang Han; Jingjun Zhong; Liquan Tao; Muxiao Yang, Yang Yu  GT2008-50523   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Combustor Geometry on the Flowfields and Flame Properties of a Low-Swirl Injector  R. K. Cheng, D. Littlejohn  GT2008-50504   
IGTI  2007  Effects of Compressor Tip Injection on Aircraft Engine Performance and Stability  Wolfgang Horn, Klaus-Jürgen Schmidt, and Stephan Staudacher  GT2007-27574   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Fuel-Nozzle Configurations on Particulate-Matter Emissions From a Model Gas Turbine Combustor  Tomohiro Asai, Hiromi Koizumi, Shohei Yoshida, Hiroshi Inoue  GT2008-50351   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Inlet Conditions on the Turbine Performance of a Radial Turbine  Fredrik Hellstrom, Laszlo Fuchs  GT2008-51088   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Rotating Blade Wakes on Separation and Pressure Recovery in Turbine Exhaust Diffusers  Olaf Sieker, Joerg R. Seume  GT2008-50788   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Sand Ingestion Through an Axial Fan With Blade Staggering  Adel Ghenaiet  GT2008-50338   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Suction and Injection Purge-Flow on the Secondary Flow Structures of a High-Work Turbine  P. Schuepbach; M. B. Rose; R. S. Abhari; T. Germain, I. Raab, J. Gier  GT2008-50471   
IGTI  2008  Effects of the Inlet Boundary Layer Thickness on Rotating Stall in an Axial Compressor  Minsuk Choi; Seong Hwan Oh, Han Young Ko; Je Hyun Baek  GT2008-50886   
IGTI  2008  Effects of Turbine Tip Clearance on Gas Turbine Performance  Cleverson Bringhenti, Joao Roberto Barbosa  GT2008-50196   
IGTI  2008  Efficiency Analyses of a Coal Gasification Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell With a Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Including CO2 Recovery  F. Yoshiba, E. Koda  GT2008-50360   
IGTI  2007  Efficiency Definition and Load Management for Reciprocating and Centrifugal Compressors  Rainer Kurz and Klaus Brun  GT2007-27081   
IGTI  2007  Efficient and Robust Rub Control With an Active Auxiliary Bearing  Lucas Ginzinger and Heinz Ulbrich  GT2007-28299   
IGTI  2008  Efficient Computational Model for Non-Axisymmetric Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating Cavity  L. He  GT2008-51132   
IGTI  2008  Efficient Design Method for Non-Synchronous Vibrations Using Enforced Motion  Meredith A. Spiker, Robert E. Kielb, Kenneth C. Hall, Jeffrey P. Thomas  GT2008-50599   
IGTI  2008  Efficient FEA/CFD Thermal Coupling for Engineering Applications  Zixiang Sun, John W. Chew, Nicholas J. Hills, Konstantin N. Volkov; Christopher J. Barnes  GT2008-50638   
IGTI  2008  Efforts to Improved Aerodynamics of the Large Cooling Tower Fan by Modification of the Fan Stack  Steve Ingistov  GT2008-50223   
IGTI  2008  Emission Characteristics of a Premixed Cyclic-Periodical-Mixing Combustor Operated With Hydrogen-Natural Gas Fuel Mixtures  Jochen R. Bruckner-Kalb, Michael Krosser, Christoph Hirsch, Thomas Sattelmayer  GT2008-51076   
IGTI  2007  Empirical Tuning of an On-Board Gas Turbine Engine Model for Real-Time Module Performance Estimation  Al Volponi, Tom Brotherton, and Rob Luppold  GT2007-27535*   
IGTI  2008  Employing Inverted Brayton Cycle to Solve Stack Temperature Problems After Water Recovery From HAT Cycle Exhaust Gas  Kuifang Wan, Yunhan Xiao, Shijie Zhang  GT2008-51017   
IGTI  2008  Emulation of Hybrid System Start-Up and Shutdown Phases With a Micro Gas Turbine Based Test Rig  Mario L. Ferrari; Matteo Pascenti, Loredana Magistri; Aristide F. Massardo  GT2008-50617   
IGTI  2008  Endwall Film Cooling Effects on Secondary Flows in a Contoured Endwall Nozzle Vane  Giovanna Barigozzi, Giuseppe Franchini, Antonio Perdichizzi, Marco Quattrore  GT2008-51065   
IGTI  2008  Endwall Performance of Outlet Guide Vane Cascades With Different Blade Loading Distributions  Toyotaka Sonoda; Heinz-Adolf Schreiber; Toshiyuki Arima  GT2008-51111   
IGTI  2008  Energetic and Economic Analyses of Integrated Biogas-Fed Energy Systems  R. Bettocchi, M. Pinelli, P. R. Spina, M. Venturini, M. Cadorin, G. Cenci, M. Morini  GT2008-50044   
IGTI  2007  Engine Health Assessment and Prediction Using the Group Method of Data Handling and the Method of Match Matrix: Autoregressive Moving Average  Haixia Wang, Jay Lee, Takahiro Ueda, Kondo H. Adjallah, and Masoud Ghaffari  GT2007-27672   
IGTI  2008  Enhanced Blade Row Matching Capabilities via 3D Multistage Inverse Design and Pressure Loading Manager  M. P. C. van Rooij, T. Q. Dang; L. M. Larosiliere  GT2008-50539   
IGTI  2008  Enhanced Cooling Effectiveness in Full-Coverage Film Cooling System With Impingement Jets  Sang Hyun Oh, Dong Hyun Lee, Kyung Min Kim, Hyung-Hee Cho; Moon Young Kim  GT2008-50784   
IGTI  2008  Enhanced Fault Localization Using Probabilistic Fusion With Gas Path Analysis Algorithms  A. Kyriazis, K. Mathioudakis  GT2008-51079   
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IGTI  2008  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Centrifugal Compressor and Numerical Study of the Area Ratio and Tip Clearance Effects on the Performance Characteristic  Mahdi Nili-Ahmadabadi, Ali Hajilouy-Benisi, Mohammad Durali, Sayyed Mostafa Motavalli  GT2008-50969   
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IGTI  2008  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Friction Rings Damping of Blisks  Denis Laxalde, Claude Gibert, Fabrice Thouverez  GT2008-50862   
IGTI  2008  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Interactions Between Axial Turbine and Non-Axisymmetric Exhaust Hood  Jing-Lun Fu, Si-Jing Zhou, Jian-Jun Liu  GT2008-50766   
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IGTI  2007  Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Overall Performance of a Radial Inflow Turbine for 100kW Mircoturbine  Qinghua Deng, Jiufang Niu, Jingru Mao, and Zhenping Feng  GT2007-27707   
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IGTI  2008  Experimental Investigation Into the Influence of Varying Stagger on the Performance of a Pin-Fin Array  W. D. Allan, S. A. Andrews, M. LaViolette  GT2008-50381   
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IGTI  2008  Experimental Investigation of Flow and Heat Transfer for Single and Multiple Rows of Circular Jets Impinging on a Concave Surface  B. V. N. Rama Kumar; B. V. S. S. S. Prasad  GT2008-51044   
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IGTI  2008  Experimental Investigations With Numerical Validation of an Outlet Guide Vane With an Engine Mount Recess  Johan Hjarne; Valery Chernoray; Jonas Larsson  GT2008-50168   
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IGTI  2008  Experimental Study of Combustion on a Micro Gas Turbine Combustor  Feng-Shan Wang, Wen-Jun Kong, Ba-Rui Wang  GT2008-50975   
IGTI  2007  Experimental Study of Damping Characteristics of Shrouded Blade  Hong Jie, Shi Yajie, Zhang Dayi, and Zhu Zigen  GT2007-27610   
IGTI  2008  Experimental Study of Internal Heat Transfer Coefficients in a Rectangular, Ribbed Channel Using a Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive, Transient Inverse Method  Peter Heidrich, Jens von Wolfersdorf; Martin Schnieder  GT2008-50297   
IGTI  2008  Experimental Study of Oblong Exhaust Ejectors With Multi-Ring Oblong Entraining Diffusers  Qi Chen, A. M. Birk  GT2008-50696   
IGTI  2008  Experimental Study on Impeller Blade Vibration During Resonance: Part 1 -- Blade Vibration Due to Inlet Flow Distortion  Albert Kammerer, Reza S. Abhari  GT2008-50466   
IGTI  2008  Experimental Study on Impeller Blade Vibration During Resonance: Part 2 -- Blade Damping  Albert Kammerer, Reza S. Abhari  GT2008-50467   
IGTI  2008  Experimental Study on Laser-Induced Ignition of Swirl-Stabilized Kerosene Flames  Klaus G. Moesl, Klaus G. Vollmer, Thomas Sattelmayer; Johannes Eckstein, Herbert Kopecek  GT2008-50487   
IGTI  2008  Experimental Study on Nonlinear Dynamics Characteristics of High-Speed Rotor-Gas Lubrication Bearing System  Cex Ce, Jinfu Yang, Chaoqun Nie  GT2008-50250   
IGTI  2008  Experiments and Computations on Large Tip Clearance Effects in a Linear Cascade  Richard Williams, David Gregory-Smith, Li He, Grant Ingram  GT2008-50557   
IGTI  2007  Expert Decision Support System for Costing of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine  S. V. Tammineni, J. P. Scanlan, and P. A. S. Reed  GT2007-27798   
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IGTI  2008  Extended Models for Transitional Rough Wall Boundary Layers With Heat Transfer: Part I -- Model Formulations  M. Stripf, A. Schulz, H.-J. Bauer, S. Wittig  GT2008-50494   
IGTI  2008  Extended Models for Transitional Rough Wall Boundary Layers With Heat Transfer: Part II -- Model Validation and Benchmarking  M. Stripf, A. Schulz, H.-J. Bauer, S. Wittig  GT2008-50495   
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IGTI  2008  Extensive Studies on Internal and External Heat Transfer Characteristics of Integrated Impingement Cooling Structures for HP Turbines  Ken-Ichi Funazaki, Hamidon Bin Salleh  GT2008-50202   
IGTI  2008  Fast Epitaxial High Temperature Brazing of Single Crystalline Nickel Based Superalloys  Britta Laux, Sebastian Piegert, Joachim Rosler  GT2008-50055   
IGTI  2007  Fast Simulation of Dynamic Behaviour of Heavy Duty Gas Turbines for Quality Improvement and Reduced Design Cycle Time  Alastair S. Clark and Zdenko Jurjevic  GT2007-27382   
IGTI  2007  Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior Evaluation of Grainex Mar-M 247 for NASA’s High Temperature, High Speed Turbine Seal Test Rig  Irebert R. Delgado, Bruce M. Steinetz, Clare M. Rimnac, and John J. Lewandowski  GT2007-28349   
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IGTI  2008  Feasibility Study of Low Grade Heat Recovery Rankine Cycle Using Ozone-Neutral Refrigerant  Asfaw Beyene, W. Wayne Husband  GT2008-51537   
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IGTI  2008  Film-Cooling Flowfields With Trenched Holes on an Endwall  N. Sundaram, K. A. Thole  GT2008-50149   
IGTI  2008  Filter-Based Time-Domain Impedance Boundary Conditions for CFD Applications  Andreas Huber, Philipp Romann, Wolfgang Polifke  GT2008-51195   
IGTI  2008  Fischer-Tropsch Fuel Characterization via Microturbine Testing and Fundamental Combustion Measurements  A. Srinivasan, B. Ellis, J. F. Crittenden, W. E. Lear; Brandon Rotavera, Eric L. Petersen  GT2008-51447   
IGTI  2008  Fixed-Bed Coal Gasifiers Integrated With MCFC-GT Hybrid Systems for Distributed Power and Heat Generation  Daniele Cocco, Fabio Serra, Vittorio Tola  GT2008-50777   
IGTI  2008  Flame Speed and Velocity Measurements in Premixed Hydrogen-Enriched Flames  Shengrong Zhu, Sumanta Acharya  GT2008-51322   
IGTI  2008  Flame Transfer Matrices of a Premixed Flame and a Global Check With Modelling and Experiments  Panduranga Reddy Alemela, Dan Fanaca, Florian Ettner, Christoph Hirsch, Thomas Sattelmayer; Bruno Schuermans  GT2008-50111   
IGTI  2007  Flashback Detection Sensor for Hydrogen Augmented Natural Gas Combustion  Jimmy D. Thornton, B. T. Chorpening, Todd G. Sidwell, Peter A. Strakey, E. D. Huckaby, and K. J. Benson  GT2007-27865   
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IGTI  2008  Forced Response and Surge Behaviour of IP Core-Compressors With Ice-Damaged Rotor Blades  Sridar Dhandapani, Mehdi Vahdati, Mehmet Imregun  GT2008-50335   
IGTI  2008  Forced Response Assessment Using Modal Force Based Indicator Functions  M. Vahdati, C. Breard; G. Simpson; M. Imregun  GT2008-50306   
IGTI  2008  Forced Response of a Large Civil Fan Assembly  J. S. Green  GT2008-50319   
IGTI  2008  Forced Response of Shrouded Blades With Intermittent Dry Friction Force  Weiwei Gu, Zili Xu, Lv Qiang  GT2008-51041   
IGTI  2008  Foreign Object Damage and Fatigue Strength Loss in Compressor Blades  Mickhael S. Nikhamkin, Leonid V. Voronov, Irina V. Semenova  GT2008-51493   
IGTI  2008  Foreign Object Damage in an Oxide/Oxide Composite at Ambient Temperature  Sung R. Choi, Donald J. Alexander, Robert W. Kowalik  GT2008-50505   
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IGTI  2008  Friction Damping Modeling in High Stress Contact Areas Using Microslip Friction Model  Armando Coro, Francisco J. Marquina, Roberto Alonso, Alberto Gutierrez; David J. Ewins, Giovanna Girini  GT2008-50359   
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IGTI  2008  Full-Parametric Design System to Improve the Stage Efficiency of a High-Fidelity HP Turbine Configuration  Andrea Milli, Shahrokh Shahpar  GT2008-51348   
IGTI  2008  Further Effects of Water Ingestion on Axial Flow Compressors and Aeroengines at Part Speed  John Williams  GT2008-50620   
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IGTI  2008  Gas Turbine Electric Start System (GT-ESS) Ship Integration  Martin Quinones, Saurabh Deshmukh  GT2008-50708   
IGTI  2008  Gas Turbine Engine Noise  R. Mankbadi  GT2008-50041   
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IGTI  2008  Gas Turbine Plant Thermal Performance Degradation Assessment  Alexander V. Mirzamoghadam  GT2008-50032   
IGTI  2008  Gas Turbine Power Augmentation: Parametric Study Relating to Fog Droplet Size and its Influence on Evaporative Efficiency  Mustapha Chaker, Cyrus B. Meher-Homji  GT2008-51476   
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IGTI  2008  Ground-Based Vibration Response of a Spinning, Cyclic Symmetric Rotor With Gyroscopic and Centrifugal Softening Effects  I. Y. Shen, Hyunchul Kim  GT2008-50727   
IGTI  2008  GT Inlet Air Boosting and Cooling Coupled With Cold Thermal Storage in Combined Cycle Power Plants  Nicola Palestra, Giovanna Barigozzi, Antonio Perdichizzi  GT2008-51061   
IGTI  2008  Harmonic Analysis of Jet Mixing  Sangsig Yun, Joan Boulanger, Leiyong Jiang  GT2008-51402   
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IGTI  2008  Heat Transfer Coefficients of Film Cooling on a Rotating Turbine Blade Model: Part II -- Effects of Reynolds Number and Rotation Number  Guoqiang Xu, Bin Yang, Zhi Tao, Shuiting Ding, Zhenming Zhao, Hongwei Wu  GT2008-50535   
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IGTI  2008  Heat Transfer Measurements for a Film Cooled Turbine Vane Cascade  Douglas R. Thurman, Philip E. Poinsatte, James D. Heidmann  GT2008-50651   
IGTI  2008  Heat Transfer on Rotating Channel With Various Heights of Pin-Fin  Jun Su Park, Kyung Min Kim, Dong Hyun Lee, Hyung-Hee Cho; Minking K. Chyu  GT2008-50783   
IGTI  2008  Heat/Mass Transfer in Rotating, Smooth, High Aspect-Ratio (4:1) Coolant Channels With Curved Walls in 90 degrees and 45 degrees Orientation  Eashwar Sethuraman, Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos, Sumanta Acharya  GT2008-50247   
IGTI  2008  Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility  Anthony Campbell, Tim Healy, Michel Moliere, Roy Washam, Jeffrey Goldmeer, Joseph Citeno  GT2008-51368   
IGTI  2007  Helicopter IRS Engine Integration for the “FIRST” Technology Demonstrator Programme  Tony Ponton and Gordon Warnes  GT2007-27408   
IGTI  2007  Helicopter Structural Life Modeling: Flight Regime and Gross Weight Estimation  Paul Grabill, Jerry Jacobs, Tom Johnson, Tom Brotherton, and Jon Keller  GT2007-27894   
IGTI  2008  High Altitude Recuperated 50 kWe Turboprop Study  Colin Rodgers  GT2008-50369   
IGTI  2008  High Efficiency Gas Turbine Based Power Cycles -- A Study of the Most Promising Solutions: Part 1 -- A Review of the Technology  Rakesh K. Bhargava; Michele Bianchi; Stefano Campanari; Andrea De Pascale, Giorgio Negri di Montenegro, Antonio Peretto  GT2008-51275   
IGTI  2008  High Efficiency Gas Turbine Based Power Cycles -- A Study of the Most Promising Solutions: Part 2 -- A Parametric Performance Evaluation  Rakesh K. Bhargava; Michele Bianchi; Stefano Campanari; Andrea De Pascale, Giorgio Negri di Montenegro, Antonio Peretto  GT2008-51277   
IGTI  2007  High Pressure Water Mist Fire Protection Systems  Jaakko S. Kääriiäinen  GT2007-27723   
IGTI  2007  High Speed Permanent-Magnet Motors for the Oil and Gas Industry  K. Weeber, C. Stephens, J. Vandam, J. Yagielski, D. Messervey, and A. Gravame  GT2007-28282   
IGTI  2008  High Strength, Ductile Braze Repairs for Stationary Gas Turbine Components: Part 1  Warren Miglietti, Madeleine Du Toit  GT2008-51133   
IGTI  2007  High Temperature Corrosion of Microturbine Combustor Material  Hiroshi Yakuwa and Tadashi Kataoka  GT2007-27362   
IGTI  2008  High Temperature Radiation Heat Transfer Performance of Thermal Barrier Coatings With Multiple Layered Structure  Xiao Huang  GT2008-50047   
IGTI  2008  High Temperature Static and Dynamic Pressure Transducer for Combustion Instability Control Using Acoustic Low-Pass Filter Structures  Adam M. Hurst, Anthony D. Kurtz, Boaz Kochman  GT2008-51522   
IGTI  2008  High Temperature, Permanent Magnet Biased, Fault Tolerant Homopolar Magnetic Bearing Development  Alan Palazzolo, Randall Tucker, Kyung-Dae Kang, Andrew Kenny, Varun Gandhi; Jinfang Liu; Andrew Provenza; Heeju Choi  GT2008-50917   
IGTI  2008  High-Fidelity Numerical Analysis of Per-Rev-Type Inlet Distortion Transfer in Multistage Fans: Part I -- Simulations With Selected Blade Rows  Jixian Yao; Steven E. Gorrell; Aspi R. Wadia  GT2008-50812   
IGTI  2008  High-Fidelity Numerical Analysis of Per-Rev-Type Inlet Distortion Transfer in Multistage Fans: Part II -- Entire Component Simulation and Investigation  Jixian Yao; Steven E. Gorrell; Aspi R. Wadia  GT2008-50813   
IGTI  2008  Hot Oxidation Studies for the Ti-6AL-4V Alloy at Environmental Atmosphere  M. A. S. Oliveira, A. Boschetti; M. S. Vilela  GT2008-51539   
IGTI  2008  Hot Spots in Turboexpander Bearings: Case History, Stability Analysis, Measurements and Operational Experience  Joachim Schmied; Josef Pozivil, Joseph Walch  GT2008-51179   
IGTI  2008  Hot Streak and Vane Coolant Migration in a Downstream Rotor  Jonathan Ong, Robert J. Miller  GT2008-50971   
IGTI  2008  Hybrid Gas Bearings With Controlled Supply Pressure to Eliminate Rotor Vibrations While Crossing System Critical Speeds  Luis San Andees, Keun Ryu  GT2008-50393   
IGTI  2008  Identification and Correction of Rotor Instability in an Oil-Free Gas Turbine  Daniel R. Lubell, Jonathan L. Wade, Navjot S. Chauhan, John G. Nourse  GT2008-50305   
IGTI  2007  Identification of Force Coefficients in a Squeeze Film Damper With a Mechanical End Seal-Centered Circular Orbit Tests  Luis San Andrés and Adolfo Delgado  GT2007-27436   
IGTI  2007  Identification of Rotordynamic Forces in a Flexible Rotor System Using Magnetic Bearings  Zachary S. Zutavern and Dara W. Childs  GT2007-27676*   
IGTI  2007  Identifying Areas Prone to Dusty Winds for Gas Turbine Inlet Specification  Charles Brake  GT2007-27820   
IGTI  2008  Ignition and Flame Speed Kinetics of Two Natural Gas Blends With High Levels of Heavier Hydrocarbons  Gilles Bourque; Darren Healy, Henry Curran; Christopher Zinner, Danielle Kalitan; Jaap de Vries, Christopher Aul, Eric Petersen  GT2008-51344   
IGTI  2008  Ignition Characteristics of a Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Jet Fuel  P. Gokulakrishnan, M. S. Klassen, R. J. Roby  GT2008-51211   
IGTI  2008  Impact of Boundary Conditions on the Reconstructed Flame Transfer Function for Gas Turbine Combustion Systems  Axel Widenhorn, Krzysztof Kostrzewa, Berthold Noll; Werner Krebs; Manfred Aigner; Michael Huth, Peter Kaufmann  GT2008-50446   
IGTI  2008  Impact of Continuous Inlet Fogging and Overspray Operation on GE 5002 Gas Turbine Life and Performance  Klaus Brun; Luis Eduardo Gonzalez; John P. Platt  GT2008-50207   
IGTI  2008  Impact of Fuel Supply Impedance on Combustion Stability of Gas Turbines  Andreas Huber, Wolfgang Polifke  GT2008-51193   
IGTI  2008  Impact of Time-Resolved Entropy Measurement on a One-and-1/2-Stage Axial Turbine Performance  M. Mansour, N. Chokani, A. I. Kalfas, R. S. Abhari  GT2008-50807   
IGTI  2008  Impedance Boundary Conditions for the Numerical Simulation of Gas Turbine Combustion Systems  Axel Widenhorn, Berthold Noll, Manfred Aigner  GT2008-50445   
IGTI  2008  Implementation and Operation of a Cogeneration Plant for Steam Injection in Oil Field  Mihai Borzea, Gheorghe Fetea, Radu Codoban  GT2008-50518   
IGTI  2008  Improved Film Cooling Effectiveness by Placing a Vortex Generator Downstream of Each Hole  David L. Rigby, James D. Heidmann  GT2008-51361   
IGTI  2008  Improved Performance Model of Turbocharger Centrifugal Compressor  Mingyang Yang, Xinqian Zheng, Yangjun Zhang; Zhigang Li  GT2008-50009   
IGTI  2008  Improved Performance of a Radial Turbine Through the Implementation of Back Swept Blading  Liam Barr; Stephen W. T. Spence; Paul Eynon  GT2008-50064   
IGTI  2008  Improved Understanding of Blow-Down in Filament Seals  Gervas Franceschini; Terry V. Jones, David R. H. Gillespie  GT2008-51197   
IGTI  2008  Improvement of Performance Prediction by Automated Assimilation of Gas Turbine Component Maps  M. Zwingenberg, F.-K. Benra; K. Werner  GT2008-51068   
IGTI  2007  Improvements to the Analysis of Gas Foil Bearings: Integration of Top Foil 1D and 2D Structural Models  Luis San Andrés and Tae Ho Kim  GT2007-27249   
IGTI  2008  Improving Component Life Prediction Accuracy and Reliability Through Physics Based Prognosis: A Probabilistic Turbine Blade Case Study  Ashok K. Koul, Saurabh Bhanot, Ajay Tiku; Brent Junkin  GT2008-51526   
IGTI  2008  Improving Efficiency of a High Work Turbine Using Non-Axisymmetric Endwalls: Part I -- Endwall Design and Performance  T. Germain, M. Nagel, I. Raab; P. Schuepbach; M. Rose; R. S. Abhari  GT2008-50469   
IGTI  2008  Improving Efficiency of a High-Work Turbine Using Non-Axisymmetric Endwalls: Part II -- Time Resolved Flow Physics  P. Schuepbach; M. G. Rose; R. S. Abhari; T. Germain, I. Raab, J. Gier  GT2008-50470   
IGTI  2008  Improving the Accuracy of Multihole Probe Measurements in Velocity Gradients  Valery Chernoray; Johan Hjarne  GT2008-50492   
IGTI  2008  Improving the Performance of a Bent Ejector With Inlet Swirl  Asim Maqsood, A. M. Birk  GT2008-51209   
IGTI  2008  Improving the Turbine Cooling Conceptual Design Process  Chris Bell, P. John Clarkson, William N. Dawes  GT2008-51285   
IGTI  2008  In Situ Measurement and Validation of Gaseous Species Concentrations of a Gas Turbine Model Combustor by Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)  Christoph Hassa, Thomas Behrendt; Ajmal Mohamed, Jean-Pierre Faleni  GT2008-51258   
IGTI  2008  Influence of a Broken-Away TBC on the Flow Structure and Wall Temperature of an Effusion Cooled Multi-Layer Plate Using the Conjugate Calculation Method  Dieter Bohn, Robert Krewinkel  GT2008-50378   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Active Methods of Flow Control on Compressor Blade Cascade Flow  Milan Matejka, Pavel Safarik; Lukas Popelka; Jiri Nozicka  GT2008-51109   
IGTI  2007  Influence of ATF Dynamics and Controls on Jet Engine Performance  J. Bierkamp, S. Köcke, R. Fiola, and S. Staudacher  GT2007-27586   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Blade Deterioration on Compressor and Turbine Performance  M. Morini, M. Pinelli, P. R. Spina, M. Venturini  GT2008-50043   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Blade Fillets on the Performance of a 15 Stage Gas Turbine Compressor  E. Kugeler, D. Nurnberger, A. Weber; K. Engel  GT2008-50748   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Compressor Performance Maps Shape on Wet Compression  Francesco Melino, Michele Bianchi, Antonio Peretto; Pier Ruggero Spina; Rakesh K. Bhargava  GT2008-50761   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Cooling Flow Rate Variation on Gas Turbine Blade Temperature Distributions  Fernando Z. Sierra Espinosa; Je Chin Han; J. Kubiak; S. Blake, Diganta Narzary; Areli Uribe Portugal, Fernando Cadena, H. Lara; Jesus Nebradt  GT2008-50103   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Force Field Direction on Pressure Sensors Calibrated at up to 12000g  Wieland Uffrecht, Erwin Kaiser  GT2008-50355   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Gap Between Casing and Variable Stator Blade on Axial Compressor Performance  Beat Ribi, Michael P. Meyer  GT2008-50301   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Hot Streak/Airfoil Count Ratios on High Pressure Stage of a Vaneless Counter-Rotating Turbine  Qingjun Zhao, Huishe Wang, Fei Tang, Xiaolu Zhao, Jianzhong Xu  GT2008-50542   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Stator-Rotor Interaction on the Aerothermal Performance of Recess Blade Tips  Bob Mischo; Andre Burdet; Reza S. Abhari  GT2008-50496   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Swept Wing on Axial Steam Turbine Static Cascade Aerodynamics  Ziming Feng, Wanjin Han, Jingjun Zhong, Hongming Yan  GT2008-50403   
IGTI  2008  Influence of Wake Structure on Unsteady Flow in an LP Turbine Blade Passage  S. Sarkar  GT2008-50809   
IGTI  2007  Influence of Water Droplet Size and Temperature on the Wet Compression  F. Melino, M. Bianchi, P. R. Spina, A. Peretto, and S. Ingistov  GT2007-27458   
IGTI  2007  Influences of Recess Geometry and Restrictor Dimension on Flow Patterns and Pressure Distribution of Hydrostatic Bearings  Cheng-Hsien Chen, Yuan Kang, Yeon-Pun Chang, De-Xing Peng, and Ding-Wen Yang  GT2007-28219   
IGTI  2007  Information Fusion Strategy for Aircraft Engine Health Management  LiJie Yu, Dan Cleary, Mark Osborn, and Vrinda Rajiv  GT2007-27174   
IGTI  2007  Infrared Radiation From Turbojet Exhaust Plume  Y. Levy, M. Lev, and V. Ovcharenko  GT2007-27379   
IGTI  2007  Inlet Air Cooling Applied to Combined Cycle Power Plants: Influence of Site Climate and Thermal Storage Systems  Nicola Palestra, Giovanna Barigozzi, and Antonio Perdichizzi  GT2007-27046*   
IGTI  2008  Inlet Air Cooling With Overspray Applied to a Two-Stage Centrifugal Compressor  Takanori Shibata, Yasuo Takahashi, Shigeo Hatamiya  GT2008-50893   
IGTI  2008  Insights Into Discrepancies Between Results of Nonlinear and Linear Vibration Analyses of Rigid Rotors on Journal Bearings  Demetrio C. Zachariadis  GT2008-51084   
IGTI  2008  Instability and Transition in a Separation Bubble Under a Three-Dimensional Freestream Pressure Distribution  M. I. Yaras  GT2008-51256   
IGTI  2008  Instability Control by Premixed Pilot Flames  Peter Albrecht, Stefanie Bade, Arnaud Lacarelle, Christian Oliver Paschereit; Ephraim Gutmark  GT2008-50255   
IGTI  2007  Integrated Technology Investment Plan for Aeropropulsion Testing at Arnold Engineering Development Center  Kurt Rouser, Charles Vining, and Robert McAmis  GT2007-28088   
IGTI  2008  Integrated Test and Evaluation Techniques as Applied to an Inlet Swirl Investigation Using the F109 Gas Turbine Engine  Milt Davis, Dave Beale; Yogi Sheoran  GT2008-50074   
IGTI  2008  Integrating MT30 Into the UK's Future Aircraft Carrier -- Power at the Heart of the Electric Propulsion System  Roy Casson  GT2008-50206   
IGTI  2008  Integrating Optical Sensors in Fuel Injectors for Combustion Control  Doug Myhre; Michael Cornwell; Jerry Goeke; Timothy Aadland  GT2008-51418   
IGTI  2007  Integration of On-Line and Off-Line Diagnostic Algorithms for Aircraft Engine Health Management  Takagusa Kobayashi and Donald L. Simon  GT2007-27518*   
IGTI  2008  Integration of Thermal Stress and Lifetime Supervision System of Steam Turbine Rotors  Antonio Carnero P., Luis Serrano R.; Jesus Nebradt G., Luis Leyva M.  GT2008-51453   
IGTI  2008  Interaction of Rotor and Casing Treatment Flow in an Axial Single-Stage Transonic Compressor With Circumferential Grooves  Martin W. Muller, Heinz-Peter Schiffer; Chunill Hah; Christoph Biela  GT2008-50135   
IGTI  2008  Interdependence of Discharge Behavior, Swirl Development and Total Temperature Increase in Rotating Labyrinth Seals  J. Denecke, J. Farber, K. Dullenkopf, H.-J. Bauer  GT2008-51429   
IGTI  2008  Internal Losses and Flow Behavior in a Turbofan Stage at Windmill  Dilip Prasad, Wesley K. Lord  GT2008-50560   
IGTI  2008  Introduction of the Taurus(TM) 65 Industrial Gas Turbine for Power Generation  Theresa Brown, Simon Reynolds, George Rocha  GT2008-51328   
IGTI  2008  Inverse 3D Camber-Line Calculation Tool INCA-3D  C. Clemen  GT2008-50253   
IGTI  2008  Inverse Modeling Techniques for Application to Engine Transient Performance Data Matching  Harish Agarwal, Amit Kale, Srikanth Akkaram, Mahadevan Balasubramaniam; Susan Ebacher, Paul Gilleberto  GT2008-51313   
IGTI  2008  Investigating Circumferential Non-Uniformities in Throughflow Calculations Using an Harmonic Reconstruction  J. P. Thomas, O. Leonard  GT2008-50328   
IGTI  2008  Investigation in the Eccentricity of Spoke Centered Turbomachinery Components  Alexander K. Stumvoll, Hans-Peter Kau  GT2008-51066   
IGTI  2007  Investigation Into the Use of Ceramic-Honeycomb Rotary Regenerators for Solar Brayton Cycles  David Gordon Wilson and Teresa Baker  GT2007-27216   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of an Air Supply Centrifugal Fan for Air Cushion Vehicle: Impeller Design and Validation  Yu-Tai Lee; Vineet Ahuja, Ashvin Hosangadi; Michael E. Slipper, Lawrence P. Mulvihill; Roger Birkbeck; Roderick M. Coleman  GT2008-50376   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Blade Tip Interaction With Casing Treatment in a Transonic Compressor: Part 1 -- Particle Image Velocimetry  M. Voges, R. Schnell, M. W. Muller, C. Zscherp; C. Willert; R. Monig  GT2008-50210   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Blade Tip Interaction With Casing Treatment in a Transonic Compressor: Part 2 -- Numerical Results  R. Schnell, M. Voges; M. W. Mueller; C. Zscherp; R. Monig  GT2008-50212   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Flame Stability Characteristics of the EV Burner on the GT13E2 Engine  F. Biagioli, P. Schiessel, L. Fischer  GT2008-50274   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Innovative Trailing Edge Cooling Configurations With Enlarged Pedestals and Square or Semicircular Ribs: Part 1 -- Experimental Results  Lorenzo Tarchi, Bruno Facchini  GT2008-51047   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Innovative Trailing Edge Cooling Configurations With Enlarged Pedestals and Square or Semicircular Ribs: Part II -- Numerical Results  Emiliano Di Carmine, Luca Mangani, Bruno Facchini  GT2008-51048   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Leakage Flow and Heat transfer in a Gas Turbine Blade Tip With Emphases on the Effect of Rotation  Dianliang Yang, Xiaobing Yu, Zhenping Feng  GT2008-51215   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Loss Generation in an Embedded Transonic Fan Stage at Several Gaps Using High Fidelity, Time-Accurate CFD  Michael G. List; Steven E. Gorrell; Mark G. Turner  GT2008-51220   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Multi-Functional Energy System (MES) for CO2 Removal  Hongguang Jin, Wei Han, Guoqiang Zhang, Hu Lin  GT2008-50513   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Multi-Material Bird Models for Predicting Impact Loads  Lakshmi S. Nizampatnam; Walter J. Horn  GT2008-51005   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Sand Blocking Within Impingement and Film-Cooling Holes  N. D. Cardwell; S. W. Burd; K. A. Thole  GT2008-51351   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of the Flow in Centrifugal Compressor Volute  R. S. Amano, C. Xu  GT2008-50936   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of the Secondary Flow Structure in the Mixed Flow Turbine for a High Pressure Ratio Turbocharger  Li Chen, Weilin Zhuge, Yangjun Zhang; Shuyong Zhang, Jizhong Zhang  GT2008-50941   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of the Unsteady Aerodynamics of an Annular Combustor Using PIV and LES  Adrian Spencer; David Hollis; Sara Gashi  GT2008-50277   
IGTI  2008  Investigation of Tip-Flow Based Stall Criteria Using Rotor Casing Visualization  Matthew A. Bennington, Joshua D. Cameron, Scott C. Morris; Jen-Ping Chen; Camille Legault; Sean T. Barrows; G. Scott McNultly, Aspi R. Wadia  GT2008-51319   
IGTI  2008  Investigation on Flow Characteristic and Stability of Control Valves for Steam Turbine  Guanwei Liu, Shunsen Wang, Jingru Mao, Hui Guo, Zhenping Feng, Xiaowei Xiang  GT2008-51016   
IGTI  2008  Investigations at the Over-Tip Casing of a High Pressure Turbine Including Off-Design Conditions and Heat Transfer Correlations  Bart van Duikeren; Andreas Heselhaus  GT2008-50625   
IGTI  2007  Investigations on Dynamic Behaviour of Heat Recovery Steam Generators Carried Out With a Commercial Software Program  Gottfried Brandstetter and Christian Daublebsky von Eichhain  GT2007-27380   
IGTI  2008  Investigations on the Discharge and Total Temperature Increase Characteristics in the Labyrinth Seals With Honeycomb and Smooth Lands  Xin Yan, Jun Li, Liming Song, Zhenping Feng  GT2008-50399   
IGTI  2008  Jet Noise Reduction for High Speed Exhaust Systems  Steven Martens, Ludwig Haber  GT2008-50455   
IGTI  2008  Jet Shear Layer Size and Number Influences on Grid Plate Direct Fuel Injection Shear Layer Mixing Low NOx Gas Turbine Combustion With Fuel Staging for Power Turn Down  Gordon E. Andrews, S. A. R. Ahmed  GT2008-50408   
IGTI  2008  Knowledge Based Prognostics Models for Gas Turbine Core Components  Pontus Slottner, Mathias Warja  GT2008-51276   
IGTI  2008  Laboratory Investigations of Low-Swirl Injectors Operating With Syngases  David Littlejohn, Robert K. Cheng; D. R. Noble, Tim Lieuwen  GT2008-51298   
IGTI  2008  Laminar Flame Speed Measurements of H2/CO/CO2 Mixtures Up to 15 atm and 600 K Preheat Temperature  J. Natarajan, Y. Kochar, T. Lieuwen, J. Seitzman  GT2008-51364   
IGTI  2008  Large Eddy Simulation of Film Cooling Flow Ejected in a Shallow Cavity  Peter Renze, Wolfgang Schroder, Matthias Meinke  GT2008-50120   
IGTI  2008  Large Eddy Simulation of Premixed Combustion With a Thickened-Flame Approach  Ashoke De, Sumanta Acharya  GT2008-51320   
IGTI  2008  Large Eddy Simulations of Film Cooling Flow Fields From Cylindrical and Shaped Holes  D. H. Leedom, S. Acharya  GT2008-51009   
IGTI  2008  Laser Based Study of Spray Auto-Ignition in a Generic Mixing Duct  O. Hinkeldey; M. Cano-Wolff; P. Schober; R. Koch, H.-J. Bauer  GT2008-50143   
IGTI  2008  Latent Heat Recovery and Performance Studies for an Open Cycle Absorption Heat Transformer  Fan Wei, Yunhan Xiao, Shijie Zhang  GT2008-51105   
IGTI  2008  LCAC Main Engine Installed Performance  Benjamin Canilang, David Zipkin  GT2008-50639   
IGTI  2008  Leading Edge Cooling Performance of an Integrated Cooling Configuration  Takahiro Bamba, Takao Kumagai, Fujio Mimura, Takashi Yamane, Yoshitaka Fukuyama; Taiki Usui, Toyoaki Yoshida  GT2008-50574   
IGTI  2008  Lean and Straight Nozzle Vanes in a Variable Geometry Turbine: A Steady and Pulsating Flow Investigation  Srithar Rajoo; R. F. Martinez-Botas  GT2008-50828   
IGTI  2008  Lean Premixed Combustion of Undiluted Syngas at Gas Turbine Relevant Conditions: NOx Emissions and Lean Operational Limits  S. Daniele, P. Jansohn; K. Boulouchos  GT2008-50265   
IGTI  2008  LES and Experimental Study of Flow Features in Humid-Air Combustion Chamber With Non-Premixed Circular-Disc Stabilized Flames  Peiqing Guo, Shusheng Zang, Bing Ge  GT2008-50940   
IGTI  2008  LES of Vortex Breakdown in Swirled Bluff-Body Flows  Clemens Olbricht, Frederik Hahn, Johannes Janicka  GT2008-50266   
IGTI  2008  Letterbox Trailing Edge Heat Transfer: Effects of Blowing Rate, Reynolds Number, and External Turbulence on Heat Transfer and Film Cooling Effectiveness  N. J. Fiala, I. Jaswal, F. E. Ames  GT2008-50474   
IGTI  2008  Leveraging the Strengths of Commercial Finite Element Modeling Codes and Custom Engineered Software to Solve Atypical Rotordynamic Problems  David Ransom  GT2008-50363   
IGTI  2007  Life Remaining Prognostics for Structural Components  Curtis A. Rideout and Scott J. Ritchie  GT2007-27289   
IGTI  2008  Lifing of Turbomachinery Blades: A Process Driven Approach  J. S. Rao, R. Narayan, M. C. Ranjith  GT2008-50231   
IGTI  2008  Liquid Fuel Flameless Combustion RANS Simulation  Patrick Le Clercq; Mark Schlieper; Berthold Noll, Manfred Aigner  GT2008-50552   
IGTI  2008  Long-Term Microturbine Exposure of an Advanced Alloy for Microturbine Primary Surface Recuperators  Wendy J. Matthews; Karren L. More, Larry R. Walker  GT2008-50037   
IGTI  2008  Loss Reduction in Compressor Cascades by Means of Passive Flow Control  A. Hergt, R. Meyer; M. W. Mueller; K. Engel  GT2008-50357   
IGTI  2008  Losses in High-Speed Permanent Magnet Machines Used in Microturbine Applications  Co Huynh, Liping Zheng, Dipjyoti Acharya  GT2008-50715   
IGTI  2008  Low CO2 Combustion System Retrofits for Existing Heavy Duty Gas Turbines  Peter J. Stuttaford, Khalid Oumejjoud  GT2008-50814   
IGTI  2008  Low Emissions Combustion System Development for the GE Energy High Hydrogen Turbine Program  Willy Ziminsky, John Lipinski, Ben Lacy; Bala Varatharajan, Ertan Yilmaz, Justin Brumberg  GT2008-50823   
IGTI  2008  Low Frequency Noise Contamination in Fan Model Testing  Clifford A. Brown, Nicholas A. Schifer  GT2008-50850   
IGTI  2008  Low Leakage Designs for Rotor Teeth Honeycomb Lands in Labyrinth Seals  Hasham H. Chougule; Douglas Ramerth; Dhinagaran Ramachandra  GT2008-51024   
IGTI  2008  Low Solidity Cascade Diffuser and Scroll Optimization for Centrifugal Compressors  Florin Iancu, John Trevino, Steven Sommer  GT2008-50132   
IGTI  2008  Low Speed Balancing for Supercritical Shafting in Gas Turbines  Peter D. Hylton  GT2008-50077   
IGTI  2007  Lycoming T-53 Gas Turbine Engine Modification for Industrial Application  Vladimir Lupandin, Martyn Hexter, and Alexander Nikolayev  GT2007-27517   
IGTI  2007  Management of an Industrial Facility Using an Artificial Neural Network Monitoring System  Rory Hynes and Babak Seyedan  GT2007-27542   
IGTI  2008  Manufacturing Optimization for Bondcoat/Thermal Barrier Coating System  Hans-Peter Bossmann, Sharath Bachegowda, Alexander Schnell  GT2008-51366   
IGTI  2008  Maps of Vibrational Symptoms of Bearing Misalignment Defects in Large Power Turboset  Jozef Rybczynski  GT2008-50558   
IGTI  2008  Marine Gas Turbine Package for the Korean Navy PKX Program  Glenn McAndrews; Naytoe Aye; Bob Mendenhall  GT2008-50098   
IGTI  2008  Marine Gas Turbine Propulsion System Controls: An Integrated Approach  Joseph H. McMurry; Thomas B. Keefer; Lorenzo Previsani  GT2008-50858   
IGTI  2008  Material Temperature Limits and Convection Flow Requirements  Ronald S. LaFleur  GT2008-50432   
IGTI  2008  Measured and Predicted Performance of a High Pressure Ratio Supersonic Compressor Rotor  Allan D. Grosvenor, David A. Taylor, Jonathan R. Bucher, Michael J. Aarnio, Paul M. Brown, Robert D. Draper, P. Shawn Lawlor  GT2008-50150   
IGTI  2008  Measurement Error Influence on Gas Turbine Operability for Condition-Based Maintenance and Reliability/Availability Improvement  Ilaria Michelizzi, Ever Avriel Fadlun, Marco De Iaco  GT2008-50749   
IGTI  2008  Measurements of Leakage and Power Loss in a Hybrid Brush Seal  Luis San Andres, Jose Baker, Adolfo Delgado  GT2008-50532   
IGTI  2008  Measurements of Secondary Losses in a Turbine Cascade With the Implementation of Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring  D. C. Knezevici, S. A. Sjolander; T. J. Praisner, E. Allen-Bradley, E. A. Grover  GT2008-51311   
IGTI  2008  Measurements Versus Predictions for Rotordynamic and Leakage Characteristics of a Convergent-Tapered, Honeycomb-Stator/Smooth-Rotor Annular Gas Seal  Dara W. Childs, Daniel E. van der Velde  GT2008-50068   
IGTI  2008  Measurements Versus Predictions for Rotordynamic Characteristics of a Flexure Pivot-Pad Tilting Pad Bearing in an LBP Condition at Higher Unit Loads  Dara Childs, J. Eric Hensley  GT2008-50066   
IGTI  2008  Measurements Versus Predictions for the Rotordynamic Characteristics of a 5-Pad, Rocker-Pivot, Tilting-Pad Bearing in Load Between Pad Configuration  Dara W. Childs, Clint R. Carter  GT2008-50069   
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IGTI  2008  Numerical and Experimental Investigation on a Low-Speed Compressor Cascade With Circulation Control  S. Fischer, H. Saathoff, R. Radespiel  GT2008-50302   
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IGTI  2008  Numerical Investigation of the Flow Field in a Turbine Cascade With Different Film Cooling Holes at the Leading Edge  Xiaodong Wang, Shun Kang  GT2008-50227   
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IGTI  2008  Numerical Investigation on the Second Stator Boundary Layer Under Clocking Effects: Comparison of V2-f and LCL-Model  Axel Heidecke, Bernd Stoffel  GT2008-50955   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Investigation on Unsteady Effects of Hot Streak on Flow and Heat Transfer in a Turbine Stage  Bai Tao An, Jian-Jun Liu; Hong-De Jiang  GT2008-50415   
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IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of a Transonic Centrifugal Compressor Blade Tip Clearance Flow if Vehicle Turbocharger  Gongda Guo, Yangjun Zhang; Jianzhong Xu; Xinqian Zheng, Weilin Zhuge  GT2008-50957   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of Endwall Fence on the Secondary Flow in Compressor Cascade  Jingjun Zhong, Ji-ang Han, Yanming Liu, Fu Tian  GT2008-50888   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of Inter-Turbine Burner (ITB) Flows With the Inclusion of V-Gutter Flame Holders  Cheng-Xian Lin, Richard Jack Holder; Balu Sekar, Joseph Zelina; Hugh Thornburg  GT2008-50337   
IGTI  2007  Numerical Simulation of Partial Flame Failure in Gas Turbine Engine  V. Panov and M. K. D. Smith  GT2007-27164   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of the Flow Pulsations Origin in Cascades of the Rear Blade Rows in a Gas Turbine Axial Compressor Using Low Calorific Fuel  Vaclav Cyrus; Jiri Polansky  GT2008-50966   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of Tip Clearance Control in Axial Turbine Rotor: Part 2 -- Passive Control of Five Different Tip Platforms  Wei Li, Wei-Yang Qiao, Kai-Fu Xu, Hua-Ling Luo  GT2008-50085   
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IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of TOBI Flow: Analysis of the Cavity Between Seal-Plate and HPT Disc With Pumping Vanes  Anish Kumar Gupta; Douglas Ramerth; Dhinagaran Ramachandra  GT2008-50739   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation of Transonic Fan Flutter With 3D N-S CFD Code  Mizuho Aotsuka, Naoki Tsuchiya; Yasuo Horiguchi; Kazuomi Yamamoto, Osamu Nozaki  GT2008-50573   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulation to Determine Ejection Device Geometry for Turbo-Shaft Driven Water Pump  Jeni A. Popescu, Romulus Petcu, Valeriu A. Vilag, Ion Vataman, Valentin Silivestru  GT2008-50968   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Simulations of Onset of Volute Stall Inside a Centrifugal Compressor  Hua Chen; Stone Zhao; Xiao-Cheng Zhu, Zha-Hui Du; Strong Guo  GT2008-50036   
IGTI  2008  Numerical Studies of Diffuser Inlet Configurations for Small Flow Rate Radial Compressors  Zeng Qian  GT2008-50612   
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IGTI  2008  Numerical Study of Unsteady Flow Phenomena in a Partial Admission Axial Steam Turbine  Narmin B. Hushmandi, Jiasen Hu, Jens Fridh, Torsten H. Fransson  GT2008-50538   
IGTI  2008  Off Design Operation of the Multi-Fuel CHP Cycles  Wojciech Kosman  GT2008-50746   
IGTI  2007  Oil Mist Eliminators Are an Excellent Upgrade to a Gas Turbine Package  Howard C. Reed  GT2007-28112   
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IGTI  2008  On the Interpretation of Casing Measurements in Axial Compressors  Joshua D. Cameron, Scott C. Morris; Sean T. Barrows, Jen-Ping Chen  GT2008-51371