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Conference Year Paper Title Paper Author Page Number Other
IGTI  2009  Rotordynamic Characteristics of a 5 Pad, Rocker-Pivot, Tilting Pad Bearing in a Load-on-Pad Configuration: Comparisons to Predictions and Load-Between-Pad Results  Dara W. Childs and Clint R. Carter  GT2009-59696   
IGTI  2009  Misalignment Modeling in Rotating Systems  Hassan Bahaloo, Alireza Ebrahimi, and Mostafa Samadi  GT2009-60121   
IGTI  2009  Dry-Friction Whirl and Whip between a Rotor and a Stator: Effect of Rotor-Stator Coupling Due to Seals and Rotor Rigid-Body Dynamics  Avijit Bhattacharya and Dara W. Childs  GT2009-59979   
IGTI  2009  Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Bump Type Gas Foil Bearings: A Model Anchored to Test Data  Luis San Andrés and Tae Ho Kim  GT2009-59919*   
IGTI  2009  Analysis of Finger Seal Lift Pads  Jerzy T. Sawicki, David P. Fleming, and Peter P. Galimutti  GT2009-59842   
IGTI  2009  Turbocharger Dynamic Analysis Using First Order System Step Response  Giuliano Gardolinski Venson and José Eduardo Mautone Barros  GT2009-59822   
IGTI  2009  Similarity Design of Rotary Machine’s Bearing Parameters  Su Shenjian, Wang Liming, Li Ping, and Zuo Jianli  GT2009-59774   
IGTI  2009  Study on Stabilities of Rotor-Bearing Systems With Different Types of Couplings  Guang Zhao, Zhan-Sheng Liu, Yong-Liang Wang, Peng He, and Jin-Feng Zhang  GT2009-59751   
IGTI  2009  The Influence of Orifice Restriction on the Stability of Rigid Rotor-Aerostatic Bearing System  Cheng-Hsien Chen, Ding-Wen Yang, Yuan Kang, Ren-Ming Hwang, and Shrh-Shyong Shyr  GT2009-59739   
IGTI  2009  The Need to Address Aeromechanical T&E Requirements During Engine Inlet Distortion Testing  Jean Paul Mihigo, Donald J. Malloy, Charles R. Vining, Charles M. McNiel, David S. Kidman, Craig A. Stevens, and Jeffrey F. Monaco  GT2009-59009   
IGTI  2009  Nonparametric Stochastic Modeling of Uncertainty in Rotordynamics  Raghavendra Murthy, Marc P. Mignolet, and Aly El-Shafei  GT2009-59700*   
IGTI  2009  Feedback Control to Prevent Damage by Rotor Rubbing After an Impact Load  Lucas Ginzinger, Benjamin Heckmann, and Heinz Ulbrich  GT2009-60195   
IGTI  2009  An Active Auxiliary Bearing Control Strategy to Reduce the Onset of Asynchronous Periodic Contact Modes in Rotor/Magnetic Bearing Systems  Iain S. Cade, M. Necip Sahinkaya, Clifford R. Burrows, and Patrick S. Keogh  GT2009-59659*   
IGTI  2009  Energy Cost Assessment of the Active Control of Rotating Machine by Using Electromagnetic Actuator and Piezoelectric Actuator  Yan Skladanek, Johan Der Hagopian, and Jarir Mahfoud  GT2009-59625   
IGTI  2009  Prediction of Engine Mounting Loads in Transient Dynamic Response Under Blade Shedding Unbalance  Mathieu Herran, Hervé Chalons, Daniel Nélias, and Roland Ortiz  GT2009-59615   
IGTI  2009  Onset of ½X Vibration and Its Prevention  John J. Yu  GT2009-59591   
IGTI  2009  The Dynamic Frictional Performance of Damping-Rings in Labyrinth Air Seal for Vibration Control  Zeng Liang and Li Lin  GT2009-59582   
IGTI  2009  Rotor-Blade Coupled Vibration Analysis by Measuring Modal Parameters of Actual Rotor  Akira Okabe, Takeshi Kudo, Hideo Yoda, Shigeo Sakurai, Osami Matsuhista, and Koki Shiohata  GT2009-59471   
IGTI  2009  Rotordynamic Stability Under Partial Admission Conditions in a Large Power Steam Turbine  Lin Gao, Yiping Dai, Zhiqiang Wang, Yatao Xu, and Qingzhong Ma  GT2009-59467   
IGTI  2009  The Numerical and Experimental Characteristics of Multi-Mode Dry-Friction Whip and Whirl  Jason C. Wilkes, Benjamin J. Dyck, Dara W. Childs, and Stephen G. Phillips  GT2009-59459*   
IGTI  2009  Rotordynamic Comparison of Built-Up versus Solid Rotor Construction  J. Jeffrey Moore and Andrew H. Lerche  GT2009-59392   
IGTI  2009  Evaluation of Q-Values of a Rotor-Bearing System Using a Modal Open Loop Transfer Function  Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Yasuo Fukushima, Naohiko Takahashi, Hirot Oyama, and Osami Matsushista  GT2009-59723   
IGTI  2009  Blade Excitation in Pulse-Charged Mixed-Flow Turbocharger Turbines  Stephan M. Senn, Martin Seiler, and Ottmar Schaefer  GT2009-59142*   
IGTI  2009  Experimental Investigation on Stochastic Crack Growth Model of GH4133B at Fatigue-Creep  Dianyin Hu and Rongqiao Wang  GT2009-59426   
IGTI  2009  Study on Probabilistic Model of GH4133B for Fatigue-Creep Failure  Dianyin Hu and Rongqiao Wang  GT2009-59425   
IGTI  2009  A Methodology to Predicting Total Damping of Axial Compressor Shrouded Stator Vanes  Caetano Peng and Andrea Zilli  GT2009-60359   
IGTI  2009  Mechansims for Wide-Chord Fan Blade Flutter  Mehdi Vahdati, George Simpson, and Mehmet Imregun  GT2009-60098   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Investigation of Labyrinth Seal Aeroelastic Stability  R. Phibel, L. di Mare, J. S. Green, and M. Imregun  GT2009-60017   
IGTI  2009  Blade Forcing Function and Aerodynamic Damping Work Measurements in a High Speed Centrifugal Compressor With Inlet Distortion  Albert Kammerer and Reza S. Abhari  GT2009-59911   
IGTI  2009  Acoustic Eigenmodes in the Side Cavities of Centrifugal Compressors  Sven König  GT2009-59650   
IGTI  2009  Effect of Scaling of Blade Row Sectors on the Prediction of Aerodynamic Forcing in a Highly-Loaded Transonic Compressor Stage  María A. Mayorca, Jesús A. De Andrade, Damian M. Vogt, Hans Mårtensson, and Torsten H. Fransson  GT2009-59601*   
IGTI  2009  Determination of Quasi-Steady Characteristics for an Oscillating Airfoil Blade at Varied Reduced Frequency and Reynolds Number  Deepakkumar M. Sharma and Kamal Poddar  GT2009-59298   
IGTI  2009  Experimental Evaluation of Foil Bearing Performance: Steady-State and Dynamic Results  M. J. Conlon, A. Dadouche, W. M. Dmochowski, R. Payette, J.-P. Bédard, and B. Liko  GT2009-60186*   
IGTI  2009  Preliminary Flutter Design Method for Supersonic Low Pressure Turbines  Markus Meingast, Robert E. Kielb, and Jeffrey P. Thomas  GT2009-59177   
IGTI  2009  Test Rig and Simulation Environment for Model-Based Monitoring  Benjamin Heckmann, Lucas Ginzinger, and Heinz Ulbrich  GT2009-60187   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Investigation Into Non-Synchronous Vibrations of Axial Flow Compressors by the Resonant Tip Clearance Flow  Martin Drolet, Jean Thomassin, Huu-Duc Vo, and Njuki W. Mureithi  GT2009-59074   
IGTI  2009  Friction Factor Jump in Honeycomb Seals Explained by Flow-Acoustic Interactions  Graeme M. Keith, Pratik Bhattacharjee, Kenny K. Nielsen, Dara W. Childs, John P. Platt, and Tae W. Ha  GT2009-60337   
IGTI  2009  A Multi-Objective Adaptive Controller for Magnetic Bearing Systems  M. Necip Sahinkaya, Abdul-Hadi G. Abulrub, Patrick S. Keogh, and Clifford R. Burrows  GT2009-60335   
IGTI  2009  Rotordynamic Testing and Evaluation of a Large Centrifugal Compressor Using a Magnetic Bearing Exciter  Thomas A. Soulas and Mark J. Kuzdzal  GT2009-60320   
IGTI  2009  Comparison of Tilting-Pad Journal Bearing Dynamic Full Coefficient and Reduced Order Models Using Modal Analysis  Timothy W. Dimond, Amir A. Younan, and Paul E. Allaire  GT2009-60269   
IGTI  2009  Morton-Newkirk Effect in Overhung Rotor Supported in Rolling Element Bearings  Thom M. Eldridge, Michael Carney, and Andrew Olsen  GT2009-60243   
IGTI  2009  Centrifugal Compressor Stability Prediction Using a New Physics Based Approach  Jeffrey Moore and David Ransom  GT2009-60229*   
IGTI  2009  CFD Analysis of a Canned Pump Rotor Considering an Annular Fluid With Axial Flow  Alexandrina Untaroiu, Timothy W. Dimond, Paul E. Allaire, and Richard Armentrout  GT2009-60223   
IGTI  2009  Load Capacity Measurements of Hydrostatic Bump Foil Bearing  Daejong Kim and Manish Kumar  GT2009-59286   
IGTI  2009  Calculation Methods for the Determination of Blade Excitation Due to Suction Elbows in Centrifugal Compressors  Armin Reichl, Janpeter Kühnel, and Hans-Peter Dickmann  GT2009-59178   
IGTI  2009  A Blade Resonance Prediction Using Fluid-Structure Interaction Calculation Method and Comparison With the Test  Daisuke Kariya, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, and Kunihiko Ishihara  GT2009-59460   
IGTI  2009  Research on Nonlinear Fluid-Solid Interaction Dynamic Lubrication in Floating Ring Bearings  Yang JinFu, Yang ShengBo, Chen Ce, Yuan Ping, Wu WenFeng, and Fu ZhongGuang  GT2009-59362   
IGTI  2009  Testing and Calibration Procedures for Mistuning Identification and Traveling Wave Excitation of Blisks  Darren E. Holland, Sergio Filippi, Matthew P. Castanier, Steven L. Ceccio, and Bogdan I. Epureanu  GT2009-59671*   
IGTI  2009  Robust Analysis of Design in Vibration of Turbomachines  Moustapha Mbaye, Christian Soize, Jean-Philippe Ousty, and Evangeline Capiez-Lernout  GT2009-59651   
IGTI  2009  A Method for Forced Response Analysis of Mistuned Bladed Discs With Aerodynamic Effects Included  E. P. Petrov  GT2009-59634   
IGTI  2009  Forced Response of Mistuned Bladed Discs in Gas Flow: A Comparative Study of Predictions and Full-Scale Experimental Results  Evgeny Petrov, Luca Di Mare, Holger Hennings, and Robert Elliott  GT2009-59632*   
IGTI  2009  Cracked Blade Detection From Bladed Disk Forced Response  Vsevolod Kharyton, Jean-Pierre Laine, Fabrice Thouverez, and Olexiy Kucher  GT2009-59598   
IGTI  2009  Static Normal Stress Influence in Friction Damping of Blade Attachments  Roberto Alonso, Francisco J. Marquina, Armando Coro, and Alberto Gutiérrez  GT2009-59596   
IGTI  2009  Eddy Current Damping: A Concept Study for Steam Turbine Blading  Jacob Laborenz, Christian Siewert, Lars Panning, Jörg Wallaschek, Christoph Gerber, and Pierre-Alain Masserey  GT2009-59593*   
IGTI  2009  Response of Bladed Disks With Mistuned Blade-Disk Interfaces  Javier Avalos, Marc P. Mignolet, and Christian Soize  GT2009-59580   
IGTI  2009  Forced Response Prediction of Blades With Loosely Assembled Dovetail Attachment by HBM  Shangguan Bo, Zili Xu, Wu Qilin, Zhou Xianding, and Cao Shouhong  GT2009-59778   
IGTI  2009  Evaluation of Friction Damping in Dovetail Root Joints Based on Dissipation Energy on Contact Surfaces  Kunio Asai, Shigeo Sakurai, Takeshi Kudo, Norihiko Ozawa, and Taizo Ikeda  GT2009-59508   
IGTI  2009  Effect of Static/Dynamic Coupling on the Forced Response of Turbine Bladed Disks With Underplatform Dampers  Christian M. Firrone, Stefano Zucca, and Muzio Gola  GT2009-59905   
IGTI  2009  Reduced Order Model for a Two Stage Gas Turbine Including Mistuned Bladed Disks and Shaft Interaction  Luis A. Boulton and Euro Casanova  GT2009-59335   
IGTI  2009  Experimental Investigation of Mistuning Effects on High Pressure Compressor Stators  Chao Zhang, Aldo Abate, John Crockett, and Eric Ho  GT2009-59250   
IGTI  2009  Analysis of Random Vibration for Mistuned Bladed Disk  Yasutomo Kaneko, Kazushi Mori, and Osamu Ueda  GT2009-59235   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Studies on Fan Casing Vibration and Noise Radiation  Jian-Cheng Cai, Da-Tong Qi, and Fu-An Lu  GT2009-59225   
IGTI  2009  On the Influence of Strain Gauge Instrumentation on Blade Vibrations of Integral Blisk Compressor Rotors Applying a Discrete Model  Bernd Beirow, Arnold Kühhorn, and Jens Nipkau  GT2009-59207   
IGTI  2009  Multiharmonic Forced Response Analysis of a Turbine Blading Coupled by Nonlinear Contact Forces  Christian Siewert, Lars Panning, Jörg Wallaschek, and Christoph Richter  GT2009-59201*   
IGTI  2009  Determination of Blade-Alone Frequencies of a Blisk for Mistuning Analysis Based on Optical Measurements  Harald Schoenenborn, Wilhelm Satzger, Herbert Zisik, and David Grossmann  GT2009-59148   
IGTI  2009  A Comprehensive Set of Procedures to Estimate the Probability of Extreme Vibration Levels Due to Mistuning  Y.-J. Chan and D. J. Ewins  GT2009-59088   
IGTI  2009  Substrate Damage Modeling for Advanced Turbine System Airfoils  Ventzislav G. Karaivanov, William S. Slaughter, Sean Siw, Minking K. Chyu, and Mary Anne Alvin  GT2009-60112   
IGTI  2009  Design Methods of Friction Damping at Blade-Disk Joints  Hong Jie, Chen Lulu, Ma Yanhong, and Yang Xin  GT2009-59510   
IGTI  2009  Turbocharger Nonlinear Response With Engine-Induced Excitations: Predictions and Test Data  Luis San Andrés, Kostandin Gjika, Sherry Xia, and Ash Maruyama  GT2009-59108*   
IGTI  2009  Introduction of a Parameter Based Compressor Blade Model for Considering Measured Geometry Uncertainties in Numerical Simulation  Alexander Lange, Konrad Vogeler, Volker Gümmer, Carsten Clemen, and Henner Schrapp  GT2009-59937   
IGTI  2009  Experimental and Analytical Studies on Flexure Pivot Tilting Pad Gas Bearings With Dampers Applied to Radially Compliant Pads  Daejong Kim and Aaron Rimpel  GT2009-59285   
IGTI  2009  Optimized Short Bearing Theory for Squeeze Film Dampers  Stephen L. Edney  GT2009-59283   
IGTI  2009  Synchronous Response to Rotor Imbalance Using a Damped Gas Bearing  Bugra H. Ertas, Massimo Camatti, and Gabriele Mariotti  GT2009-59273*   
IGTI  2009  Link-Sping Model of Bump-Type Foil Bearings  Kai Feng and Shigehiko Kaneko  GT2009-59260   
IGTI  2009  Predicted Rotordynamic Behavior of a Labyrinth Seal as Rotor Surface Speed Approaches Mach 1  Dara W. Childs and Manish R. Thorat  GT2009-59256   
IGTI  2009  Dynamic Forced Response of a Rotor-Hybrid Gas Bearing System Due to Intermittent Shocks  Luis San Andrés and Keun Ryu  GT2009-59199   
IGTI  2009  Identification of Speed-Dependent Bearing Coefficients From Unbalance Responses in One Test Run  Tachung Yang and Kai-Shang Lin  GT2009-59196   
IGTI  2009  Identification of Squeeze Film Damper Force Coefficients From Multiple-Frequency, Non-Circular Journal Motions  Adolfo Delgado and Luis San Andrés  GT2009-59175*   
IGTI  2009  Computational Studies of the Unbalance Response of a Whole Aero-Engine Model With Squeeze-Film Bearings  Philip Bonello and Pham Minh Hai  GT2009-59687*   
IGTI  2009  Automatic Design Optimization of Rotors Supported on Tilting Pad Bearings  Costin D. Untaroiu, Alexandrina Untaroiu, Amir Younan, and Paul E. Allaire  GT2009-59159   
IGTI  2009  Measurement of Structural Stiffness and Damping Coefficients in a Metal Mesh Foil Bearing  Luis San Andrés, Thomas Abraham Chirathadam, and Tae-Ho Kim  GT2009-59315*   
IGTI  2009  Identification in Rotordynamics: Uncertainty Analysis and Quality Estimation  Qingyu Wang, Brian Pettinato, and Eric Maslen  GT2009-59103   
IGTI  2009  Identification in Rotordynamics: Model-Based vs. Direct Measurements  Qingyu Wang, Brian Pettinato, and Eric Maslen  GT2009-59102   
IGTI  2009  Rotordynamic Force Coefficients of a Hybrid Brush Seal: Measurements and Predictions  Luis San Andrés, Adolfo Delgado, and José Baker  GT2009-59072*   
IGTI  2009  Mode Evolution of Asymmetric Rotors Assembled to Flexible Bearings and Housing  Hyunchul Kim and I. Y. Shen  GT2009-59024   
IGTI  2009  Simplified Forced Response HCF Assessment of Turbomachinery Blades  Hans Mårtensson, Johan Forsman, and Martin Eriksson  GT2009-60166   
IGTI  2009  Dynamic Analysis of a Bladed Disk With Friction and Fretting-Wear in Blade Attachments  Loïc Salles, Laurent Blanc, Fabrice Thouverez, Aleksander M. Gouskov, and Pierrick Jean  GT2009-60151   
IGTI  2009  2D Elementary Geometric Decomposition to Study Flutter Motion of a Space Turbine Blisk  Hakim Ferria, Pascal Ferrand, François Pacull, Stéphane Aubert, Sébastien Aknouche, and Benoît Pouffary  GT2009-60032   
IGTI  2009  The Measurement of Dynamic Vibration Modes and Frequencies of a Large LP Bladed Disc  Lubos Prchlik, Zdenek Kubin, Tomas Misek, and Karel Duchek  GT2009-60002   
IGTI  2009  Insert Damping of Hollow Airfoils  Hans Peter Borufka, Hernan Victor Arrieta, and Andreas Hartung  GT2009-59976   
IGTI  2009  CFD Optimization of Liquid Annular Seals for Leakage and Rotordynamics Improvement  Alexander O. Pugachev  GT2009-59173   
IGTI  2009  Validation of Turbine Airfoil Leading Edge Pressure and Skin Friction Modeling and Measurement  Brian M. Holley and Lee S. Langston  GT2009-59716   
IGTI  2009  Investigation of CFD Prediction Capabilities for Low Reynolds Turbine Aerodynamics  Bastian Muth, Marco Schwarze, Reinhard Niehuis, and Matthias Franke  GT2009-59306   
IGTI  2009  Investigation of the Flow Field on a Transonic Turbine Nozzle Guide Vane With Rim Seal Cavity Flow Ejection  M. Pau and G. Paniagua  GT2009-60155   
IGTI  2009  Experimental and Computational Investigations of Low-Pressure Turbine Separation Control Using Vortex Generator Jets  Ralph J. Volino, Mounir B. Ibrahim, and Olga Kartuzova  GT2009-59983   
IGTI  2009  The Effect of Rotor Tip Clearance Size onto the Separated Flow Through a Super-Aggressive S-Shaped Intermediate Turbine Duct Downstream of a Transonic Turbine Stage  A. Marn, E. Göttlich, F. Malzacher, and H. P. Pirker  GT2009-59934   
IGTI  2009  High Pressure Turbine Stage Endwall Profile Optimisation for Performance and Rim Seal Effectiveness  Philippe T. Lott, Nick J. Hills, John W. Chew, Timothy Scanlon, and Shahrokh Shahpar  GT2009-59923   
IGTI  2009  Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Trailing Edge Bleeding on the Aerodynamics of a NGV Cascade  Marco Montis, Reinhard Niehuis, Mattia Guidi, Simone Salvadori, Francesco Martelli, and Bruno Stephan  GT2009-59910   
IGTI  2009  Aerodynamic Investigation of the Tip Leakage Flow for Blades With Different Tip Squealer Geometries at Transonic Conditions  Tomáš Hofer and Tony Arts  GT2009-59909   
IGTI  2009  Influences of Axial Gap between Blade Rows on Secondary Flows and Aerodynamic Performance in a Turbine Stage  K. Yamada, K. Funazaki, M. Kikuchi, and H. Sato  GT2009-59855   
IGTI  2009  Aerodynamics of a Covered Trailing Edge Vane: Effects of Blowing Rate, Reynolds Number and External Turbulence  I. Jaswal, E. Erickson, and F. E. Ames  GT2009-59836   
IGTI  2009  The Effect of Leading Edge Curvature on a Mixed Flow Turbine Performance Under Pulsating Flow Conditions  Li Chen, Weilin Zhuge, Yangjun Zhang, and Shuyong Zhang  GT2009-59004   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Simulation of Flow Fields of Variable Geometry Turbine With Spherical Endwalls or Nonuniform Clearance  Guoqiang Yue, Shengqi Yin, and Qun Zheng  GT2009-59737   
IGTI  2009  High Hub/Tip Ratio Centrifugal Compressors  C. Rogers and D. Brown  GT2009-59012   
IGTI  2009  Measurement and Computation of Flowfield in Transonic Turbine Nozzle Blading With Blunt Trailing Edges  S. A. Andrews, A. Mahallati, J. P. Gostelow, and W. E. Carscallen  GT2009-59686   
IGTI  2009  Measurements of Secondary Losses in a High-Lift Front-Loaded Turbine Cascade With the Implementation of Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring  D. C. Knezevici, S. A. Sjolander, T. J. Praisner, E. Allen-Bradley, and E. A. Grover  GT2009-59677   
IGTI  2009  Effects of Surface Groove on Separated Flow Transition on a High-Lift Low-Pressure Turbine Profile Under Steady Inflow Conditions  Hualing Luo, Weiyang Qiao, and Kaifu Xu  GT2009-59669   
IGTI  2009  Influence of Rim Seal Purge Flow on Performance of an Endwall-Profiled Axial Turbine  P. Schuepbach, M. G. Rose, R. S. Abhari, and J. Gier  GT2009-59653*   
IGTI  2009  The Tip Leakage Flow of an Unshrouded High Pressure Turbine Blade With Tip Cooling  Chao Zhou and Howard Hodson  GT2009-59637   
IGTI  2009  LP Turbine Laminar Separation With Actuated Transition: DNS, Experiment and Fluidic Oscillator CFD  Tobias Ries, Frederick Mohr, Jenny Baumann, Martin Rose, Ulrich Rist, Irene Raab, and Stephan Staudacher  GT2009-59600   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Tip Leakage Flow on an Aggressive S-Shaped Intermediate Turbine Duct  W. Sanz, M. Kelterer, R. Pecnik, A. Marn, and E. Göttlich  GT2009-59535   
IGTI  2009  Improving Intermediate Pressure Turbine Performance by Using a Non-Orthogonal Stator  Sungho Yoon, John Denton, Eric Curtis, John Longley, and Graham Pullan  GT2009-59415   
IGTI  2009  Probabilistic Finite-Element Analyses on Turbine Blades  Thomas Weiss, Matthias Voigt, Hartmut Schlums, Roland Mücke, Karl-Helmut Becker, and Konrad Vogeler  GT2009-59877   
IGTI  2009  Detailed Studies on Separated Boundary Layers Over Low-Pressure Turbine Airfoils Under Several High Lift Conditions: Effect of Freesteam Turbulence  Funazaki Ken-ichi, Yamada Kazutoyo, Tanaka Nozomi, and Chiba Yasuhiro  GT2009-59813   
IGTI  2009  Pulse Performance Modeling of a Twin Entry Turbocharger Turbine Under Full and Unequal Admission  Aaron W. Costall, Ricardo F. Martinez-Botas, Nicholas C. Baines, and Robert M. McDavid  GT2009-59406*   
IGTI  2009  Design and Off-Design Flow Fields of a Transonic Centrifugal Compressor Impeller  Seiichi Ibaraki, Kunio Sumida, and Toru Suita  GT2009-59986   
IGTI  2009  The Development of a Deviation Model for Radial and Mixed-Flow Turbines for Use in Throughflow Calculations  Graham Cox, Michael Casey, and Alex Roberts  GT2009-59921   
IGTI  2009  Flow Field Structures of the Impeller Backside Cavity and Its Influences on the Centrifugal Compressor  Zhigang Sun, Chunqing Tan, and Dongyang Zhang  GT2009-59879   
IGTI  2009  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of an Aero-Engine Centrifugal Compressor  Jason A. Bourgeois, Robert J. Martinuzzi, Douglas Roberts, Eric Savory, and Chao Zhang  GT2009-59808   
IGTI  2009  Aerodynamic Design and Experimental Validation of Centrifugal Compressor Impellers With Small Flow Rate  Guang Xi, Zhiheng Wang, Xinwei Li, and Shangjin Wang  GT2009-59785   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Computation of the Pulsatile Flow in a Turbocharger With Realistic Inflow Conditions From an Exhaust Manifold  Fredrik Hellstrom and Laszlo Fuchs  GT2009-59619   
IGTI  2009  Performance Improvement of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage by Increasing Degree of Reaction and Optimizing Blade Loading of a 3D-Impeller  Takanori Shibata, Manabu Yagi, Hideo Nishida, Hiromi Kobayashi, and Masanori Tanaka  GT2009-59588*   
IGTI  2009  Experimental Investigations of the Disturbed Inlet-Flow Structure Caused by Mixing Geometries and Its Influence on the Performance of a Turbocharger Centrifugal Compressor  K.-H. Brune, H.-P. Schiffer, R. Christmann, and M. Gnewikow  GT2009-59534   
IGTI  2009  Inflow Distortion Due to Labyrinth Seal Leakage in Centrifugal Compressors  Sebastiano Mauri, Beat Ribi, Bob Mischo, and Christof Seebass-Linggi  GT2009-59524   
IGTI  2009  Assessment of the Flow Quality of a Transonic Turbine Cascade  R. Woodason, A. Asghar, and W. D. E. Allan  GT2009-60164   
IGTI  2009  Analysis and Redesign of the Stationary Components for a Low Flow Coefficient Centrifugal Compressor Stage  Zhiheng Wang and Guang Xi  GT2009-59463   
IGTI  2009  Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Flow in an Aggressive Intermediate Turbine Duct  Peter B. V. Johansson and Lars-Uno Axelsson  GT2009-59299   
IGTI  2009  Role of Tip Leakage in Stall of a Transonic Centrifugal Impeller  Hamid R. Hazby and Liping Xu  GT2009-59372   
IGTI  2009  A Numerical and Experimental Performance Comparison of an 86 MM Radial and Back Swept Turbine  Liam Barr, Stephen Spence, Paul Eynon, and David Thornbill  GT2009-59366   
IGTI  2009  Passive Control of Rotating Stall in Vaneless Diffuser With Radial Grooves: Detailed Numerical Study  Chuang Gao, Chuangang Gu, Tong Wang, and Bo Yang  GT2009-59323   
IGTI  2009  Experimental Investigation of the Flow in the Pipe Diffuser of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage Under Selected Parameter Variations  Uwe Zachau, Reinhard Niehuis, David C. Wisler, and Herwart Hoenen  GT2009-59320   
IGTI  2009  Comparison between Steady and Unsteady Double-Entry Turbine Performance Using the Quasi-Steady Assumption  Colin D. Copeland, Martin Seiler, and Ricardo Martinez-Botas  GT2009-59290*   
IGTI  2009  Optimization of Turbocharger Ported Shroud Compressor Stages  Junfei Yin, Penny Li, and Stephane Pees  GT2009-59248   
IGTI  2009  Meanline Modeling of Radial Inflow Turbine With Variable Area Nozzle  Xuwen Qiu, Mark R. Anderson, and Nicholas C. Baines  GT2009-59170   
IGTI  2009  Aerodynamic Design to Increase Pressure Ratio of Centrifugal Compressors for Turbochargers  Hideaki Tamaki, Masaru Unno, Yutaka Hirata, and Tomoki Kawakubo  GT2009-59160   
IGTI  2009  A Discussion on Volute Design Method for Radial Inflow Turbines  Hua Chen  GT2009-59110   
IGTI  2009  Extension of the Stator Vane Upstream Across the 180° Bend for a Multistage Radial Compressor Stage  Christian Aalburg, Alexander Simpson, Jorge A. Carretero Benignos, Tue Nguyen, and Vittorio Michelassi  GT2009-59522   
IGTI  2009  Non-Axisymmetric End Wall Profiling in Transonic Compressors—Part II: Design Study of a Transonic Compressor Rotor Using Non-Axisymmetric End Walls: Optimization Strategies and Performance  Steffen Reising and Heinz-Peter Schiffer  GT2009-59134   
IGTI  2009  Controlling Tip Leakage Flow Over a Shrouded Turbine Rotor Using an Air-Curtain  Eric M. Curtis, John D. Denton, John P. Longley, and Budimir Rosic  GT2009-59411*   
IGTI  2009  Investigation of Skewed Slot Casing on Transonic Axial-Flow Fan Stage  Jialing Lu, Wuli Chu, and Yanhui Wu  GT2009-59417   
IGTI  2009  Advanced Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring for Axial Compressors by Generating an Aerodynamic Separator—Part II: Experimental and Numerical Cascade Investigation  Alexander Hergt, Christian Dorfner, Wolfgang Steinert, Eberhard Nicke, and Heinz-Adolf Schreiber  GT2009-59384*   
IGTI  2009  Advanced Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring for Axial Compressors by Generating an Aerodynamic Separator—Part I: Principal Cascade Design and Compressor Application  Christian Dorfner, Alexander Hergt, Eberhard Nicke, and Reinhard Moenig  GT2009-59383*   
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IGTI  2009  Multidisciplinary Design Space Characterization of a Prediffuser, Strut, and Frame  Loren Garrison and Sarah Walter  GT2009-60159   
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IGTI  2009  Effect of Environmental Factors on the Performance Characteristics of an Oil Cooling System Designed for a Turbo-Shaft Engine  R. K. Mishra, A. K. Mishra, and G. Gouda  GT2009-59705   
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IGTI  2009  Self-Acting Clearance Control for Turbine Blade Outer Air Seals  John F. Justak and Cyrille Doux  GT2009-59683   
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IGTI  2009  Prediction of Ingestion Through Turbine Rim Seals—Part 1: Rotationally-Induced Ingress  J. Michael Owen  GT2009-59121*   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Simulation of Complex Flow in an Aeroengine Gear Box  Zixiang Sun, John W. Chew, and Neil Fomison  GT2009-59530   
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IGTI  2009  The Whole Engine Model for Clearance Evaluation  Igor V. Putchkov, Guenter Filkorn, Alexander N. Arkhipov, Vladimir V. Karaban, and Andreas Kieninger  GT2009-59259   
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IGTI  2009  High Power, High Pitch Velocity Gear Box Failures in Oil Production Fields  S. Ingistov  GT2009-60045   
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IGTI  2009  The Application of Time-Frequency and Phase Diagram Analyses for the Early Detection of Faulty Roller Bearing  Juan C. Jauregui, Oscar Gonzalez, and Eduardo Rubio  GT2009-59247   
IGTI  2009  Numerical Analyses of High Reynolds Number Flow of High Pressure Fuel Gas Through Rough Pipes  Margherita Cadorin, Mirko Morini, and Michele Pinelli  GT2009-59243   
IGTI  2009  Compressor Fouling in Gas Turbines Offshore: Composition and Sources From Site Data  Olaf Brekke, Lars E. Bakken, and Elisabet Syverud  GT2009-59203   
IGTI  2009  Filtration of Gas Turbine Intake Air in Offshore Installations: The Gap between Test Standards and Actual Operating Conditions  Olaf Brekke, Lars E. Bakken, and Elisabet Syverud  GT2009-59202   
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IGTI  2009  Long-Term Oxidation Behavior of Various Chromia-Forming Alloys: Effect of Thermal Cycle Length  Vinay P. Deodeshmukh and S. Krishna Srivastava  GT2009-60007   
IGTI  2009  Gas Turbines Axial Compressor NDE by Eddy Current Probes to Detect Corrosion Pitting  Giuseppe Fabio Ceschini and Federico Iozzelli  GT2009-60028   
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IGTI  2009  A Cyclic Life Prediction Approach for Directionally Solidified Nickel Superalloys  Roland Mücke and Piyawan Woratat  GT2009-59180*   
IGTI  2009  Determining the Scatter in Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Based on Variations in Bulk Property Data  Jeremy S. Daily and Nathan W. Klingbeil  GT2009-59117   
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IGTI  2009  An Experimental and Computational Study of the Erosion in Submersible Pumps and the Development of a Methodology for Selecting Appropriate Protective Coatings  Stavros Hadjiyannis, Nicolas Charalambous, Antonios Tourlidakis, and Kristis Michaelides  GT2009-60090   
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IGTI  2009  Experimental Evaluation of the Transient Behavior of a Compressor Station During Emergency Shutdowns  J. Jeffrey Moore, Rainer Kurz, Klaus Brun, and Augusto Garcia-Hernandez  GT2009-59064*   
IGTI  2009  Analytical Prediction Technique for Internal Leakage in an External Gear Pump  Abdul Wahab  GT2009-59287   
IGTI  2009  Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Loads on the Centrifugal Impeller Deformation and Its Structure Optimization  Wang Hong-liang and Xi Guang  GT2009-59280   
IGTI  2009  Optimization of 200 to 3000 W Gas Turbine MEMS Arrangement  A. V. Sudarev, A. A. Suryaninov, P. Avran, L. Lelait, V. S. Ten, and B. A. Bazarov  GT2009-59229   
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IGTI  2009  Development of a µ-Scale Turbine Expander for Energy Recovery  Marcus Keding, Martin Tajmar, Piotr Dudzinski, Reinhard Willinger, and Klaus Käfer  GT2009-59092   
IGTI  2009  Single-Stage High-Pressure Turbocharging  Tobias Gwehenberger, Martin Thiele, Martin Seiler, and Douglas Robinson  GT2009-59322   
IGTI  2009  Comparison of Three Microturbine Primary Surface Recuperator Alloys  Wendy J. Matthews, Karren L. More, and Larry R. Walker  GT2009-59041*   
IGTI  2009  The Analysis of Heat Transfer in Automotive Turbochargers  Nick Baines, Karl D. Wygant, and Antonis Dris  GT2009-59353*   
IGTI  2009  A Model-Based Mission Planning and Decision Support Tool  Simon M. Jessop and Thomas C. Cook  GT2009-60215   
IGTI  2009  U.S. Navy Experiences Coking of Lube Oil Purifier Heaters  Walter Rauf and Russell Philipp  GT2009-60057   
IGTI  2009  Gas Turbine Testing During US Navy Trials for LHD-8 USS Makin Island  Abe L. Boughner and Gianfranco P. Buonamici  GT2009-59310   
IGTI  2009  Future Research Directions for Ship Propulsion Materials  David A. Shifler  GT2009-59266   
IGTI  2009  Twin Drive Gas Turbines in Single Proplusion Package for Norwegian Fast Patrol Boat  Larry D. Davis and Are Soreng  GT2009-59222   
IGTI  2009  Evaluation of Alternate High Temperature Coatings to Improve Hot Corrosion Resistance in a Shipboard Environment  David A. Shifler, Bruce E. Rodman, and Dennis M. Russom  GT2009-59116   
IGTI  2009  Residual Life Assessment and Life Cycle Management of Design Life Expired Discs  Ashok Koul, Ajay Tiku, Karan Khullar, and Jun Zhao  GT2009-60352   
IGTI  2009  Nondestructive Detection of Delamination in Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Ultrasonic Technique  Roger H. L. Chen, Binwei Zhang, and Mary Anne Alvin  GT2009-60260   
IGTI  2009  Phase Field Approach to Microstructural Modeling and Life Prediction of High Temperature Coatings  R. R. Mohanty and Y. H. Sohn  GT2009-60247   
IGTI  2009  Performance Monitoring of Gas Turbine Components: A Real Case Study Using a Micro Gas Turbine Test Rig  Silvio Cafaro, Alberto Traverso, Mario L. Ferrari, and Aristide F. Massardo  GT2009-59059   
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IGTI  2009  Thermal Gradients in Discontinuously Rotated Rotary Regenerative Heat Exchangers  Florian Bennhold and David Gordon Wilson  GT2009-60354   
IGTI  2009  Effect of Face-Area Ratio on Heat-Exchanger Pressure Drops, Size and Weight  David Gordon Wilson  GT2009-60350   
IGTI  2009  Design of a Novel Quad-Generation Distributed Energy Demonstration Plant  D. R. Tiffany, M. A. Harris, J. F. Crittenden, and W. E. Lear  GT2009-60312   
IGTI  2009  Design Overview of a Three-Kilowatt Recuperated Ceramic Turboshaft Engine  Michael J. Vick, Andrew Heyes, and Keith Pullen  GT2009-60297   
IGTI  2009  Thermal Design of a High Temperature Bayonet Tube Heat Exchanger With Inner and Outer Fins  T. Ma, G. N. Xie, and Q. W. Wang  GT2009-60283   
IGTI  2009  Development of Ultra-low Emission Liquid Fuel-Fired Microturbine Engines for Vehicular Heavy Duty Applications  Junhua Chen, Mark G. Mitchell, and John G. Nourse  GT2009-60257   
IGTI  2009  Development of Alumina-Forming Austenitic Alloys for Advanced Recuperators  Bruce A. Pint, Michael P. Brady, Yukinori Yamamoto, Michael L. Santella, Jane Y. Howe, Rosa Trejo, and Philip J. Maziasz  GT2009-60197   
IGTI  2009  Windage Power Loss in Gas Foil Bearings and the Rotor-Stator Clearance of High Speed Generators Operating in High Pressure Environments  Robert J. Bruckner  GT2009-60118   
IGTI  2009  Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Micromix Combustor for a Hydrogen Fuelled µ-Scale Gas Turbine  A. E. Robinson, H. H.-W. Funke, W. Bosschaerts, J. Grossen, R. Wagemakers, and P. Hendrick  GT2009-60061   
IGTI  2009  Simulation of a Micro Turbine’s Dynamic Behavior in a Biomass Incineration Power Plant Based on the Pebble Heater Technology  Peter Zimmermann, Alejandro Cardenas Miranda, Christoph Hirsch, and Thomas Sattelmayer  GT2009-59305   
IGTI  2009  Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Investigation on Overall Performance of a Micro Radial Turbine With Millimeter-Scale  Lei Fu, Yan Shi, Qinghua Deng, and Zhenping Feng  GT2009-60015*   
IGTI  2009  Porosity Effects on Thermo-Physical Properties of Standard and Vertically Cracked Thermal Barrier Coating Samples  Monica B. Silva, Nalini Uppu, Ravinder Diwan, Patrick F. Mensah, and S. M. Guo  GT2009-59826   
IGTI  2009  Optimization of the Part-Load Control Strategy for a Two-Shaft Microturbine With Intercooling: Reheat and Recuperation  Jussi Saari, Juha Kaikko, Jari L. Backman, and Jaakko Larjola  GT2009-59956   
IGTI  2009  The Thermal Impact of Using Syngas as Fuel in the Regenerator of Regenerative Gas Turbine Engine  Luciana M. Oliveira, Marco A. R. Nascimento, and Genésio Menon  GT2009-59846   
IGTI  2009  Micro Jet Engine Oil Consumption Measurement Technique  Ivo Sandor, Stephan Staudacher, and Gernot Hertweck  GT2009-59800   
IGTI  2009  Coanda Surface Geometry Optimization for Multi-Directional Co-Flow Fluidic Thrust Vectoring  Fariborz Saghafi and Afshin Banazadeh  GT2009-59715   
IGTI  2009  Research and Development of Minitype Twin-Bladed Air Turbine  Shih-Chun Wang and Kuang-Yuh Huang  GT2009-59702   
IGTI  2009  Heat Transfer on a Turbocharger Under Constant Load Points  A. Romagnoli and R. Martinez-Botas  GT2009-59618   
IGTI  2009  Power Losses Identification on Turbocharger Hydrodynamic Bearing Systems: Test and Prediction  Thierry Lamquin and Kostandin Gjika  GT2009-59599   
IGTI  2009  Active Control Turbocharger (ACT): A Method to Improve Energy Extraction From an Engine Exhaust Gas  Srithar Rajoo, Yoann Mérigot, and R. F. Martinez-Botas  GT2009-59550   
IGTI  2009  Development of a Micro Gas Turbine Combustion System for Fuel Oil: CFD-Lay-Out and Combustion Tests  I. Schmitz and V. Scherer  GT2009-59405   
IGTI  2009  Development of a New-Style Micro Diffuser  Jie Chen, Guoping Huang, Liangcong Zhu, and Qiang Zhang  GT2009-60044   
IGTI  2009  Analysis of Gas Turbine Performance in IGCC Plants Considering Compressor Operating Condition and Turbine Metal Temperature  Y. S. Kim, J. J. Lee, K. S. Cha, T. S. Kim, J. L. Sohn, and Y. J. Joo  GT2009-59860   
IGTI  2009  Combined Cycles With CO2 Capture: Two Alternatives for System Integration  Nikolett Sipöcz and Mohsen Assadi  GT2009-59595*   
IGTI  2009  Development of a One Dimensional Dynamic Gas Turbine Secondary Air System Model—Part II: Assembly and Validation of a Complete Network  C. Calcagni, L. Gallar, V. Pachidis, and P. Pilidis  GT2009-60051   
IGTI  2009  Compressor Variable Geometry Schedule Optimisation Using Genetic Algorithms  L. Gallar, V. Pachidis, M. Arias, and P. Pilidis  GT2009-60049   
IGTI  2009  Waste Heat Recovery From Closed Brayton Cycle Using Organic Rankine Cycle: Thermodynamic Analysis  Mortaza Yari  GT2009-60023   
IGTI  2009  Parametric Study of Advanced IGCC  Norihiko Iki, Atsushi Tsutsumi, Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, and Hirohide Furutani  GT2009-59984   
IGTI  2009  A Thermoeconomic Comparison Between SOFC Hybrid Systems and the Most Worldwide Used Technologies Towards Competitive Innovative Plants  A. Franzoni, L. Magistri, O. Tarnowsky, and A. F. Massardo  GT2009-59962   
IGTI  2009  An Assessment of a Turbofan Engine Using Catalytic Interturbine Combustion  Richard Avellán and Tomas Grönstedt  GT2009-59950   
IGTI  2009  Development of Condition Monitoring Test Cell Using Micro Gas Turbine Engine  Seonghee Kho, Jayoung Ki, Miyoung Park, Changduk Kong, and Kyungjae Lee  GT2009-59931   
IGTI  2009  Polygeneration System for Power and Liquid Fuel With Sequential Connection and Partial Conversion Scheme  Hongguang Jin and Lin Gao  GT2009-59927   
IGTI  2009  Development of a One Dimensional Dynamic Gas Turbine Secondary Air System Model—Part I: Tool Components Development and Validation  L. Gallar, C. Calcagni, V. Pachidis, and P. Pilidis  GT2009-60058   
IGTI  2009  Flowfield Investigation of a Compressor Cascade at High Incidence—Part 1: Pneumatic Probe Measurements  Pavlos K. Zachos, Vassilios Pachidis, Bernard Charnley, and Pericles Pilidis  GT2009-59906   
IGTI  2009  Thermo-Fluid Modelling for Gas Turbines—Part I: Theoretical Foundation and Uncertainty Analysis  Konstantinos G. Kyprianidis, Vishal Sethi, Stephen O. T. Ogaji, Pericles Pilidis, Riti Singh, and Anestis I. Kalfas  GT2009-60092   
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IGTI  2009  Principles of Thermodynamic Preliminary Design of Civil Turbofan Engines  Vasileios E. Kyritsis and Pericles Pilidis  GT2009-59815   
IGTI  2009  A Novel Coal-Based Hydrogen Production System With Low CO2 Emissions  Gang Xu, Hongguang Jin, Yongping Yang, Liqiang Duan, Wei Han, and Lin Gao  GT2009-59787   
IGTI  2009  Convergence Stability of Through-Flow Analyses via the Implementation of the Secant and Bisection Iteration Schemes  Vassilios Pachidis, Ioannis Templalexis, and Pericles Pilidis  GT2009-59760   
IGTI  2009  A Dynamic Convergence Control Algorithm for the Solution of Two-Dimensional Streamline Curvature Methods  Vassilios Pachidis, Ioannis Templalexis, and Pericles Pilidis  GT2009-59758   
IGTI  2009  CFD Analysis of the Flameless Combustion in a Micro-Gas Turbine  Raffaele Tuccillo, Maria Cristina Cameretti, Fabrizio Reale, and Renzo Piazzesi  GT2009-59750   
IGTI  2009  Optimization of a Regenerative Gas Turbine Engine With Isothermal Heat Addition With the Genetic Algorithm  E. Haghighi, B. Borzou, Amir R. Ghahremani, and M. Behshad Shafii  GT2009-59710   
IGTI  2009  Parametric Study on Topping Cycle SOFC-MGT Hybrid Power System  Duan Liqiang, Yang Yongping, Tao De’an, and He Binbin  GT2009-59689   
IGTI  2009  Innovative Design Features of the SGT5-8000H Turbine and Secondary Air System  Robert Sunshine, Ronald Rudolph, Michael Woodhall, and Michael Haendler  GT2009-60137   
IGTI  2009  Flowfield Investigation of a Compressor Cascade at High Incidence—Part 2: Numerical Analysis  Pavlos K. Zachos, Fabio Pengue, Vassilios Pachidis, and Pericles Pilidis  GT2009-59908   
IGTI  2009  Educational Sorftware for Blade and Disk Design  David P. Gutzwiller, Michael J. Downing, and Mark G. Turner  GT2009-59692   
IGTI  2009  Application of Silicon Carbide Photodiode Flame Temperature Sensors in an Active Combustion Pattern Factor Control System  Carl A. Palmer, Peter Sandvik, and Royce L. Abel  GT2009-59023*   
IGTI  2009  New Steel Alloys for the Design of Heat Recovery Steam Generator Components of Combined Cycle Gas Plants  Jorge Pinto Fernandes, Eduardo Manuel Dias Lopes, and Vicente Maneta  GT2009-59917*   
IGTI  2009  Development of Key Technologies for the Next Generation 1700C-Class Gas Turbine  Eisaku Ito, Keizo Tsukagoshi, Akimasa Muyama, Junichiro Masada, and Ikuo Okada  GT2009-59783   
IGTI  2009  Effective Utilization of Operating Data in Asset Management  Thomas M. Christiansen and Kate M. Giles  GT2009-59574   
IGTI  2009  Requirements for Gas Turbine Inlet Systems in Russia  Tagir R. Nigmatulin and Vladimir E. Mikhailov  GT2009-59446   
IGTI  2009  ISO 21789: A New Gas Turbine Safety Standard  Roger C. Santon  GT2009-59438   
IGTI  2009  Design Challenges for Combined Cycles With Post-Combustion CO2 Capture  Justin Zachary  GT2009-59381*   
IGTI  2009  Optimization of Anti-Icing Limits for Alstom Gas Turbines Based on Theory of Ice Formation  Collins O. Ojo, Christine Schwille, Anton Nemet, Thomas Zierer, and Martin Nicklas  GT2009-59232   
IGTI  2009  Bottoming Cycle Performance in Large Size Combined Cycle Power Plants—Part A: Health Monitoring System  Silvio Cafaro, Alberto Traverso, Aristide F. Massardo, and Roberto Bittarello  GT2009-59060   
IGTI  2009  Air-Standard Aerothermodynamic Analysis of Gas Turbine Engines With Wave Rotor Combustion  Pezhman Akbari, Razi Nalim, and Hongwei Li  GT2009-60055   
IGTI  2009  Blended Education in Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics  Jari L. H. Backman, Teemu Turunen-Saaresti, and Ahti Jaatinen  GT2009-59799   
IGTI  2009  Compensation of Intake Induced Flow Non-Uniformities With Compressor Blade Lean Angle Changes  Ioannis Templalexis, Vassilios Pachidis, and Petros Kotsiopoulos  GT2009-59587   
IGTI  2009  Preliminary Design of a High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engine  Syed Muhammad Hassan Rizvi, Kenneth W. Ramsden, and Vasslios Pachidis  GT2009-59378   
IGTI  2009  A Micro Gas Turbine Based Test Rig for Educational Purposes  Mario L. Ferrari, Matteo Pascenti, Loredana Magistri, and Aristide F. Massardo  GT2009-59138   
IGTI  2009  On the Efficiency of Compressors With Diabatic Flows  Michael V. Casey and Thomas M. Fesich  GT2009-59015   
IGTI  2009  Re-Sizing of a Natural Gas Fired Two-Shaft Gas Turbine for Low Calorific Gas Operation  Pontus Eriksson, Klas Jonshagen, Jens Klingmann, and Magnus Genrup  GT2009-60386   
IGTI  2009  The Effect of Size on Optimisation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine Hybrid Cycles  Michael J. Brear and Michael J. Dunkley  GT2009-60308   
IGTI  2009  Thermoeconomic Evaluation of CO2 Compression Strategies for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Applications  Cristina Botero, Matthias Finkenrath, Clarissa Belloni, Simone Bertolo, Michele D’Ercole, Enrico Gori, and Remo Tacconelli  GT2009-60217   
IGTI  2009  Low Pressure System Component Advancements and Its Influence on Future Turbofan Engine Emissions  Tomas Grönstedt, Dax Au, Konstantinos Kyprianidis, and Stephen Ogaji  GT2009-60201   
IGTI  2009  Effects of Precooling Turbine Cooling Air on Engine Performance  R. J. Boyle and S. M. Jones  GT2009-60120   
IGTI  2009  Thermo-Fluid Modelling for Gas Turbines—Part II: Impact on Performance Calculations and Emissions Predictions at Aircraft System Level  Konstantinos G. Kyprianidis, Vishal Sethi, Stephen O. T. Ogaji, Pericles Pilidis, Riti Singh, and Anestis I. Kalfas  GT2009-60101*   
IGTI  2009  Gas Bearing Technology for Oil-Free Microturbomachinery: Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Program at Texas A&M University  Luis San Andrés, Tae Ho Kim, Keun Ryu, Thomas A. Chirathadam, Wayne Hung, Michael Johnson, Kathleen Hagen, Alejandro Martinez, Brian Rice, and Nick Niedbalski  GT2009-59920   
IGTI  2009  Torsional Vibrations on Rotordynamic Systems: Smart Investigation Methods  Valerio Rossi, Lorenzo Naldi, and Valerio Depau  GT2009-59608   
IGTI  2009  System Analysis of Waste Heat Applications With LNG Regasification  Miguel Angel González-Salazar, Clarissa Belloni, Matthias Finkenrath, Simone Berti, and Francesco Gamberi  GT2009-59640   
IGTI  2009  Hybrid Fault Diagnosis: Application to a Gas Turbine Engine  Rasul Mohammadi, Shahin Hashtrudi-Zad, and Khashayar Khorasani  GT2009-60075   
IGTI  2009  A Survey of New Technologies Used by Siemens Energy for the Monitoring and Diagnosis of a Global Fleet of Power Generation Systems  Kurt Plotts and Evangelos Diatzikis  GT2009-59967   
IGTI  2009  Multiple Faults Detection of Gas Turbine by MLP Neural Network  Gustavo R. Matuck, João Roberto Barbosa, Isaias Lima, and Cleverson Bringhenti  GT2009-59964   
IGTI  2009  Gas Turbine Fault Identification by Fusing Vibration Trending and Gas Path Analysis  A. Kyriazis, A. Tsalavoutas, K. Mathioudakis, O. Johanssen, and M. Bauer  GT2009-59942   
IGTI  2009  ATF Test Evaluation of Model Based Control for a Single Spool Turbojet Engine  Takeshi Tagashira, Takuya Mizuno, Masaharu Koh, and Nanahisa Sugiyama  GT2009-59854   
IGTI  2009  Optimal Tuner Selection for Kalman Filter-Based Aircraft Engine Performance Estimation  Donald L. Simon and Sanjay Garg  GT2009-59684*   
IGTI  2009  Mapping the Density Fluctuations in a Pulsed Air-Methane Flame Using Laser-Vibrometry  Fabrice Giuliani, Thomas Leitgeb, Jakob Woisetschläger, and Andreas Lang  GT2009-59682   
IGTI  2009  Prognostics Model for Predicting Aero-Engine Bearing Grade-Life  Hong Jie, Miao Xuewen, Han Lei, and Ma Yanhong  GT2009-59641   
IGTI  2009  Diagnostic Analysis of Maintenance Data of a Gas Turbine for Driving an Electric Generator  Igor Loboda, Sergey Yepifanov, and Yakov Feldshteyn  GT2009-60176   
IGTI  2009  Application of Cost Matrices and Cost Curves to Enhance Diagnostic Health Management Metrics for Gas Turbine Engines  Craig R. Davison and Chris Drummond  GT2009-59630   
IGTI  2009  Flame Transfer Functions and Their Applications to Combustion Analysis and Control  Tongxun Yi and Domenic A. Santavicca  GT2009-60181   
IGTI  2009  Diagnozing and Prognozing Gas Turbine Rotor Shaft Faults Using ‘The MICE’  Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya  GT2009-59450   
IGTI  2009  Application of Bayesian Forecasting to Change Detection and Prognosis of Gas Turbine Performance  Holger Lipowsky, Stephan Staudacher, Michael Bauer, and Klaus-Juergen Schmidt  GT2009-59447   
IGTI  2009  New Model Based Gas Turbine Fault Diagnostics Using 1D Engine Model and Nonlinear Identification Algorithms  Hiwa Khaledi, Seyyed Hamid Reza Hosseini, and Mohsen Reza Soltani  GT2009-59439   
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IGTI  2009  Development of an Interactive Code for Design and Off-Design Performance Evaluation of Gas Turbines  Behnam Rezaei Zangmolk and Hiwa Khaledi  GT2009-59483   
IGTI  2009  Development of the GT-MHR Turbo Machine  C. B. Baxi, A. Telengator, J. Razvi, S. E. Belov, and N. G. Kokochigov  GT2009-59454   
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IGTI  2009  Comparison of Pre-Anode and Post-Anode Carbon Dioxide Separation for IGFC Systems  Eric Liese  GT2009-59144   
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IGTI  2009  Novel Turbine Rotor Shroud Film-Cooling Design and Validation: Part 1  K. S. Chana and B. Haller  GT2009-60242   
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IGTI  2009  Investigation of Trailing Edge Cooling Concepts in a High Pressure Turbine Cascade: Aerodynamic Experiments and Loss Analysis  Hans-Jürgen Rehder  GT2009-59303   
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IGTI  2009  Verification of RANS for Analyzing Convective Cooling System With and Without Ribs  Wei Chen, Jing Ren, and Hongde Jiang  GT2009-59427   
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IGTI  2009  A Study of Mesh-Fed Slot Film Cooling  R. S. Bunker  GT2009-59338*   
IGTI  2009  Simulation of Mist Film Cooling on Rotating Gas Turbine Blades  T. S. Dhanasekaran and Ting Wang  GT2009-59424   
IGTI  2009  Fully Parametric High-Fidelity CFD Model for the Design Optimisation of the Cyclic Stagger Pattern of a Set of Fan Outlet Guide Vanes  Andrea Milli and Olivier Bron  GT2009-59416   
IGTI  2009  Performance Evaluation of the IPRP Technology When Fuelled With Biomass Residuals and Waste Feedstocks  Francesco Fantozzi, Bruno D’Alessandro, Pietro Bartocci, Umberto Desideri, and Gianni Bidini  GT2009-59891   
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IGTI  2009  A Strategy for Multi-Point Shape Optimization of Turbine Stages in Three-Dimensional Flow  Mohammad Arabnia and Wahid Ghaly  GT2009-59708   
IGTI  2009  Dual Point Redesign of Axial Turbines Using a Viscous Inverse Design Method  Benedikt Roidl and Wahid Ghaly  GT2009-59707   
IGTI  2009  Fully Three-Dimensional Viscous Semi-Inverse Method for Subsonic Mixed-Flow and Radial Impeller Design  Min Ji, T. Q. Dang, and Michael J. Cave  GT2009-59679   
IGTI  2009  Large Eddy Simulation of a Controlled-Diffusion Cascade Blade at Varying Flow Inlet Angles  W. Andrew McMullan and Gary J. Page  GT2009-59668   
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IGTI  2009  A Hybrid Unstructured/Spectral Method for the Resolution of Navier-Stokes Equations  Roque Corral and Javier Crespo  GT2009-59491   
IGTI  2009  Optimum Design and Experimental Study of a Very Low-Specific-Speed Centrifugal Blower Blade  Xinwei Shu, Chuangang Gu, Tong Wang, and Bo Yang  GT2009-59823   
IGTI  2009  Development of Adjoint Solvers for Engineering Gradient-Based Turbomachinery Design Applications  Andre C. Marta, Sriram Shankaran, D. Graham Holmes, and Alexander Stein  GT2009-59297   
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