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IMechE 1992 Parameter identification for non-linear rotor-stator systems - the Volterra/Wiener based approach E A Odiari and D J Ewins 193 C432/111
IMechE 1992 Stability analysis of a rotor with parameter uncertainties S Katsumata 203 C432/125
IMechE 1992 Instability for inclinational vibrations of an asymmetrical shaft driven through a universal joint K Mizutani and H Ota 209 C432/085
IMechE 1992 Stability of axial oscillations in pumps using hydrostatic thrust bearings D W Bilyk 215 C432/005
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IMechE 1992 Development of a large capacity stator blade control axial compressor I Matsumoto, M Gotoh, H ltaka and H Arimura 251 C432/096
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IMechE 1992 A study of cracks influence on the modal characteristics of rotors L Hamidi, J-B Piaud and M Massoud 283 C432/066
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IMechE 1992 Design of speed changing gearbox fluid film support bearings for minimum vibrations and maximum life J R Bielk 375 C432/113
IMechE 1992 Analysis of gear vibration signatures by the weighted Wigner-Ville distribution P D McFadden and W J Wang 387 C432/134
IMechE 1992 Detection of gear damage by statistical vibration analysis H R Martin 395 C432/006
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IMechE 1992 Optical diagnostic techniques for condition monitoring: vibration and magnetic field measurement R P Tatam 417 C432/129
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IMechE 1992 Integration or differentiation: the optimum way to monitor pump vibration levels S A Lloyd and P Ansley- Watson 433 C432/148
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IMechE 1996 On modelling elastic disk and shaft systems for numerical Eigenfrequency analysis M Hohlrieder and H Irretier 1 C500/009/96
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IMechE 1996 2-dimensionalcomputationalmodelfor vibration analysis of waviness in rolling bearing applications J A Wensing and G C van Nijen 371 C500/136/96
IMechE 1996 Transient response and contact due to sudden imbalance in a flexible rotor-casing system with support asymmetry M K K Ghauri, C HJ Fox, and EJ Williams 383 C500/016/96
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IMechE 1996 Numerical simulation of jet engine behaviour in case of an assumed blade loss K Muhlenfeld and R Tadros 415 C500/065/96
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IMechE 1996 A resonance energy factor for the rotordynamic evaluation of high-speed gear compressors J Althaus 735 C500/111/96
IMechE 1996 Hydrodynamically coupled mass on a turbine runner H Schmid and R H Scanlan 747 C500/126/96
IMechE 1996 Stress in rotating and laterally vibrating machinery rotors A Muszynska 769 C500/069/96
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IMechE 2000 Active magnetic bearings - a step towards smart rotating machinery R Nordmann, M Aenis, E Knopf, and S Sti-apburger 3 C576/116/2000
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IMechE 2000 Unbalance identification of flexible rotors based on experimental modal analysis T Kreuzinger-Janik and H Irretier 335 C576/029/2000
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IMechE 2000 Rotordynamics and leakage - measurements and calculations on labyrinth gas seals and their application to large turbomachinery J Sobotzik, R Nordmann, F Hip, and K Kwanka 485 C576/071/2000
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IMechE 2000 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of constructive elements of rotor systems V Volkovas 633 C576/065/2000
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IMechE 2000 Approaches to numerical investigation of the character and stability of forced and self-excited vibration of flexible rotors with non-linear supports J Zapomel and E Malenovsky 691 C576/016/2000
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IMechE 2000 On the dynamics of windmilling in aero-engines G von Groll and D J Ewins 721 C576/024/2000
IMechE 2000 Levitron - an example of a purely permanent magnetic bearing of a rotor R Gasch and M Lang 731 C576/063/2000
IMechE 2000 Modelling the dynamic behaviour of a coupled rotor- foundation system by the mechanical impedance technique P Bonello and M J Brennan 745 C576/077/2000
IMechE 2004 Calibration of labyrinth seal bulk flow design analysis predictions to CFD simulation results R G Kirk and Z Guo 3 C623/057/2004
IMechE 2004 Rotordynamics of turbine labyrinth seals – a comparison of CFD models to experiments J Schettel and R Nordmann 13 C623/018/2004
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IMechE 2004 Self-excited vibration of elastic rotors in tilting-pad journal bearings H Taura and M Tanaka 35 C623/050/2004
IMechE 2004 Stabilization of a rigid rotor by a time-varying stiffness of the bearing mounts H Ecker and A Tondl 45 C623/014/2004
IMechE 2004 Squeeze film damper with rigorous account of cavitation K-O Olsson 55 C623/015/2004
IMechE 2004 Dynamic analysis of a rotor system supported by non-ideal plain journal bearings P E Hannukainen, J T Sopanen, and A Mikkola 69 C623/010/2004
IMechE 2004 The stability of centrifugal compressors by applications of tilt-pad seals E A Memmott 81 C623/021/2004
IMechE 2004 Rotordynamic modelling of a multi-stage water-injection pump for enhanced oil recovery S H Al-Farsi, B Samanta, and K R Al-Balushi 91 C623/038/2004
IMechE 2004 Analysis of non-linear effects in oil-film journal bearings A Vania and E Tanzi 101 C623/041/2004
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IMechE 2004 Investigation into the performance of an aero-engine rotor assembly incorporating a non-circular squeeze film damper D F Kik, C L Lim, and M C Levesley 121 C623/068/2004
IMechE 2004 Analysis of a flexible rotor system including non-linear squeeze film damping using a finite element method C L Lim, D F Kik, and M C Levesley 131 C623/070/2004
IMechE 2004 Prediction of dynamic response of machine tool by sub-structure analysis M R Movahhedy and J M Gerami 141 C623/079/2004
IMechE 2004 Numerical approach to investigation of stability and vibration of rotors supported by long segment bearings lubricated with oil containing air bubbles J Zapom?l 153 C623/024/2004
IMechE 2004 Analysis of essentially non-linear vibration of large-scale models for bladed discs with variable contact and friction at root joints E P Petrov and D J Ewins 163 C623/028/2004
IMechE 2004 Computational modelling of frequency-dependent additional effects during fluid-film interaction with structures E Malenovský and F Pochylý 173 C623/008/2004
IMechE 2004 Optimization methods applied to parameters estimation of flexible coupling in rotating systems A Tapia Tadeo, H Fiori de Castro, and K Lucchesi Cavalca 183 C623/090/2004
IMechE 2004 The stiffening effect of laminated rotor cores on flexible-rotor electrical machines S D Garvey, J E T Penny, M I Friswell, and A W Lees 193 C623/075/2004
IMechE 2004 Validating synchronous blade vibration amplitudes from blade tip-timing data analysis J Gallego Garrido and G Dimitriadis 205 C623/023/2004
IMechE 2004 Automatic post-processing of laser vibrometry data for rotor vibration measurements B Halkon and S Rothberg 215 C623/085/2004
IMechE 2004 Laser doppler vibrometry measurements of a rotating milling machine spindle M Rantatalo, K Tatar, and P Norman 231 C623/110/2004
IMechE 2004 Controlling method of sideband noise of meshing frequency for spiral bevel gears T Hirogaki, E Aoyama, T Katayama, Y Nakata, Y Nakano, and Y Uenishi 241 C623/016/2004
IMechE 2004 Model-based analysis of torsional and transverse vibrations of geared rotating machines P Pennacchi and A Vania 251 C623/040/2004
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